First Amendment Auditors Slowly Taming America


Rights are like muscles. Without exercise, they deteriorate. Americans enjoy The Bill of Rights, but many of those rights are fading. Education is mostly to blame since most teachers are socialists who despise America. Echoing the Chinese Communist Party’s sentiments, they teach kids that the U.S. Founding Fathers were disgusting slave owners and that capitalism is “greedy” and “selfish opportunism.” Kids emerge from schools believing the world is going to end in a decade, that women are men, and that communism is a great idea.

This toxic brainwashing has been going on in schools for more than fifty years, so most people you see are victims of it. While young, they vote for the socialist Democrats (or socialist Labour/Labor Parties in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom). Fortunately, as they age, millions wise up and see through the propaganda, which is why conservative voters are usually older.

The United States is a democratic republic. Socialists would like to replace its constitution with a communist one, in which State bureaucrats are far more important than individual citizens. In such a system, citizen Rights would be stripped away and replaced with authoritarianism, which would devolve into autocratic totalitarianism.

Democrats have recently imported more than 20 million illegal immigrants for their votes, and most of them have no idea about The Bill of Rights. Adding this factor to the cluelessness crafted by so-called “teachers,” you have the perfect storm of ignorance in the general population.


Karen Magnets

A great way to detect those without knowledge about American Rights or those who wish to remove such Rights is to grab a camera and exercise your First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech and Press. Record people in public, and soon you will attract Karens, Darrens, bullies, and tyrants, all determined to remove your Rights and have you thrown in jail.

I have written about First Amendment Auditors several times over the years (look for ‘Auditor’ in the search bar above). In this article, I will provide an update on their progress. But first, I need to explain why auditors are essential and how they are misunderstood.


Bait Cars

When cops use bait cars to catch car thieves, most agree it is a practical way to help clear the streets of such criminals. It also educates would-be thieves about the consequences of stealing cars. Officers park the unlocked car in a crime-ridden area with its keys in the ignition, and passing thieves often find it an irresistible temptation. After they jump in and drive off, police remotely kill the bait car’s engine. The hapless thieves are arrested and charged with Grand Theft Auto. Some thieves complain that they were “set up,” but cops think it is a very effective strategy and an excellent way to educate people that crime does not pay.


Bait Cameras

When First Amendment Auditors record people in public, they do the same thing cops do with bait cars, only, instead of baiting thieves, they bait anti-Americans and tyrants. If someone ignores an auditor, they pass the test. If they hassle, harass, or threaten an auditor, they fail.


History of 1A Auditing

Although early auditors have existed for about fifteen years, the movement came of age once smartphones, batteries, and the internet developed enough to capture live streams and quickly upload long, high-res recordings to various platforms. An explosion of auditing began around 2018 and has been growing rapidly since.

Cops and other public servants fell for bait cameras like lemmings. Few could understand that they were being tested. They would perform like evil clowns for all to see. After being embarrassed and humiliated scores of times over the years, they slowly began to learn. It was a testament to their union hive-mind stupidity that it took so long to figure out the obvious.


Trolls attack First Amendment Auditors


Hundreds of cops and other government bureaucrats were sacked for assaulting or otherwise mistreating auditors, and many of them became aggressive anti-auditor trolls online, attacking auditors with simple-minded vitriol and dimwitted, nonsensical arguments. Some put up YouTube channels attacking “frauditor” videos with ad hominem and childish sneers.

Example: Troll commentator:

Look at these frauditors recording a postal worker in a post office. Who would do this? Who, in their right mind, would want to harass an innocent post office worker simply doing their job? For what? What kind of crazy kook would spend their time assaulting good Americans like this, and for what? FRAUDITORS! That’s who, and they do it for clicks and views!

Trolls cannot fathom auditing basics and fail at every level to comprehend the concept of bait cameras being used to catch First Amendment haters. They understand bait cars without a hitch but cannot apply the same concept to bait cameras. Trolls have limited knowledge of constitutional rights and how to protect them through exposure and education. Nobody would want to film postal workers for the sake of filming postal workers, duh. Auditors do this to see whether such workers will:

A) Continue working and explain to customers that auditors can record as per their First Amendment rights

B) Bark orders at auditors, telling them to leave

C) Initiate battles between customers and auditors by fire-starting, lying, and encouraging retaliation

D) Calling armed men (police) to arrest and jail auditors

If the result is A, the post office gets a PASS. If it is B, C, or D, it’s a FAIL.

As for “clicks and views,” trolls believe that while cops, DMV workers, postal workers, and trolls should all be paid for their work, auditors should spend thousands of hours recording, editing, and uploading, using expensive camera equipment, for free! Welcome to the murky, retarded world of anti-auditor trolls!


State of Play

While older auditors retire, fresh troops arrive to take their place. The population of auditors continues to rise, and the stars of the field are affected by how often

a) they are unlawfully handcuffed, detained, or arrested

b) they are jailed, and for how long

c) they have to spend on legal fees

d) cops unlawfully steal their equipment

e) constitution haters physically attack them

f) YouTube unfairly censors, demonetizes, or deletes their videos

g) they are affected by commentary from trolls or other auditors


An example of (g):

Three outstanding auditors, SGV News First (Jose Armando Gonzalez), PedoLibreAudits (Franklin Jacob Ornelas), and SLO County Observer (Gabriel Rojas), used to do world-class audits by walking past industries in their regions (LA and San Luis Obispo). Angry workers or bosses would accost them outside on the sidewalk, often getting physical and calling Whine One One.
  SGV and PedoLibre would also audit churches and be accosted by many hypocritical, First Amendment-hating bible bashers.
  Direct D (Christopher), an auditor they admired, put up a YouTube advising other auditors. In it, he said they should never audit private businesses or churches and only concentrate on cop watches. It was poor advice because private citizens, workers, company owners, churchgoers, and priests were amongst the first to call the police to attack auditors. As a result, those auditors would end up having to test the police anyway. Also, police are drawn from the public. If the public does not understand its Rights, cops won’t either. Direct D could not understand this and had a real chip on his shoulder about the issue. Although a very courageous auditor himself, who took on both cops and judges, his grasp on the role of auditors was narrow, confined only to cop-watching.
  As a result of this poor advice, the three auditors ditched their daytime audits of industry and churches and began doing cop watches, which were far less interesting. It led to their ratings dropping. Cop-watching involves a lot of time finding cops, usually at night. For viewers, watching cops goofing off in the dark is as interesting as watching grass grow.
  Today, the three no longer audit (although SGV may have just started again in the last few days). They were basically replaced by iiMPCTMedia (Jack), his sons, LiizrdMedia and SiimplMedia, and Long Beach Observer. Direct D now comments on other auditors’ work.
  The story of Jose, Frank, and Gabriel shows how auditors rise and fall according to their experiences and the advice they follow.



Jack is a special kind of auditor, worth a mention here, because he is an example of how auditing is evolving.

A middle-aged man, about 6′ 2″ tall, Jack lives in Orange County, California, and walks with a slight limp, perhaps due to an injury. He claims to be 43, older than most auditors, though he sounds and acts more like a man of 50. Growing up, he never knew his real father, and his real mother slept around, so Jack was placed into the foster care system as a ward of the state. At 12-13, he was adopted by an abusive couple who made his life hell. Escaping from them, Jack became a temporarily homeless youth. Eventually, he was adopted again and grew up in San Diego.

As a teenager, Jack had long hair and a light green mohawk hairstyle and, being Californian, absorbed mostly left-wing ideologies, probably from his adoptive mother and teachers. One early job he had was detailing cars, but later, he started a business (something similar to landscaping) and built it into a success over 20 years, often working seventeen-hour days from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. He complained that the government took half his money and then his employees’ taxes, so altogether, about $80 out of $100.

After marriage, Jack and his Filipina wife adopted four children who were also rescued from abusive parents.

Jack suffered not only at the hands of abusive and negligent parents but also at the hands of negligent government bureaucrats in Child Welfare Services (CWS) and (as a businessman) heavy-handed government red/green tape and excessive taxes. All this would qualify him as a First Amendment Auditor, exposing government tyranny and corruption.

The tall, go-getter auditor believed no God was looking after him and decided that his success was up to him and him alone, with some help from the American Constitution, which made him a free American.

iiMPCTMedia burst onto the scene at the end of 2023, though some of the earliest videos have been deleted. Jack’s sons and other guest auditors eventually joined him. From day one, he was always paranoid about covering his entire head from view and used Ubers to prevent people from seeing his car’s plate number.


Why the mask?

Some auditors use masks, at least at the beginning of their careers, for the same reason many government agents mask up. Elite military units such as Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Special Air Service (SAS), and other Counter-Terrorism Units use masks or face coverings to protect their identities and maintain operational security. Out on the streets of America, there are millions of illegal immigrants, some of whom are violent psychopaths, so keeping one’s identity safe can protect one’s private life from unwanted attacks.

Most auditors grow out of this over time because cops eventually unmask them, and trolls will dox them online. SGV and PedoLibreAudits masked up for many years, but after being doxed a few times, they gave up and let everyone see their faces and know their contact details. Eventually Jack will probably realize this and remove his head coverings. The one time he did remove his face mask while recording in Alabama (where they are banned), he deleted his face from his and his sons’ footage. He forgot to check in a camera pan his son made, in which his face appeared for a frame or two. Sorry, Jack, but, as you might say, you’re beautiful, and we love you.


Jack’s Technique

As an auditor, Jack is certainly different. He uses about the same charm as a Hollywood hairdresser to the stars, sugaring everyone with compliments about their hats, faces, hair, eyes, nose rings, tops, shirts, coats, dresses, pants, shoes, boots, tattoos, dogs, cars, products, stores, meals, words, character, phones, and jewelry, which softens them up and keeps tempers from exploding. Auditors are a diverse group, and each individual has their distinctive technique. This one is Jack’s, and it works well for him, as it did for many fashion photographers.
  At the same time, he will not hesitate to aggressively protect himself and his sons from the assaults of ranting, brain-dead zombies whenever necessary. He threatens to “lay them out” should they dare get physical.

Jack and sons record many shops to see how their owners, managers, and customers react to a protected First Amendment activity. They also audit post offices. Most people do well, allowing the trio to conduct their work peacefully, engaging in friendly small talk, and wishing them luck. As usual, though, there is a minority of loud, obnoxious bullies, anti-Americans, and woke snowflakes who insist on attacking the constitutional warriors. Most of these riff-raff are Democrats. Socialists and anarchists have no love of America or its Founding Fathers, which is why they want to pull down their statues.


iiMPCTMedia Pros and Cons


1) Works very hard both on recording, editing, and answering fans
2) Delivers long, quality content frequently
3) Strongly defends his rights while staying friendly when possible
4) Listens to his opponents and provides innovative responses
5) Is always willing to educate
6) Has a great sense of humor
7) Invents new and creative replies to oft-repeated questions
8) Points out government waste when possible
9) Learns from his mistakes and improves over time


1) Appears not to support Donald Trump
2) Appears to side with Hamas terrorists
2) Thinks Democrats and Republicans are all the same
3) Believes George Floyd was murdered
4) Believes the homeless exist because of psychological problems
5) Is too soft on cops when they arrest him


I will address these last five directly to Jack:

Donald Trump is one of the all-time best Presidents, while Biden is easily America’s worst, even more destructive than Jimmy Carter. All governments are wasteful and need to be kept in check, but if we compare them to cancer, the GOP is like a minor case of skin cancer, while Democrats are full-blown stage four lung cancer. Republicans try to scale down the size of government and reduce taxes, while Democrats do the opposite.

George Floyd was a disgusting felon who put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach and told her he would murder her and kill her fetus. A liberal judge gave him only five years for that. While full of drugs that were killing him, Floyd lied to the cops, telling them he had taken none. They arrested him for trying to pass counterfeit bills, and he pretended he could not enter their car, saying he had claustrophobia, even though he was in a car when they detained him. Though light-weight officer Chauvin placed his knee on the musclebound Floyd’s neck, it provided nowhere enough pressure to suffocate him. The trial was a political witchhunt to placate blacks, and Chauvin was sacrificed to appease them. I wrote about it here before the trial. 

Homeless people have always been a tiny percentage of society until now. The reason armies of them inhabit sidewalks today is thanks to welfare and drugs. In a nutshell, Sidewalk Gremlins exist because they use their welfare money to buy drugs and would rather be high on a sidewalk than sober in a home. See more here.

Finally, Jack, you were too soft on that tyrant California Highway Patrol Sergeant Andy Dorvilier when you were unlawfully arrested at the DMV on April 26, 2024. Dorvilier is an insufferable man-baby with a badge who hates America and likes mangling the Constitution. Not only were you very nice to him as you were arrested and handcuffed, but later, you shook his hand! Luckily, LBO was there to tell the sanctimonious bastard a thing or two.

I’ve seen you tell off cops before, but you let the team down that day. You’re too good an auditor to forget the golden rule about standing up to corrupt cops and teaching them a lesson. You can’t do that with handshakes and compliments. Smallminded, recalcitrant tyrants only understand one thing: aggression.


Auditors Watching Fake News

Jack isn’t the only auditor who thinks George Floyd was a saint. SLO County Observer (Gabriel Rojas) stopped talking to me after I told him the truth about Floyd. Gabriel was a great auditor but worships street bums. He rushed off to follow Direct D’s advice about cop-watching, which ruined his career while shunning me for calling a spade a spade. Ironically, Direct D shares my views concerning Sidewalk Gremlins. If you read this, Gabriel, pick up your camera and get the f*** back to work (as Riverside County Accountability, David Chavez would say). Speaking of Chavez, he made the mistake of becoming a Leftist rabble-rouser and is now in prison. Long Beach Observer, who seems to have replaced Chavez as an auditor, may go the same way with his implied support of the terrorist organization Hamas by chanting “Free, free, free, Palestine, From the river to the sea,” in recent Terrorist demonstrations at the University of California, Irvine. Never confuse auditing with Socialist or Terrorist muckraking. And stop watching Leftist propaganda spewed by CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, etc. Please avoid Fake News.


Evolving hierarchy of auditors

There are hundreds of great First Amendment Auditors out there, and the top ten list constantly shifts and changes as auditors retire, slow down, put up fewer videos, or when their channels are deleted or removed. Here is where I place the top ten active auditors today:


Top 10

1) Press NH Now—Mark Manchon—Channel

2) Long Island Audit—Seanpaul Reyes—Channel 

3) James Freeman—James Alan Springer Jr.—Channel

4) I.A.M. Free – Inland Auditing Media—Steve, Seattle, WA—Channel

5) Auditing Erie County—Daniel J. Warmus—Channel

6) iiMPCTMedia—Jack—Channel

7) The J-Town Press—Mark White (AKA Lana Patrick)—Channel

8) Pacific Northwest (PNW) Transparency—Jeremiah Shane Farley—Channel

9) PedoLibreAudits—Frank Jacob Ornelas —Channel

10) Ely—The People’s Guy, New York—Channel


Other notes on auditors


Fricn Media (Steve Jones)

Steve was still going strong until around April 26, ’24, when his channel was removed, probably thanks to trolls spamming YouTube. Hopefully, he will return soon.

Michigan Constitutional Crusader (Matthew Wrosch)

Matt is still out there, steadfastly trudging around the towns of Michigan, often with his son, Tater Tot. Matt is one of my favorite auditors for reasons explained in other articles. Still, his equipment may need upgrading, and he needs to control his zoom lens, as it is often zoomed in when switching to close objects, which disorientates viewers. He was never the best photographer but still managed to attract Karens and Tyrants a-plenty. Hopefully, when Fricn puts up a channel again, the two can resume their audits together. Some advice for Matt, though – you tend to shy away from confrontations nowadays. The trouble with that is that viewers enjoy those confrontations. In the old days, if a beautiful girl came up and demanded to know what you were doing, you would keep her engaged for several minutes with an argument before she stormed off to call the cops. Nowadays, you’re likely to turn and walk away before she even reaches the door of her shop. Viewers would rather watch her and you go at it than watch more dreary-looking windows. Remember, son, you’re an auditor, not a tour guide. Your views will increase if you can focus on people, including cops, instead of walking away from them. I know that in your heart, you belong in an America two centuries ago and that today’s modern brats irk you, but grit your teeth and put those Karens back in focus. The more of them you expose the quicker we can return to a better U.S. of A.

NorCal Copwatch (George Kostal)

George was physically attacked by a black thug in a library and had to use pepper spray to get the maniac off him. Tyrant cops then unlawfully arrested George and charged him with assault while the black thug was allowed to walk. Shortly after this, trolls put up misinformation on YouTube about George being a child abuser, which led to him removing his channel. Decades ago, as a young teen, he had a girlfriend younger than him, and he was charged with being with a minor. Those cases were overturned thanks to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ laws, but some States were slower than others to bring them in. Trolls used a combination of exaggeration and lies to slander NorCal. Because he has an important court case coming up, he could not afford to have jury members reading emotive misinformation. Thus, he removed his channel, which was attracting many troll comments. He will probably put it up again after winning the court case.

HonorYourOath (Jeff Gray)

Jeff is still out on the road holding his old cardboard sign that is made to look identical to a bum’s sign. It still says, “God Bless the Homeless vets,” and is too small for passing motorists to read. Most glance and assume he’s a beggar wanting a handout. The middle-aged auditor wrongly believes all homeless people are saints, but nobody ever said an auditor had to be politically wise to audit well. And he does catch plenty of Karens, Darrens, bullies, and tyrants in his work. Jeff was a truck driver in the army, and I guess he cannot be expected to understand how Fake News provides misinformation about plenty of things, including the reason why homeless beggars are everywhere. He will go on believing the Left, but ultimately, he still helps spread the word about The Bill of Rights and the First Amendment, which is excellent. It would not hurt him to try some new lines at this stage since he’s worked his current routine into the ground for years. A sign that reads, “LET’S GO BRANDON,” will be much more entertaining while attracting the worst tyrants. You will need a couple of assistant auditors to join you for backup.

ANTHONY X 1st Amendment Audits

Anthony is quite a good auditor but has a habit of continually telling people that he means no harm. Also, he narrates slowly, sounding out each word as though his viewers are young children. Although he has some great moments and is courageous, placating birdbrained public service tyrants is unnecessary.
  Anthony is another anti-Trumper who believes in the George Floyd Cult. He also does not believe we landed on the moon in 1969, which is a shame. I forgive him for his Left-wing conspiracy theories, though, since he is a good auditor and will be even better with a few tweaks. He once said of MCC and Fricn Media, “I don’t mind going out with them but honestly, like they create too much conflict.”
  Anthony can considerably boost his ratings by replacing the “I don’t mean harm” mantra with some Fricn conflict.

James Freeman (James Alan Springer Jr.)

It’s great to see James back in the field doing audits and taking tyrants to task in court. Keep up the great work!

Auditing Erie County (Daniel J. Warmus)

Dan has been a very active and determined auditor, taking lazy and corrupt public servants to court to bring about real change. He is surprisingly creative and comes up with great ways to expose tyrants. If I gave him any advice, it would be to team up with someone who can spruce up his scripts, artwork, and logos and cut down on stuff we might otherwise fast-forward through. Remember that viewers want to see more tyrants and less walls.

Accountability For All (Joshua Abrams)

Josh is a very astute and sassy auditor, adding humor and sharp wit to his dressing down of lazy or rude public servants. They are no match for Josh, who has an immediate answer for all their shenanigans and cop-splaining. Like Jack from iiMPCTMedia, Josh was an orphan who was adopted. Since he is good with a camera and verbal combat, I prefer to see him out in the field rather than commentating on other audits, and it would be refreshing to see him in other settings. The old country timber town halls and courthouses have a sameness that gets a little long in the tooth. City shops, parks, train stations, DMVs, and post offices could be added occasionally.

Too Apree (Asif Khan)

Asif also deserves mention since he is an innovative comic auditor, which is unusual. Despite the humor, special effects, satire, innuendo, farce, antics, and clowning, the basic elements of auditing are still there. People try to bully Asif into not recording them, their shops, the post office, or some other activity in public, and he will, while humoring them, stubbornly remain. Some cops can’t take the mime or the costumes and will lose their tempers, while others laugh about it. In the end, most are educated about his First Amendment rights, which is the purpose. Beck yeah!

Delete Lawz (Chille De Castro)

Chille is way down at the bottom of the ladder of auditing, which is a shame because he had plenty of talent and a seemingly good brain. He may have been a fine auditor if not for some character flaws and emotional problems. Some believe he has a schizophrenic disorder. They say he appears quite emotionally unstable and puts too much aggression into his audits, which in turn gets him arrested. Many who try to help him with objective advice are banned from his comments, and he launches furious attacks on others, both online and in court, which is an unnecessary, frivolous exercise. Recently, a tyrant judge imprisoned Chille for recording a cop. It was a ridiculous sentence, but the foolish judge lashed out at Chile because of his lack of control in court. The case was a comedy of errors from Chille and the judge. My advice to Chile, when he gets out, is to see a therapist and get some medication. With drugs and therapy, you might be able to calm down and do audits sensibly. And here is an idea, Chille: instead of banning or suing me for giving you this advice, say, “Thanks Rob,” get the therapy and drugs, and get the f*** back to work, to quote David Chavez.


In due course, I will write again about auditors and report on their performance and the top ten list of active auditors. There are more auditors taking tyrants to court and more auditors taking on judges, mayors, and other government officials, which is splendid to see. Hopefully, some of you can audit those in charge of ballot boxes and votes in the next Presidential Election. You know the Democrats will be doing their best to steal the next election as they stole the last. See if you can expose them as only auditors can!

Keep up the fantastic work!



Author: Rob Larrikin