First Amendment Auditors Have Replaced Reporters

First Amendment Audit cartoon

First Amendment Audit cartoon
There was a time when newspaper and TV reporters took risks to chase crooks, corrupt politicians, and con artists. As socialists infiltrated news organizations, those days gradually came to an end. Today, about ninety-five percent of the so-called American ‘news media’ write or broadcast political propaganda for the Democrats. Joined by Hollywood, book publishers, and Late-night TV hosts, the more lies they fabricate, the more Pulitzer Prizes and Emmys they collect. Real reporters are on the verge of extinction.

But wait.

Roving reporters who used to walk miles to interview people, chase stories, and expose shady characters may have disappeared, but clones of them have reappeared in a new form. First Amendment Auditors exercise their constitutional right to record video in public places, informing those who try to infringe on that right while commending those who respect it. In the process, they bring to light a great deal of corruption.


Auditing America

Constitutional and First Amendment Auditors were born out of the shifting tectonic plates of technology, the internet, and the rise of tyrant bureaucrats.

Let us deal with the tyrants first. When I was a boy, five decades ago, most public and civil servants knew their place. In those days, post offices, police stations, and other public utilities or services were humble affairs staffed by a minimum number of modest, simple workers. They were not paid much (which is how it should be) and were careful not to misuse their power for fear of being sacked. There were exceptions to this rule, but generally, servants were there to serve the public and did so in a professional, unpretentious way.

If a public or civil servant began tyrannizing citizens, newspaper editors would dispatch reporters to investigate. Pretty soon, a reporter would ask the public servant questions, chase him down the street, and write a scathing story to embarrass the government department into sacking the wretch.


Public Servants Tyrants

As news reporters turned into Democrat propagandists, many public and civil servants, now with no watchdogs, morphed into tyrants. Their humble buildings became marble-covered palaces with high ceilings and luxurious, air-conditioned offices connected by long corridors and vast chambers. Today, they enjoy state-of-the-art security, hundreds of quality cameras, control rooms full of monitors, and many overweight guards ready to pounce on anyone brave enough to spy on their wealth and power. They think they are American royalty. As an American, you believe you have no Royal Family. Look again.

At the Post Office, stuffed shirts sit behind bulletproof glass barriers, eating cake and feeling safe, knowing that nobody will invade their sanctuary. On the other side, poor serfs line up between steel rail line dividers, waiting to be served.
  “Can I help you?” one fat postal worker says, swinging around on her comfortable seat, but her tone sounds more like, “What the hell do you want?”
  As the line moves forward slowly, six or seven other post office co-workers gossip or chat online. They could serve at the front counter, but that would not be fun.
  One brave minion dares to speak up about this. A middle-aged, balding Bill Baily lookalike, wearing an AC/DC shirt, says, “Could some of you guys come to help at the front please?” but nobody can hear through the glass barrier. He shouts the question again, and this time, several postal workers stare at him as they would a stain on their windshield. Cameras swivel to view the noisy intruder. A rotund guard walks towards him, bellowing the dreaded words, “Can I help you, sir?”
  “Why can’t those guys serve at the front?” the Bill Baily clone asks, pointing at the loafers gazing at their computer screens again. “You have six empty service bays and one person serving!”
  Almost spilling out of his uniform, the black guard reaches Bill and stops two feet from his face. “Can I help you, sir?”
  “Not so close, big guy,” Bill warns, stepping back. “Have you been drinking?”
  “I’m just trying to help, sir,” the guard pushes forward. “What seems to be the problem?”
  Two of the workers behind the screen slip away, going to back rooms to resume their online chatting. In air-conditioned offices, they enjoy total privacy and can do what they like.

Back in the lobby, Bill crosses his arms in contempt. Staring down the guard, he declares, “If you can’t help, you’re dismissed. Go and do some work.”
  The guard mutters into his shoulder-mounted two-way radio, “We got a B down front.” B is code for ‘bull.’ Workers call customers who wait in line patiently ‘cows’ and the ones who complain ‘bulls.’ In this case, there were twelve cows and a bull.
  Three beefy security guards, two black males and one white female, strut through the front door, heading towards Bill the Bull. They look clumsy and unprofessional. “How can we help you, sir?” asks the biggest of the two black guards.
  “I asked those guys if they could serve at the front where we need them,” Bill replies, jerking his thumb towards the back.
  “He’s causing a disturbance,” the first guard snorts.
  “Okay, sir, we have to ask you to leave the premises now,” another announces.
  “For exercising my right to free speech in a public space?” Bill asks.
  The guards order Bill to leave, and when six police officers arrive, he is dragged out and kicked off the premises. How dare he criticize civil servants when they goof off and waste time?


Internet to the Rescue

The internet came at society like a tsunami. Slowly and surely, it grew until people had to take notice. Unlike a tsunami, the internet would keep coming and growing. It was here forever. It was a never-ending cornucopia of information that would help expose and expunge the Left. At first, the Left had a love affair with the internet. Google, Facebook, and Twitter were examples of this. After a decade or so, it became clear they were just another faction of the Democrat Party and would be dumped by millions of Americans. Millions turned to search engines like Bing & DuckDuckGo, new browsers like Brave, new social media sites like Gab & Parler, and news sites like FoxNews & Breitbart.

Smartphones were another tsunami that rocked the world and changed everything. People could film in high definition and upload live to the World Wide Web. Smartphones opened up many opportunities to catch socialist thieves, so Communist countries severely restricted their use.


First Amendment Auditors

First Amendment Auditors

In America, smartphones gave rise to a new army of reporters: Constitutional and First Amendment Auditors. Like the pioneers who tamed the West, they had great courage and determination. They hated government corruption and wanted to expose it as reporters once did. They did this on their feet, armed with smartphones.

Equipped with such devices, early auditors went out in all kinds of weather to see if people respected their First Amendment right of freedom of speech and freedom of the press:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The Supreme Court had established these freedoms. The general rule in the United States is that anyone may photograph whatever they like in a public place. Absent a specific legal prohibition such as a statute or ordinance, you are legally entitled to take photographs.

Public places include the foyers or lobbies of post offices, police stations, libraries, taxation departments, health departments, and many other facilities. Standing on public sidewalks is also covered; you may film or photograph anything you can see from there. You may even film through the windows of businesses or publicly-funded enterprises from a public walkway. If the occupants want privacy, it is up to them to cover windows from public view and not show or do anything inside they do not wish the public to see. If an officer leaves a laptop open in a police vehicle and walks away, a member of the public can film it from a public place, like a sidewalk or road. If cops dislike this, they must remember to close their laptops.

There is no expectation of privacy in public, but many public or civil servants lose their cool when they see someone filming them. “Turn that off,” they bark, threatening to call the police. “You have no right to film me,” they insist. “I didn’t give you my permission. Delete it from your camera at once!”
  The Paparazzi are always taking photos through windows of houses, cars, and office buildings, and when Hollywood stars sue them, they fail. The judge has to remind them about the First Amendment. The Paparazzi have a good laugh and snap a few more shots of the star leaving the court, doing the walk of shame.


Blurred faces

Some folk notice faces blurred out on TV News and by Google Street View and assume it must be required law, but private companies choose to do this to avoid annoying their customers. Neither Google Street View nor News Stations have to blur out faces when filming in public places. They elect to pamper Karens and Darrens, while auditors prefer to teach them a lesson. Pampered Karens think their faces are sacred, even though everyone can see them with their eyes when out in public. What about people with photographic memories? Should we gouge their eyes out?



Driven by a burning desire to discipline public servants tyrants back into serving, auditors sprang up all over the country and began uploading their videos to YouTube. Many had bitter memories of bad service in the days before smartphones when they were powerless to do anything. Now, they were exacting their revenge. Others knew that making such people accountable would help shrink the size of government and save taxpayers trillions. If they could prove through videos watched by millions that public and civil servants regularly find reasons to stand around doing nothing, refuse to serve, or obey their own codes and laws, then change would have to follow. Society would become a better place.


First Amendment auditors in action


Police Stations

A typical auditor – call him John – goes to a police station, for instance, and starts filming their building. Cops should mind their business, go about their work, and leave the citizen with the camera the hell alone. Instead, this constitutionally protected activity is usually enough to bring the officers out like a swarm of angry ants, demanding to know what is happening. If not, John may film their cars parked in the station’s publicly accessible car park. Very riled-up cops usually emerge in force to interrogate the auditor. Their burning curiosity about why he is filming is the recording’s very subject. After John teaches them a humiliating lesson, spiteful cops will follow him on foot or in their cars to run his car’s plates for his identity, which only makes them look worse than they already do.

When cops come out to confront auditors, one officer – let’s call him Liam – starts by asking, “Can we help you?”
  “No thanks,” John replies, or he may say nothing at all.
  “What are you doing?” Liam asks pleasantly enough, though others are more aggressive.
  “What does it look like?” John may say, or sometimes, “Just taking pictures.”
  “I can see you’re filming, but why?” Liam persists as two other officers and a sergeant take positions around the auditor menacingly.
  “I don’t answer questions,” comes the courageous reply. John films all the officers and asks a female on the right side, “What are your names and badge numbers?”
  The defiant female officer says nothing.
  “Name and badge number?” John perseveres.
  “Right here,” she replies, pointing to her name and badge.
  “I see,” John laughs. “First name Right, last name Here – is that spelled H-E-R-E? Is that what you tell the judge when he asks?”
  Liam is annoyed. “So why are you out here filmin’ our cars?” he asks.
  John continues facing the female officer. “You are required to provide your name and badge number when asked by a member of the public. It’s your own policy.”
  “Ricci, 3275,” the officer finally gives in.
  “Thanks, Officer Ricci,” John replies, turning to the cop beside her. “Name and badge number?”
  “Wells, 3136.”
  “Thanks, Wells.” He turns to Liam. “Your name and badge number, officer?”
  “Moreno, 3543.”
  “Thank you, and Sergeant, name and badge number?”
  The sergeant is the grumpiest of all and says nothing.
  “Name and badge number?”
  “What’s your name?” the sergeant asks.
  “I don’t need to give you my name, sergeant, unless I’ve broken the law. This isn’t Nazi Germany, but since you approached me, you are required to provide your name and badge number.”
  The sergeant points to his name and badge and says, “Read it for yourself.”
  “What if I can’t read, Serge?” John asks. “You’re setting a bad example for your officers.” He turns to the others. “Your sergeant is teaching you all wrong. No wonder you don’t know the law. It’s cops like him that get other cops killed.”
  “We just want to know why you’re here filming our cars,” Liam pipes up.
  “Because I can. It’s a first amendment protected activity. Freedom of the press.”
  “Which newspaper are you with?” Liam asks.
  “I don’t need to be with a newspaper,” John replies. “All I need is this camera, and I’m press. I’m doing a story to go online.”
  “YouTube?” suggests Ricci.
  “I’m live-streaming right now. Two hundred and thirty subscribers are watching you as we speak, so, Serge, name and badge number?”
  “Riddick, 2874,” Serge finally coughs up the info with a gulp.
  “Okay, thanks,” says John, keeping a straight face. You can all go back to work now and stop wasting taxpayers’ money. You’re dismissed.”

That’s the basic default event, and it changes according to which auditor is present, which cops attend, what attitude they have, and many other factors. Some cops gang up on the auditor like schoolyard bullies, making themselves look very stupid, and the more they harass and stalk, the more people bombard their station with phone calls to complain. The video may attract half a million views, and that can generate thousands of complaints. Some PDs (Police Departments) have their switchboards jammed up for days.

Some auditors start out pretending they do not know the rules and then gradually come out of their shells to lecture the cops as though they are police instructors. The cops stand in hangdog silence, learning a new lesson about the First Amendment. After being dismissed, they slink away with their tails between their legs, doing the walk of shame. It is a sight to see.


Post Offices

At post offices, it is slightly different. The auditor, sometimes accompanied by one or two other auditors (it’s good to have back-ups), approaches the PO, enters the door, and many times makes his way to a Poster 7, which hangs in POs across the USA and contains this clause:

Photographs for News, Advertising, or Commercial Purposes

Photographs for news purposes may be taken in entrances, lobbies, foyers, corridors, or auditoriums when used for public meetings except where prohibited by official signs or Security Force personnel or other authorized personnel or a federal court order or rule. Other photographs may be taken only with the permission of the local Postmaster or installation head.

You can see the poster here. Confusion occurs over the part that reads, “except where prohibited by official signs or Security Force personnel or other authorized personnel.”
  The answer is to look at the commas, none of which exist within the auditorium section, one independent clause. Cuny School of Law states that commas should separate independent clauses when joined by coordinating conjunctions, such as and, but, for, or, nor, yet [and nor]. Read that section as follows:

or auditoriums when used for public meetings except where prohibited by official signs or Security Force personnel or other authorized personnel or a federal court order or rule.

From Poster 7, auditors usually go to the front lobby and begin filming the place, taking care to show the many cameras placed high up around the ceiling cornices, greedily spying on all customers from every angle. This is important as it highlights the hypocrisy of what is to follow.

It is not long before an angry postal worker yells, “You cain’t film in here!”
  The Karen or Darren usually calls the police when the auditor tries to point to Poster 7. Calling cops is a waste of taxpayers’ money, tying up officers who could have been fighting crime.

Several PD cars will soon turn up, and as many as eight cops will gather to grill the auditor, who fearlessly stands his ground through all their lame arguments.

Cop:  What are you doing?
Auditor:  [silence]
Cop:  What’s your name?
Auditor:  You can call me ‘Good Citizen.’
Cop:  Why you filmin’?
Auditor:  Name and badge number?
Cop:  Right here. [points to badge]
Auditor:  First name, Right, last name Here? There’s a lot of you around.
Cop:  I just wanna know why you’re here.
Auditor:  Name and badge number?
Cop:  Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way; it’s up to you.
Auditor:  NAME AND BADGE NUMBER. You are required to provide them.
Cop:  You can read cain’t ya?
Auditor:  Is that what you tell the judge?
Cop:  Why you here?
Auditor:  I want to speak with your supervisor.
Cop:  Okay, fine, but tell me…
Auditor:  I’m done talking with you. You won’t provide details so you can kick rocks. You’re dismissed.
Cop:  Look, they don’t like you filmin’ in there [mumbles into two-way radio].
Auditor:  Are you the Feelings Police?
Cop:  They don’t like you fil…
Auditor:  You are supposed to enforce laws, not feelings, and their feelings don’t trump the law.
Cop:  Look, this here is private property, so you…
Auditor: It’s public property, dopey. I pay for it, and I pay your wages, too.
Cop:  No, you don’t!
Auditor:  Your pay comes from my taxes.
Cop:  Well, I pay taxes too.
Auditor:  Nope, I pay your taxes with my taxes.
Cop:  Whatever, the point is they want you to leave.
Auditor:  Am I being detained?
Cop:  I didn’t say you were de…
Auditor:  Am I being detained?
Cop:  You won’t listen to me whe…
Auditor:  Am I being detained?
Cop:  Yes, till I get some ID.
Auditor:  What crime did I commit?
Cop:  I didn’t say you committed no cr…
Auditor:  If I didn’t commit a crime, you cannot detain me or demand my ID.
Cop:  No, I jest wanna…
Auditor:  Am I free to go?
Cop:  But you…
Auditor:  Am I free to go?
Cop:  No, not until you gimme your ID.
Auditor:  You’re not getting my ID, tyrant, so take a hike. You are a dumbass; you know that? What did they teach you in training? You don’t even know the constitution you swore to protect.
Cop:  Look, you’re trespassin’ on private property, and they…
Auditor:  It’s public property, dummy. Public – which means I have every right to be here filming. The Supreme Court said so, and there ain’t a thing you can do to stop me as long as I haven’t broken the law. You need RAS of a crime being…
Cop:  RAS?
Auditor:  Reasonable Articulable Suspicion of a crime being committed before you can ask for ID, or detain, or arrest me.
Cop:  Look, if you don’t provide ID, I will arrest you.
Auditor:  Go ahead. You’ll lose your qualified immunity, and I’ll take your house. Go ahead, tyrant, make my day.
Cop:  So, you want a supervisor?
Auditor:  Yup.

The officer realizes by now the auditor knows more law than him, and he may be getting in too deep. When the supervisor arrives, he and a gaggle of cops are lectured by the auditor. A wise supervisor will listen to reason and tell everyone to return to work. After filming their walk of shame and watching every police car leave, the auditor returns to the PO to take another tour to show the Karens they achieved precisely nothing. Once this lesson is learned, the auditor finishes up. Stick a fork in the PO – it’s done.

Other times, the supervisor decides to arrest the auditor, who will take the matter to court to have them fined or sacked, after which he will revisit the PO to audit them a second time. Many a cop has paid a stiff price for taking auditors on, both through fines or sackings or from public humiliation, as tens of thousands of viewers shame them. Their stupidity is on view forever. When they appear on YouTube this way, co-workers snicker behind their backs for years to come. “Have you see that vid of Sergeant Riddick-ulous yet? That dumbass was owned!”

Many officers are now very careful when dealing with auditors; the last thing they want is to receive ‘the treatment.’ Others have not learned these lessons yet, which means more years of work for auditors.


Prison guard tyrants

Karen and Darren Thinking

Armies of public servant Karens and Darrens love to say, “This is private property,” about publicly owned buildings. They insist it is against the law to film them from public property, which is nonsense. Few postal workers know about the poster-7s that hang in their workplace and scarcely care about their own policies.

Police Karens and Darrens have no problem trampling over photographers’ rights, bullying, stalking, and falsely detaining or arresting them. They commonly place their hands on their guns, acting tough, trying to intimidate, but most auditors are like honey badgers; they’ll take on whole gangs of bullies and never back down, guns or no guns.

The funniest part about public and civil servants is how they rear up in horror when they see someone with a camera. They are perfectly fine filming you, a citizen, from every possible angle, but act as though they have been assaulted when you film them with one measly camera. Auditors like to mock cops for this, saying, “Don’t worry, officer, we won’t hurt you with our cameras; you don’t have to be afraid.”
  Cops typically reply, “We know that – we have our body cams too,” which shows they don’t get it.
  “That’s the point, dumbass,” an auditor will fire back. “Why are you so afraid of our cameras?”

Some public servants behave well and do the right thing, but badly behaved tyrants heavily outnumber them.


Scene of the crime

Auditors will usually revisit a public building where Karens and Darrens tyrannized them to see if the culprits have learned any lessons. They support each other and bring friends to do a group audit of such places. Usually, there are no signs of the tyrants, who have scurried off to hide in back rooms. Yes, they are that pathetic. Auditors will put their cameras right up to windows on doors to see the cowards skulking about, looking guilty. Some public servants draw blinds on all windows, but auditors may find a nook or cranny to spy them through. The imps can be seen giggling about how they foiled the auditors while, mind, hundreds of people watch them on a live feed, commenting about how absurd they are.

How long will it take the fools to realize that their bad behavior can now be displayed live for all to see? When will they comprehend they must serve their public, discover manners, and show some respect to those who pay their wages? When will their wild spending be curbed? How long will we let them buy palaces in which to loaf around or luxury vehicles they can neglect? How much longer will cops drive untagged cars, park wherever they like, get in the way of drivers, and break traffic rules for trivial reasons? How many years will large groups of cops be allowed to stand around gawking for hours, wasting taxpayers’ money, for petty reasons?

In the meantime, it is great to know that there is a growing army of auditors out there who continue taking public and civil servants to task. Below are some auditors I have watched, with an appraisal of each. I place these in the order that impressed me most, but they all do important work and should form more alliances. Looking at the effect these guys have had already, I think this kind of auditing will rise to a level not imagined by most today. It is early days for them, and society will remember them as the pioneers. If I was writing a book, I could have included many others, but you know who you are.


Jason Gutterman Amagansett Press


Amagansett Press

Jason Gutterman from New York has been auditing for some years. His YouTube channel, Amagansett Press, has a quarter of a million subscribers. A short man with a graying orange beard and a shaved head, Jason travels all around the US auditing post offices, police stations, health departments, and sometimes police when they pull drivers over. Though a polite and well-spoken conservative, he is fierce when bullied. Perhaps Jason was a honey badger in his last life, as the man will take on anyone, including gangs of terrorists, cops, or Karens. He carries a holstered sidearm for security, but only in case of emergencies, and never shows it on camera. Jason’s camera and gun trigger some people, so I guess he’s a First and Second Amendment auditor.

In the first of two videos I link to below, Jason audits a post office in Silverthorne, Colorado. The staff there failed spectacularly, as did the police officers they summoned, who tried to trespass Jason from the public building. The cops stubbornly and foolishly refused to listen to reason. Gutterman took them to court, sued, and won. The town of Silverthorne agreed to pay the gutsy auditor $9,500 in compensation. As usual, the auditor had the last laugh.

The second video is a different theme from most of Jason’s. He was driving past a crowd at the Denver Capitol Building and decided to investigate with his camera. The group turned out to be a mob of left-winged Antifa-type dirtbags who surrounded fearless Jason, thinking they could scare him away. The drugged-out simpletons had no clue about the man with whom they dealt. One ugly freak, Joseph A. Camp, who was shaking like a leaf during his cam-back of Jason, bragged that he had four million Facebook followers. Jason soon proved that to be a lie. Joseph A. Camp was so angry he spent hours putting up lies and misinformation on his Facebook page about Jason and his family. It appears he used sockpuppets to place comments on the same page, deleting all the many defending Jason. Being an avid supporter of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, it’s no wonder Camp hates Jason Gutterman, a man of integrity.


I – Silverthorne P.O., Colorado: Link

II – Denver Capitol Building mob: Link



Rogue Nation auditor


Rogue Nation

A slightly stout man of average height with a salty, scraggly beard, wearing a pulled-down black woolen beanie, Rogue rarely smiles. What appears to be nicotine stains on his mustache may indicate too much smoking. His sad blue-gray eyes seem to betray great disappointment in fellow Americans. During Covid, he sometimes wore a face mask boasting a hand logo shaped like the words ‘F— you’ that flips the bird. Some of his fellow auditors are socialists (Rights Crispy) and BLM supporters (Eyes on the State), so I hope he has not been dragged too far to the Left.

Even though his videos open with an earsplitting sound-byte of the late George Carlin braying, “Power does what it wants,” three times, Rogue believes the constitution provides tools to stop power from doing what it wants. I reckon Rogue should have a new intro. How about Gunslinger by John Fogerty, whose accent is like Rogue’s. The first verse would do:

Lookin’ out ‘cross this town
Kinda makes me wonder how
All the things that made us great
Got left so far behind

Rogue has a laid-back style with his audits and quiet confidence in what he is doing. With determination, steel nerves, and the patience of a monk, he takes tyrants both to task and to court, working hard to achieve justice. Like many auditors, Rogue will eventually see that most government excess and corruption come from politics’ left side, not the right. When Democrats are in charge, unions grow strong, and all unions are left-winged. Under Democrat control, police union corruption thrives, which is hard to change when Republicans return. They can change it with more time in office, which voters rarely provide. When Trump praises cops, he praises good cops, not bad ones.

In the first of two videos below, Rogue audits the excessively large Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando, Florida. He comments on how enormous it is. It is huge because its sheriffs expanded it whenever Democrats were in charge. Sheriff Colman tripled its size between 1977 and 1980 while Jimmy Carter (D) was POTUS), and Sheriff Kevin Beary, elected in Jan. 1993 along with POTUS Bill Clinton (D), expanded it tremendously throughout Clinton’s eight years in office. This information comes from OCSO’s webpage [backup here and here]. Notice that while they gave the two sheriffs mentioned above rave reviews and long biographies, Sheriff Mina, elected under Trump’s watch in 2018, only received four lines. He is the only sheriff with no photo or first name on the page. His bio is placed under a picture of black Sheriff Demings as if to imply Mina is him. See a screenshot here. You get the drift; Mina tries to correct their bad behavior and big spending, which the left-winged police union hates, so they give him the ‘Trump treatment.’

When Rogue arrives at the giant building, he is told by various cops that he cannot film inside. They have a lot to hide. Watch how he uses a calm, methodical rule-of-law approach to win the day, after which the cowardly blowhards Chris Ford and Detective Leonard (Deputy Donut) go and hide, nowhere to be found. Rogue’s green light (provided by Captain Mitch Shaban) was the result of Sheriff Mina, whose webpage [backups here and here] says [emphasis mine]:

Sheriff Mina’s law enforcement career has been built on strong leadership by example and the ability to effect positive change. Community engagement, trust and transparency have been the hallmarks of Sheriff Mina’s leadership style. He is a trusted face of law enforcement in Central Florida, where crime has decreased, use of force is down and deputy accountability is the standard.

In video two, Rogue and another auditor (uncredited) are outside the RCCI (Richmond County Correctional Institution), Augusta, GA, where fat guards bully them. The pretend cops are unaware they have no authority over citizens on public property. Rogue and his friend have a good laugh at the buffoons who believe two guys with cameras equals a national emergency. Equally silly cops arrive, and while the four goons stand around on the easement, six other goons inside the facility, including the warden, laze about watching from a distance. After Rogue lectures them about road easements, he instructs the bullies to get back to work and stop wasting taxpayers’ money. Will they do the long walk of shame? I think you know the answer. No doubt these guys love their left-winged union, which stops them from being sacked no matter how lazy they are.

Video I: Audit of Orange County Sheriff’s Office: Link

Video II: Audit of Richland County Correctional Institution: Link


James Freeman auditor


James Freeman

James Freeman’s fiery-red lumberjack beard contrasts with his skull-hugging crewcut. The tall, lean man often wears mustard-colored overalls and a black T-shirt as he trudges about in sandals. A mix between Noah and Gandhi, with a hint of Jakob Owens, James either shocks, repulses, or attracts women depending on the day and how much he grins.

James is very spirited and maybe too left-winged, but there is no doubt he takes on lazy, good-for-nothing public servants with vigor, which is great. It is something to appreciate by those who grumble but do little in terms of kicking arse. James Freeman is not a man to mistreat, for his temper is as fiery as his beard, and he will take you to task should you push him too far. Being young, he will grow wiser with age and eventually appreciate that conservatives are his friends, not his enemies. Lefties are to blame for lazy bureaucrats, who relish, revel, and luxuriate under Democrat government excess and inefficiency at taxpayers’ expense. A sixty-year-old James would probably love Donald Trump. The following videos show James’ three different sides, depending on how public or civil servants treat him.


I – when cops are polite to James: link.

II – when cops threaten to detain him:– link.

III – when cops get right in his face – link – backup here.


Bay Area Transparency audit


Bay Area Transparency (BAT)

This big guy likes to teach cops and regularly begins his audits by acting coy with officers, as though he does not understand the law. The cops take advantage, making many faulty claims, after which our Bay Area auditor sorts them out, sounding more and more like a police instructor. During his lectures, cops think, “What have we got ourselves into?”
  His technique is fair since police commonly bait car thieves, drug users, and those soliciting prostitution. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say. BAT is fearless and brave, though I think he should team up with other auditors more. Editorially, his videos need work. Cutting down on long-winded intros and summaries would be helpful, and bringing in other auditors to work with him on jobs would make his videos more interesting. Despite the flaws and likely left-wing political beliefs, Bay Area’s actual dressing down and scolding lazy bullying cops is very impressive.

Video: link


Fricn Media and Michigan Constitutional Crusader auditors


Fricn Media and MCC (Michigan Constitutional Crusader)

These two do many audits as a team and have different styles that work well together. Fricn is very loud and enthusiastic, and you need to watch the volume when he laughs like a lunatic right into the mic. He’s in your face and will not take crap from tyrants of any kind. He generally catches all the action and has an eagle eye for what’s happening. Also, he knows Democrats are the main culprits and supports Trump. In some ways, he is like Tigger out of A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh. MCC is calmer and more passive. He wanders about and sometimes misses the story but usually ambles his way back to it, kind of like Pooh Bear. In the videos below, the two walk down the street in small-town Birmingham, Michigan, to uncover many Karens and Darrens. With MCC’s help, Fricn eventually tames one particularly crazy Karen, who runs a shop called Fab’rik, at W. Maple Rd Birmingham, Michigan. The woman told Fricn and MCC they could not film her shop windows and threatened to call the police over and over. When asked why, she lamely said her employee, Kylie, who appeared to be about 17, worked in the store. The woman built this into a conspiracy theory, hinting that Fricn and MCC wanted to photograph children sinisterly.


Carrie Sofikitis Fab'rik-owner and Kylie employee


After the two auditors left to look at other shops, the short woman began marching around the town, trying to roust other shopkeepers into a lynch mob. Failing to interest them or the police in her paranoia, she worked on the postman to no avail. When Fricn asked the woman her name, she replied, “Cameron,” but she looks very similar to Carrie Sofikitis, who runs the store with her sister. This YouTube shows Carrie and her sister advertising their Fab’rik shop. Carrie Sofikitis is also a member of the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce, and looking at other photos of her, it’s clear she has a thing for black clothing. Had townfolk and cops been triggered by the crazy woman’s paranoia, consider what may have happened to Fricn and MCC. Whiny, gasping women who mischievously distort the truth have filled many a prison with innocent men. We are all learning to take their gushing, panic-stricken stories with a large grain of salt, thanks to cameras.

Since Woke YouTube is now in the deletion business, I have backups of all the videos. Should they *disappear, replacements will be uploaded to our server.

*Update—I originally displayed links to both videos below, but neither is available to view now. I created a combination video that begins with Fricn Media’s recording and, when his batteries run out, is continued by MCC’s video.

Video: Link

To see many other auditors search for either First Amendment Auditing, First Amendment Audit, or Constitutional auditors online. Don’t bother reading Wikipedia on the subject unless you enjoy Leftist propaganda, conspiracy theories, and Fake News.


Message to auditors looking for more to do:


Phase I

You are performing a great service, and thanks to you, as time goes by, public servants (and others) will learn how to behave when approached by those with cameras. They will keep doing their work without raising an eyebrow or a concern about your photography. If you require service, they will provide it efficiently, without objection to being filmed. Once you have achieved this, your first phase will be complete.


Phase II

Some auditors are already approaching police when they pull drivers over to protect good drivers from corrupt cops by ensuring their actions are visible to the public. Some are already pointing out how public servants overspend on buildings and vehicles and exposing the neglect of said assets. Some are already showing postal workers mistreating parcels. Phase II will continue these activities and add others.

  1. Expose public and civil servants wasting time on the taxpayers’ dime in all areas of government. Name and shame such people when possible. Compare them to private companies to show the difference. For instance, a council road crew takes three months to make a mile of road, while a private contractor, with less manpower and a much smaller budget, does the same work in one day. Film them, shame them, and put them on YouTube.
  2. Reveal government excess in acquiring taxpayer-funded equipment, luxury buildings, luxury vehicles, expensive artwork, gyms, novelties, decoration, the best décor, the finest floor tiles, and so on, and how they neglect the same.
  3. Expose public servants who live like emperors in palaces of marble, wrought iron, and beautiful art instead of humble, inexpensive surroundings. Demand they scale down their spending.
  4. Unmask cops & cameras collecting excessive taxes fining motorists instead of fighting crime.
  5. Film cops abusing their power to infringe on motorists’ rights after pulling them over.
  6. Show postal workers throwing cartons around carelessly and sitting in trucks goofing off.


Phase III

  1. Expose public school teachers teaching kids left-winged lies
  2. Reveal public teachers’ behavior outside school (group sex, getting drunk, doing drugs, etc.)
  3. Show government college lecturers teaching false political propaganda in school and behaving badly in their private lives. Demand they be sacked.
  4. Bring to light corrupt union officials from any union in the country.
  5. Videograph illiterate public school teachers whose knowledge of history, math, grammar, and life is woefully lacking. Ask why these dimwits are allowed to teach.
  6. Film public school teachers trying to persuade kids to become gay and change their sex.
  7. Expose politicians who misuse public funds, accept bribes, and lie to the public. You will find plenty of Democrats doing these things every day.
  8. Unmask Fake News for its hypocrisy. Follow ‘reporters’ who accuse others of racism to see their racist behavior. Watch those who accuse others of disrespecting women to see them disrespecting women. Film them bragging about how they lie in their articles. Project Veritas has been doing this for some time but can use a lot of help.
  9. Expose lazy, corrupt, lying judges. Democrats have installed hundreds of them over the years.
  10. Some illegal immigrants are bad. Film their behavior to show how they damage the USA.
  11. Expose corruption inside publicly funded prisons by interviewing released prisoners. Film the corrupt behavior of prison officials in their private life.
  12. Unveil waste and corruption in the government-run military.
  13. Uncover waste and corruption in government-run NASA.
  14. Reveal waste and corruption in public national parks.
  15. Unmask waste and corruption in local councils.
  16. Lay bare waste and corruption in government-run sewerage systems, dams, water providers, hospitals, roads, bridges, and airports.


Good luck to all auditors, and may you be greatly rewarded for bringing government tyrants to heel.



Author: Rob Larrikin