Hey Hey Ho Ho – Racist Democrat Chant

Hey Hey Ho Ho

Hey Hey Ho Ho

You have doubtless heard the Democrats’ favorite chant, “Hey, Hey, Ho Ho,” whenever one of their terrorist groups, from BLM to Antifa, demonstrate and protest. In many far-Left political events, thugs repeatedly chant this while vandalizing, destroying, burning property, and attacking innocent bystanders.

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho!
(Person/thing) has to go (or must go)!

Where did it come from? Rowers may have used the first line long ago to keep the rhythm while rowing. From there, it spread to cheerleaders cheering their sports teams on. Jazz singers used the words, too, along with newspaper advertisements for band nights. But its first political use did not arrive until the 1950s.


Lucy Autherine, 1956
Autherine Juanita Lucy, 1956


Democrats tried to stop a black female student, 26-year-old Miss Autherine Lucy, from attending the University of Alabama in 1956. The State of Alabama had been Democrat since the end of Reconstruction in 1874 and was Governed by Democrat “Big Jim” James E. Folsom Sr. from 1947-1951 and 1955-1959.


Big Jim James E. Folsom Sr. Democrat Governor of Alabama, 1956
“Big Jim” Folsom, Democrat Governor of Alabama


Being run by Southern Democrats, Alabama University was a strictly all-white campus. Autherine Lucy went to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for help, and they obtained a court order allowing Lucy to enroll. The university grudgingly agreed but, never one to give an inch, barred Lucy from dormitories and dining halls.


Alabama University, 1956
Alabama University, 1956


Autherine Lucy enrolled as a graduate student in library science and became the first African American to attend a white public school in Alabama. On her third day of classes, a hostile mob prevented her from attending.


From Wikipedia:

Lucy attended her first class on Friday, February 3, 1956. On Monday, February 6, 1956, riots broke out on the campus and a mob of more than a thousand men pelted the car in which the Dean of Women drove Lucy between classes. Threats were made against her life and the University president’s home was stoned. The police were called to secure her attendance. These riots at the University were what was, to date, the most violent, post-Brown [vs the Board of Education Supreme Court ruling], anti-integration demonstration. After the riots, the University suspended Lucy from school because her own safety was a concern.


What left-winged Wikipedia does not tell you is what the racist Democrat demonstrators chanted:


Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho,
Where the hell did the Negro go?
Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho,
Autherine must go!


That was probably the first time the chant was used politically. Democrats used it then and now, and it remains their favorite by far. Here is an excerpt from New York’s Daily News, Mar 1, 1956, page 150:


Autherine Lucy Alabama University


The whole article can be seen here.

Lucy and the NAACP brought contempt-of-court charges against the University officials who had barred her from dining halls and dormitories and against others who participated in the riots. A Federal Court in Birmingham ordered the University to reinstate Lucy and ensure her protection. Instead, the University expelled her, claiming that Lucy had slandered the University and was unfit to be a student there.


Racist Democrat Rioters in 1956 Alabama
Democrats riot in protest against blacks being allowed in an all-white university


The Democrats won and continued their all-white university for about seven more years. On June 11, 1963, Vivian Malone and James Hood, both black students, were escorted onto the campus by federal marshals to register for classes. This event, known as the “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door,” marked a significant moment in the Civil Rights Movement.

And that is how hard Democrats fought to stop black students from attending university! So when you hear the chant again, you can remember how racist Democrats are.


Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho,
The Left is racist; now you know!
Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho,
Democrats must go!


Author: Rob Larrikin