Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert – the Fourth Reich?

Stephen Colbert

Conservatives find certain characters naturally repulsive, and these include, but are not limited to, creeping Jesuses like Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, John Oliver, and Rachel Maddow. The average celebrity Lefty is pretty awful, but the above-mentioned have a penchant for sneering that curls wallpaper and makes beer go flat. It is like listening to German soldiers in Poland, 1940, commenting on female prisoners trundling past on their way to the firing squad:

Gunter:  Ooh, she has ein goot body. I coot do her from behind.
Werner:  Vid zat head?
under: Ya, vid der bag offer it.
Verner: How about her, vid der perfect body und cute face?
Gunter: Are you choking? She has nein teeth.
Verner: Vich is terrific for oral zex.
Gunter: Verner, she’s old enough to be your mutter!
Verner: So vat? I like zem old.
Gunter: I’d prefer zat 15-year-old nympho vid zee big headlights offer zere.
Verner: Mein Got! Look at zis old fat goose vaddling up!
Gunter: Vow, her ass looks like ein zeppelin.
Verner: She’s bedder zan zat shrew vid legs like rhuparb schticks.
Gunter: Vich vould you pick if you had to choose one? Hitler’s orters.
Verner: Zee fat goose, off course.
Gunter: I’d take rhuparb schticks. She vould put up ein goot fight, heh.

You have these dandy socialists sneering and joking as they load their rifles. The so-called comedians listed above, from Meyers to Maddow, work overtime promoting socialists who would murderously turn America into a Soviet or Nazi-style regime, and they do it with the same lackadaisical calmness as Verner and Gunter above, laughing as millions of illegals swamp the United States and tramps take over the streets. Perhaps we could call it Holocaust Humor.


When we see documentaries about murderers and rapists who laugh during their police interviews, or in court, we ask, “How could he look so jolly the same day murderers shot his parents?” or “Why is she laughing about her husband’s death instead of crying?” and so on. We are amazed when the mass murderer turns out to be so chirpy and cheery, as was the case with Ted Bundy and Charles Manson. They laugh and smile at the camera as though they are as happy as clams at high tide to be killers. Psychologists call them psychopaths and say they have no empathy or remorse, and exhibit bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits.

What if a psychopath decided to be a comedian instead of a killer? In some cases, there is a fine line between an artist and a criminal, if the person has a troubled, angry past, and suffers traumas in their youth. Such ordeals are often covered up and remain secret. The person might use art instead of violence to vent their anger.

A Fine Line

Van Gogh was an angry painter you can almost imagine being a criminal had he been a smidgen poorer, or hungrier. Gauguin and many others may have been in the same boat. Mad artists vent anger through painting, acting, writing, singing, composing, and even dancing. Those who go over the line into crime throw away success in the art world because most audiences are not very interested in a criminal’s thoughts or expressions. For instance, few people celebrate John Wayne Gacy’s paintings. Had Gacy gone into art instead of murder and especially if he had painted anti-Trump pictures, the man would probably be the toast of the liberal town. In such an event, would anyone sense the potential monster just beneath his skin?

As I pointed out regarding angry Lefty Jim Carrey, lousy art is everywhere, and when it supports the Left, they shower it with praise. The so-called comedy of Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, John Oliver, and Rachel Maddow is anti-capitalist propaganda. In my opinion, they are not artists so much as con-artists. You have to wonder which real artists they bumped out of the way to take their jobs. Each of them fills a seat that would have been occupied by a genuinely funny comedian. Let us examine a couple to find out more.


European Anarchy
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Seth Meyers’ paternal grandfather was from Kalvarija in Lithuania. His other ancestry is Czech–Austrian, Croatian (paternal grandmother), Swedish, English, and German. His family’s original surname was Trakianski. His great-grandfather changed it to Meyers.

Seth Trakianski.

The map above shows where Seth Trakianski Meyers’ genes were from, and anarchists, socialists, and anti-capitalists infested this area of Europe. Many fled poverty to come to the U.S.A. but remained staunchly left-winged upon arrival, which often happens, though it seems contradictory. You would think they would reject Socialism after seeing it fail, and some do, but sadly, many stick by the broken politics they learned abroad.

Seth Meyers Albert Stenwedel

Seth’s family are mostly Democrats, and the Democratic Party enthusiastically supports Socialism. The difference between National Socialism and so-called Democratic Socialism is another fine line. Both Parties like to silence critics; encourage thuggery on the streets, and side with Islam over Jews. Those are only three of many traits they share.

Stephen Colbert

Steve Colbert is, from the phony pronunciation of his surname to the fake accent he puts on, the very definition of an impostor. Colbert uses a French accent for his name, pronouncing it ‘Coal Bear,’ because it is supposed to sound more ‘intellectual.’ Colbert is a British name pronounced plain old “Coal-bert.” From Wikipedia:

While Colbert sometimes claims his surname is French, he is of 15/16ths Irish ancestry; one of his paternal great-great-grandmothers was of German and English descent. Many of his ancestors emigrated from Ireland to North America in the 19th century before and during the Great Famine.

This map shows that most Irish Catholic Colberts live in Southeastern Ireland, and the largest population appears to be in Cappoquin. From Wikipedia:

Being surrounded by fertile fields on all sides, farming and agriculture plays an important role in the town… The Local economy has suffered over the years with lack of investment and a brain drain. Cappoquin has lost both local banks as well as local small shops, local pub and local secondary school. As a result a number of buildings within the town have become dilapidated.

It is not much of a reference. It appears as if the potato farmers and coal miners fled for the USA, Canada, and Australia, where they spread their Leftist views to one and all, working hard to make those nations into dilapidated copies of their home towns.

Bill O’Reilly

In 2013 Bill O’Reilly interviewed Colbert, exposing him as a “Coal Bert” with Irish blood, and not French. He pointed out that Colbert’s third-grade teacher, Miss Crabtree, said that back then, Colbert was ‘Little Steve Colbert, in South Carolina.’
  O’Reilly said, “But you, once you got here to Manhattan, from South Carolina, changed from ‘Little Steve Colbert’ to ‘Stephen Co-Bearrr.’”
      Colbert tried to blame his bosses, insinuating they wanted the change but according to Wikipedia he made the change earlier:

Stephen started using /koʊlˈbɛər/ when he transferred to Northwestern University, taking advantage of the opportunity to reinvent himself in a new place where no one knew him.

He also failed to mention that he had spent years trying to get rid of his Southern drawl. From the same source:

As a child, he observed that Southerners were often depicted as being less intelligent than other characters on scripted television; to avoid that stereotype, he taught himself to imitate the speech of American news anchors.

Little Steve Colbert either sat down in front of the TV and mimicked American news anchors, which might have annoyed his many siblings, or taped them and sat in his bedroom doing the same. Being the youngest, he probably had a shared bedroom, so somebody probably had to put up with it. In the end, though, he learned to mimic a Northerner.

Perhaps it was like this:

“What’s that idiot brother of mine up to now?”
  “Aw leave him alone, James. He’s trying to sound like a Northerner.”
  “No ma, he’s got to be told. You get outta there, you rassa-frassin’ fur-bearin’ critter!”
  [Bedroom door opens] “What is it, James? I’m just practicing my…”
  “Oh, I know, you wanna be a blue-belly. Well, no brother of mine is gonna be a …”
  “Come on now, don’t be like that. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” [closes door]
  “Doh! Of all the… Why he’s turnin’ into a flea-bitten Yankee metrosexual varmint!”

I wonder which news anchor Tyrone copied as a teen in the 1980s. Perhaps it was John Tesh from Channel 2 WCBS (CBS) News, New York. Here he is, September 21, 1980. By palming himself off as a New Yorker, Colbert could gain others’ trust and influence them politically. Nazi spies did the same thing by imitating Oxford aristocrats in 1940s London.

Plagiarizing Priest

Two years and three months after being humiliated by O’Reilly, Colbert was interviewed by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CEO of the ‘Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation.’ Colbert got along very well with the Priest, who enjoyed his stories about how he deceived audiences. The Foundation may remove these videos, but at the time of writing, you can see them here and here.

Notice the relish with which Colbert admits his Irish name is not French and that other ‘performances’ he does are all made up. It is as if he decided to use reverse psychology after being outed by O’Reilly, acting as though it was all just a big gag.

Just a few days ago Thomas Rosica quit after reports emerged that the Priest had plagiarized sections of texts in lectures, op-eds, scholarly articles, and other writings. Fifty-seven examples of Rosica’s plagiarism are listed in this article, by Dorothy Cummings McLean. Excerpt:

TORONTO, March 29, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― An informal team of journalists and academics have discovered that Father Thomas Rosica, CSB, the CEO of Canada’s Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation, plagiarized parts of more than 57 of his published works since 1985.
The passages, sentences, and phrases that Rosica has taken verbatim from his sources without giving credit could fill a book on their own. Adding the sentences he has slightly changed and the ideas he has appropriated would make for an even thicker volume. Analysis shows that Rosica has rarely taken from only one writer to compose many of his works but has stitched sentences, phrases or ideas by different authors onto his own new or recycled paragraphs.

During the first video, Colbert admitted that he chose to enunciate his name ‘Coal Bear’ because Americans would be impressed with the French sound. He agreed he was pretentious, and the Priest listened rapturously, as though taking mental notes. In the second video, Colbert claims he is not the person in the TV show, and they talk about how deeply Catholic he is. I told you the guy was a creeping Jesus.

Stealing the word Truthiness

When Colbert started his show ‘The Colbert Report’ he famously coined the word ‘truthiness’ and the media raved about this. Dictionaries even added it to their references, attributing the word to him. Alas, even that was a lie. From

…truthiness isn’t actually new. The Oxford English Dictionary has one example, from 1824: “Everyone who knows her is aware of her truthiness.” The writer was using it as a noun formed from the rare dialectal adjective truthy, meaning truthful, with truthiness, therefore, meaning truthfulness.

Google’s Ngram Viewer shows that various people used ‘truthiness’ between 1845 and 1864, and again between 1984 and today. Did Colbert know this? Did he come across the rarely used word, use it, and then accept credit for inventing it? Did anyone in the Left media bother to check the facts before giving him credit for the word? Here he is, in his premiere of ‘The Colbert Report,’ introducing his new word.



Colbert spent many years mocking conservatives in his TV shows, and these days he spends his time mocking Trump on The Late Show, which he ruined. His so-called different characters are all the same person; little Steve Tyrone Colbert from the Deep South. He hates conservatives with a passion and has replaced humor with preaching Leftist political propaganda. To avoid litigation, he claims all his characters are just joking, but his hatred of conservatives is no joke.

Sibling rivalry

With seven older brothers and three older sisters growing up, Colbert must have developed a thick hide. When O’Reilly horsewhipped him publicly, he sat, head down in a submissive position, eyebrows raised, and made all kinds of excuses for himself, just as you can imagine him doing when assailed by older siblings long ago. It appears that he may have developed a way of handling accusations; to blame others, or seem to blame others, in a semi-humorous way. I can illustrate the hypothesized technique in this fictitious skit:

James:  Hell, Stephen, how many times have I told you not to lean your bike against my truck?
Stephen:  Now I’m not saying it was Elizabeth, or Jay, because ma raised us not to squeal, and I’m definitely not saying Margo or Thomas had anything to do with it, because I’m no snitch.
James:  Knock off the dumb accent. Are you sayin’ they done it?
Stephen:  Did I say that? No, and what did I just say? I’m no snitch, so there. [runs out the back door]
James:  That boy is weird.
Edward:  I know, and what’s with the accent? He sounds like a midget newsreader.
Mary:  The other day he tore my bra off the clothesline and threw it in a puddle.
Elizabeth:  He did?
Mary:  Yup. When I confronted the little tyke, he put his head down guiltily and said, “Looking out your dirty bedroom window maybe you mistook me for William.” I asked him if he was blaming his brother and he said, “Why don’t you tell me, since you’re the judge and jury,” and ran off without another word.
Edward:  He’s a strange critter, no doubt about it.
James:  No wonder. We spoiled him on account of him bein’ the youngest.
Mary:  He lost his two closest brothers and his pa when he was ten. Maybe it made him a little autistic.
James:  Autistic? Try egotistic.
Edward:  Let’s not forget narcissistic.

The Left love to fool us any way they can, by changing their appearance, their accents, their backgrounds, and even the pronunciation of their names. Today’s Left use the media as their first weapon to persuade us to become socialists. If you are looking for modern-day Nazis, check out TV commentators and comedians with their late shows, who assail their audiences with political speeches disguised as “gags.”


Seth Meyers Big Mistake

Donald Trump learned this the hard way when he attended the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Seth Trakianski Meyers spent three minutes deriding the future President, and some journalists at the dinner say that being mocked by Meyers led him to decide to run for POTUS. Seth may have learned after Donald Trump’s inauguration that sometimes being caustically rude and uncouth to VIPs in front of their peers can come back to bite you in the ass big time. The equally manically liberal ‘Meathead’ Rob Weiner discovered this when the left-winged sitcom ‘All in the Family’ backfired on its creators, persuading more working-class people to vote Republican than Democrat. It is what happens when you are ‘too smart for your own good.’ It turned out that working-class stiffs liked Archie Bunker more than the creators ever imagined they would.

Here is Meyers insulting Trump:



Political propagandists every bit as determined and political as National Socialist Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels have become ‘comedians’ over the last couple of decades. If Goebbels grew up in the United States today, he would do journalism in university and probably end up with his own Late Show on TV, preaching socialist propaganda disguised as ‘humor.’


Paul Joseph Goebbels was from a poor Roman Catholic German family. According to Wikipedia, his mother was of Dutch descent, he studied literature and history at university, and his parents hoped he would become a Catholic Priest, which Goebbels seriously considered. He wrote a semi-autobiographical fiction, Michael, so he was closer to art than politics or crime at that stage. The Nazi Party published the anti-Semitic novel. It was the first of many books he would have published. Like many emotional artists in the past, Goebbels considered suicide when his girlfriend broke up with him. He began reading the works of Karl Marx, was preoccupied with “religious-philosophical” issues ‘and lacked a sense of direction’ according to Wikipedia. He was eventually drawn to Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party and would subsequently become the tyrant’s propaganda minister, creating movies, documentaries, books, articles, and other events to promote Nazism and brainwash millions of Germans.

Goebbels Meyers Colbert

I think that if Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, John Oliver, or Rachel Maddow had been around in those days, they would have taken up similar jobs very enthusiastically because I see little difference between Germany’s early National Socialists and today’s wild-eyed Democrat Socialists. Give them enough power and today’s Socialist Democrats would be every bit as murderous as Adolf’s mob. As well as Jews, they would be herding Hillary Clinton’s Deplorables into the gas chambers.



Author: Rob Larrikin