The Unseen Super Union of Public Servants

There was a time when public servants typically worked in separate fields, with minimal interaction outside of their required duties. They treated each person impartially; corruption was rare, and professionalism was the norm. Police would attend each call promptly as they came in, usually without bias. Judges were mostly free of favoritism, nepotism, or prejudice and treated fellow law practitioners no differently from citizens. Post office employees served customers equally and received no preferential treatment from other public services. Those days are long gone.

It all changed with the rise of ‘Baby Boomers,’ born between 1946 and 1964. Their population of 77 million resulted from the post-World War II baby boom. Due to combat traumas, many returning servicemen had no wish to spank their kids, as their wailing might evoke war memories of wounded soldiers and civilians. As a result, they spoiled their kids, who turned into long-haired socialists called ‘hippies.’ Hippies were entranced by communism and its promise to ‘redistribute wealth’ because it provided a handy way to steal “morally.” Except it was not moral at all.

In the mid-sixties, hippies were entering the workforce. In the 70s, they took more senior positions in public services like schools, police, the military, tax departments, town halls, councils, and hundreds of other government entities. Come the 80s, and they were becoming attorneys, judges, doctors, and politicians. Their socialist beliefs and habits spread throughout the entire public service corrupting all of it from one end to another.

Private companies also had their workforce of Baby Boomers who again brought their socialist ideologies. Unions also swelled with Boomers, intent on forcing employers to pay them more while shortening their weekly workload. Boomers were the first generation with no corporal punishment at home though most had some in their early school years. While the majority were spoiled, their children, the Millennials, born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s, would be worse and had no corporal punishment at either home or school. This coddled, overindulged generation produced ‘murder brats,’ who would nonchalantly take guns to school and shoot twenty or thirty fellow students without raising a sweat. Today’s Generation Z continues that trend.


Baby Boomer Steps

Boomers were mesmerized by socialism’s promise to redistribute wealth. At work, they would think nothing of helping themselves to materials, equipment, furniture, gadgets, machines, you name it, in the name of ‘spreading the wealth.’

   “It’s all good,” they would quip. “It’s paid for by taxpayers—don’t sweat it.”

So, how did the entire public service go dark and turn into a super union? Slowly, using baby steps is how. About 77 million Boomers were now running the country, filling up every building with young, left-winged clones of Bernie Sanders and Bette Midler. Boomers used Fake News to slander President Nixon as an evil man and got America to surrender its war against the theft of South Vietnam by communists, who subsequently took it, turning millions of Vietnamese into slaves. Hippies like Jane Fonda, who sided with America’s enemy, the communist Vietcong, were blissfully happy about this. Thanks to Boomers, the socialist Jimmy Carter became POTUS, wrecking the economy and allowing corruption to run rampant in every area. Boomers also worked to impede Republican efforts to fix damage caused by Democrat Mayors, Governors, Senators, Presidents, unions, and public servants.

Boomer Bill Clinton became President in 1993 and, with his Boomer wife Hillary, began filling the FBI and CIA with socialists for eight years. Their work would continue with Boomer President Barack Hussein Obama II in 2009. He worked hard to corrupt the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, Department of Defence, the Military, and the White House, filling them with wild-eyed socialist zealots. Obama gave far-left unions plenty of power to do what they liked. Under him, the web of government employees grew into a corrupt, inept, lazy, opportunistic, wasteful boondoggle of epic proportions.

Millennials, the offspring of Boomers, who are mostly as left-winged as their parents, entered the workforce a few years before Obama took office. By the end of his time in office in 2017, they were in their mid-30s and beginning to take on positions of power. Today, in February 2023, there are about 71.6 million Baby Boomers and 72.6 million millennials, a total of 144.2 million, which explains exactly why the United States is FUBAR (F****d Up Beyond All Recognition). It also explains why Donald Trump was desperately needed in 2016 and will be again in 2024.



Today the entire public service system is corrupted. Many folks are not aware of how common corrupt public servants are or how often they collude with each other to rip taxpayers off while doing very little work. Here are twelve examples of what is now standard for public servants today in the United States of America:

1) A man in Long Island, New York, refuses to sign an entry book at City Hall and is pushed by a guard. Police arrive and arrest the man instead of the guard, after which the man is charged. Everyone from the judge to the prosecutor colludes to find the man guilty of bogus charges in court. He is fined for daring to stand up for his 4th Amendment rights.

2) A citizen in San Luis Obispo is taunted and threatened on the street by a thug. He warns the thug to back off, or he will pepper spray him. The citizen uses pepper spray legally for defense but is still arrested by corrupt police who disapprove of its use. The whole event is caught on film, and the citizen is clearly innocent. Yet, the prosecutor, attorney general, and judge collude with the police to convince a jury to find the citizen guilty and sentence him to jail for 44 days, along with court costs.

3) At 2 pm, a woman in Arizona calls 911 about a neighbor threatening her. An hour later, at 3 pm, a black postal worker in the same town reports a man taking photos in the lobby (which is legal). Five minutes later, eight officers arrive, arresting and harassing the man for an hour, wasting resources and committing multiple offenses. They finally respond to the first woman’s call at 4.30 pm and find her injured. When she complains about their late arrival, they threaten her and leave. Both victims complain, but no action is taken.

4) Two city council members in a small town in Alabama secretly agree to award a contract to a construction company in exchange for a kickback. Another construction company director tries to tell the mayor, but cops pull him over and accuse him of being intoxicated and speeding recklessly, which is untrue. In court, they say they have “lost” the video footage and have no hard evidence, only hearsay. The director is charged and imprisoned for six months, and the mayor never answers his calls or letters.

5) A group of police officers in New Jersey plant evidence on a suspect to secure a conviction. Several government workers in different departments conspire to help the suspect go to prison. In court, the judge goes along with everything the cops say, despite many holes in their stories. Later it becomes clear the judge and the cops are all close friends.

6) A city mayor in Texas uses city funds to pay for personal expenses like vacations and luxury goods. Nobody touches the story when a whistleblower notifies the press because most journalists are shills for the mayor. The luxury hotel manager, a friend of the mayor, also refuses to verify the story, and his son, a police officer, is promoted to sergeant a few days later.

7) An IRS agent accepts a bribe from a wealthy businessman to look the other way on a tax issue. When a witness shows police video evidence, the police, who know the IRS agent, “lose” the evidence and don’t proceed with the case. When the witness complains, she is ignored.

8) A city manager in Florida hires friends and family members for city positions without proper qualifications. When several citizens go to City Hall to campaign about this, they are railroaded out of the building by government guards, police officers, and even a council cleaner. When they take the matter to court, the judge throws it out after barking at them about wasting his time. Later, the city manager is seen laughing it up with the judge in the corridor.

9) A congressman from Illinois takes campaign donations from a pharmaceutical company in exchange for supporting their agenda. His brother, a judge notorious for arriving for work three hours late, also takes money in return for having prosecutors and other judges do his bidding. The town’s public servants regularly lose files and video footage, forget where evidence is, and so on.

10) Sally, a receptionist in a Town Hall, is having an affair with Ted, the procurement officer there. She tells Ted she would like a new home computer but can’t afford one. Ted orders her a computer through the Town Hall, saying his was damaged and that it was for him. He does the same for most of his coworkers. They also use the Town Hall credit card for lunches, expensive restaurants, and vacations, writing them off as ‘conventions.’

11) A school board member in Tennessee embezzles money from the school budget. When a new member finds out, she contacts the rest of the school board, who fail to return her phone calls or emails and pretend to lose her messages. Suddenly she is fired for spurious reasons and bullied out of the building by school guards. Police suspiciously appear out of nowhere to escort her to her car, warning her not to make trouble.

12) An Ohio detective assists a drug trafficking ring by shielding them from detection, warning them of police actions, and receiving bribes. When a witness sees him take money from a ring member, the detective has him beaten, and his brother, a homicide detective, frames the witness for murder using a gun from an unrelated case. The judge, prosecutor, and government defense attorney collaborate to wrongly convict the man and sentence him to life in prison.


Where Is The Media?

Fake News colludes with government bureaucracy, so you will not find them chasing down public officials. For that, you must turn to First Amendment Auditors like Seanpaul Reyes of Long Island Audits fame. He has exposed the corruption in Danbury, New York, and you can see the latest episode here, where he chases mayors, ex-mayors, police chiefs, officers, and council workers all around the building, inside and out. They desperately try to avoid his camera.

First Amendment Auditors use cameras because they are the Achilles heel of corrupt public servants, who hate them as vampires hate light. I have written about such auditors twice before, here and here. They are the beginning of the solution to this kind of tyranny. It takes time, but the crack they have opened will soon become a crevice and then a gaping hole, and perhaps in twenty or thirty years, we might see the super union of public servants collapse. It better collapse because it has been wrecking the United States of America for some decades now.



Author: Rob Larrikin