Privatized, Male-Only Cops, and 1st Amendment Auditors

First Amendment Auditors
First Amendment Auditors
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Hollywood and the media sometimes spotlight corrupt cops, but in most cases, they depict them as caring, sensitive warriors of justice. Any bad cops we see are always cast as exceptions to the rule. They are usually ugly, stupid, and greedy, to go with the cliche. Everyone was raised with that drivel, another example of Fake News generated by MUDSHIP and PANGEGM. We were thoroughly brainwashed, and ironically, the only people in society to know the whole truth are cops and criminals.

Now there is a third group – First Amendment Auditors and their viewers. However, 1A Auditors, as they are known, have not only blasted MUDSHIP’s saintly cops apart; they have exposed public servants in general.

When people watch enough First Amendment Audits, they realize that most cops are lazy, ignorant, and corrupt – a far cry from the energetic, knowledgeable and fair police depicted by MUDSHIP, who mimic how the Soviets depicted their police in State propaganda. The difference is that while most Soviet citizens knew how false that was, most Americans swallowed MUDSHIP’s propaganda hook, line, and sinker. If one went into a Russian bar in 1980 and asked those within if cops were like those Pravda described, they would laugh, “Comrade, the average soviet cop is a lazy, good-for-nothing pig, only interested in bribes.”

American cops may not be as bad as their Soviet counterparts, but they are getting close. Even good U.S. cops will not go against their union rules, as they know they will end up either sacked, in jail, or dead. Most officers are members of the ‘Blue Line Gang’ and display the gang’s insignia, an American flag with a blue horizontal line through its center. That anti-American symbol represents everything wrong with the police, but try as one might, it is impossible to get the police to remove them from their cars, uniforms, or walls.


US flag vs Blue Line gang symbol


One way to fix the pigs is to privatize them.

When most folks hear the words ‘privatize the police,’ they say, “That would create tyrants with the power to do anything they like,” but this assumes such power would be handed out thoughtlessly without smart, constitutionally protected regulations and law. “Ah, but who would arrest rogue police,” critics ask, “if they have all the power?”

Such doubters assume that every police station would be part of one business, and they overlook the option of franchising.

Just as most MacDonald’s restaurants are owned privately, so each police station would be owned and administered by a separate, independent proprietor. Each would hire managers to run their branch, oversee recruitment, and be answerable to a strict set of constitutionally protected laws – a charter set in place by the Supreme Court.

In such a system, police would scrupulously abide by a strict code of ethics and standards, and the whole structure would be set in concrete by a constitutional amendment.

As with any business, the owner and employees could be sued if they were to do anything illicit. The charter would strictly outlaw unionism. Anyone breaking the law would be sacked immediately. In the very unlikely scenario of a station going ‘rogue,’ other stations would be summoned to seize the offending depot in question. Were the owner found complicit, they would lose their license and be charged and jailed. Their business would be sold, and any guilty employees sacked and charged.

A privatized police force would be far more efficient than the Clown Colleges in use today. Crimes that typically go unsolved would be solved rapidly. Lazy, dishonest cops are protected by their union and almost impossible to sack in the current system. Promotion is not based on results or hard work but rather on whom one knows and how many favors one does for them. Corrupt cops often end up at the top of the hierarchy, while talented, honest police are shunned and bullied out of the Force. They know cops can hurt them with payback and retaliation even after leaving, so they usually keep their mouths shut.


Police & Media unions


Police corruption is rarely in the news because journalist unions and police unions support each other. Both can cause the other side great harm, so they agree to go easy on each other. For example, if a newspaper editor published dirt on a police chief, the editor might find himself arrested for having illegal drugs in his car. Likewise, if a police chief had a journalist arrested, he might find himself on the cover of a newspaper with his mistress and their sex life detailed, thus ruining his marriage. So the two groups leave each other alone, and everyone is happy. If a police chief has a pesky cop he wants to fire, and the union stands in his way, he might leak the media some dirt on the guy and give them the green light to publish. He throws the cop to the wolves, and after the controversy, even the union cannot help the cop, who is sacked.

This scenario brings us back to First Amendment Auditors. This author has written about them before and will do so again, for they are the lens through which one can see real police. Cops hate being exposed. Their union cannot bear having a light shone on it and actively encourages its members to discredit auditors online, push them away from crime scenes or traffic stops, and keep them out of police stations. Fake News assists cops in discrediting 1AA whenever possible.

For years auditors have been victims of police abuse. They were bullied, beaten, stalked, abused, handcuffed, detained, and subjected to illegal searches and seizures. Their IDs and plate numbers are given to other cops for retribution. They were arrested, jailed, dragged through the courts, and made to wait months to obtain their cameras back, all because cops thought this would make them go away.

It did not.

Auditors instead grew in number and popularity. Millions watch their videos each week and learn how corrupt government cops, public servants, and officials are. 1AA trudge America’s streets and highways, exposing the corrupt public and civil servants in police stations, prisons, courthouses, municipal buildings, health departments, post offices, and other public institutions.

Like servicemen, auditors are mostly young, between 24 and 35, and are helped by some older, wiser men drawn to the cause. Young or old, auditors burn out easily, perhaps lasting two or three years on average. After being arrested and stalked by cops for a few years, they lose their zeal for the fight, become less confrontational, more diplomatic, academic, and perhaps share new auditors’ content instead of making their own. Like military vets, they have ‘served their time.’ New, young auditors continuously arise and need encouragement to learn the ropes.


Technology Dissolves Tyranny

First Amendment Auditing was inevitable. The movement was always going to happen when technology allowed it. Millions of us endured decades of mistreatment by arrogant, condescending, power-hungry bullies disguised as “public servants.” We had no way to film them easily and publish the results instantly. Had such technology been available in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, thousands of auditors would have formed. It was not available then, so we all had to deal with rude, power-hungry mini tyrants.

In those days, all we could do was write complaint letters or letters to editors who would throw them in the trash. We could call TV and radio stations to be ignored or try writing books that publishers would never publish. We could argue with friends and family and vote for conservatives, but otherwise, there was little we could do. Finally, the internet and cell phones arrived, and the 2000s saw improvements in both. In 2007, Carlos Miller, a former newspaper reporter, was beaten and arrested by Miami police for photographing them in public against their wishes. Miller continued filming them, and they continued arresting him until he founded PINAC (Photography Is Not A Crime), which promotes civil rights to film police and other government institutions. Miller often included Ayn Rand quotes in his YouTube videos, so she has an important place in the early history of auditing. 

Another early auditor was Jeff Gray (HonorYourOath), who contributed to PINAC. Gray’s first YouTube audits began in January 2011, more than ten years ago, in Lawtey, Florida, five hours drive north of Miami. There were several other early auditors, but as technology improved each year, the army of auditors grew, exploding in 2019 with hundreds of new 1AAs turning out to audit police, governments, churches, private companies, and other entities. 

Naturally, some traditions changed along the way, and some auditors believed that their business should be confined to government instrumentalities. They believe churches, synagogues, mosques, and private businesses should be left out of the equation. Others argue that people in churches and businesses also need to respect citizens’ right to free speech, free Press, peaceful assembly, and other constitutional rights such as the 2nd, fourth, fifth, and 14th. They argue that auditing is about testing people and educating them about these rights.

Try some links below for those who would like to see some Auditors in action. These will probably fade and stop working in time, knowing YouTube, but they work at the time of writing:


Press NH Now—Mark Manchon — Channel

SGV News First—Jose Armando Gonzalez — Channel

Long Island Audit—Seanpaul Reyes — Channel 

Mass Accountability—Tommy Mattson — Channel

Open Government Investigations (OGI)—James Carroll — Channel

Citizen Standpoint News—Kent Voth — Channel  

CHandTyaudits – (CH and Ty)—Craig Hendry and Ty — Channel

HonorYourOath Civil Rights Investigations—Jeff Gray — Channel

SLO County Observer—Gabriel Rojas — Channel

Denver Metro Audits—Christopher — Channel

James Madison Audits — Channel


Eleven auditors are mentioned above, but many hundreds are out there, and the number is growing. Not all are on YouTube. A growing army record interactions and email the results to auditors who publish them on their channels. Also, auditors cover a wide range politically. Press NH Now is a conservative, as is Long Island Audit, while SLO, SGV, and Denver Metro Audits are Lefties.

Nevertheless, whether Right or Left, they are all skilled First Amendment Auditors. While their styles vary, and some disagree about which approach to use, all are invaluable to American, and by extension, world freedom. There is also a growing squadron of excellent auditors in Britain and elsewhere, often influenced by their American cousins.


Rogue Nation - BAT & Furry PotatoCaption:

1AA Vets

1AA vets provide helpful advice to younger men entering the field. Of the auditors I wrote about in March 2021, George Douglas Metz II (Rogue Nation) is still auditing but is far less confrontational with police, guards, Karens, Darrens, and assorted tyrants. George no longer asserts himself aggressively with them; those days are past, but he likes to advise others with constructive legal advice. While auditing nowadays, George often films floors or walls rather than faces. George believes there is no difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, announcing, “All political parties are the same,” and insists CNN and Fox are no different. While the part-time barkeep may not be the brightest bulb politically, he certainly knows his rights as an auditor. George also exposes wasteful public servants who use credit cards to buy whatever they like on the taxpayers’ dime, hogging out on free lunches, first-class flights, vacations, and only the best hotel lodgings.

Another auditor, Bay Area Transparency (Jay or Jake), took leave for a few months, returned for a while, and is now creating more content. The left-winged construction worker still needs to shorten his intros and get editorial help, but BAT has resisted burnout quite well. Good advice would be to team up with another auditor and learn that viewers do not need so many directives and instructions (or exclamation points, for that matter). Also, taking off several months makes one rusty. Keep the audits regularly coming to remain sharp. BAT has a drone but has not made any drone videos as yet – hopefully, he will brush up on drone laws and start filming cop stations from above, as many Auditors in Britain regularly do.

Jason Gutterman (Amagansett Press) was going strong until he was unlawfully arrested with his son on November 9, 2021. He is currently taking legal action against those tyrant officers. After that event, his content decreased by about 70%. Although such an arrest would not have slowed Jason (the Honey Badger), his son’s arrest probably affected him greatly. Hopefully, that will not permanently affect Jason’s work, as it would be a win for tyrants.

Steve Jones (Fricn Media) was traumatized by two illegal arrests within about a month and shut down his channel’s videos about a month later, around August 15, 2021. He eventually returned to the fray after suffering an accident, severing part of his left thumb on a bandsaw. He was assailed by more pignorant cops and attacked by legions of trolls, who persuaded YouTube apparatchiks to delete his channel. Luckily he has other channels and continued on those.

The legendary Furry Potato (Steven Joaquin Perez) sadly took his videos off YouTube but eventually re-uploaded some and did a little auditing before retiring again. Then his channel was banned by YouTube, which likes to censor anything good in the world. Furry now advises other auditors while commenting on their uploads. Hopefully, Steve will return to the fray in time, with a better lawyer to take tyrants to court.

Regarding media like YouTube, the bigger they come, the harder they fall, and when YouTube’s day comes, it will be replaced by blockchain video platforms, whose videos cannot be censored. Adults eventually took over Twitter after hysterical Lefties used it to censor free speech and ban conservative voices for years. Elon Musk will now make it a viable platform, but others, like Gab, have a head start on this.


James Freeman (James Alan Springer Jr), Texas


Meanwhile, another honey badger, or maybe more of a Mountain Lion, James Freeman, shaved his red lumberjack beard and took to commenting on other auditors’ videos and police corruption in general. By the time he regrew his beard, it had become grayer. Most auditors disappear after burning out, like the great Purple Bunny Furry Potato, but James Freeman, AKA James Alan Springer Jr., became a political commentator. Being young, he is still Left-leaning and thinks that homeless bums are saintly, but with time he will probably realize that footpath gremlins would rather have drugs than pay rent, so it is a lifestyle choice and they cost society dearly. James does great work commenting on others’ recordings. For example, take his commentary on CH and Ty Audits, showing CH being unlawfully arrested in a courthouse at the orders of a corrupt judge. Springer perfectly explains why the judge was wrong and how the system is corrupt. From 13:00, he said the following:

“Contempt of court is intended to keep people from interfering with court hearings and trials in the courtroom. If you were in a hearing and continued to jump up and yell and scream out of turn, the judge could hold you in contempt. In other words, have you removed from the courtroom and held in a cage so that they could go on with their proceedings without you interrupting. The judge knows that contempt of court can only happen in the courtroom. So he orders the brainless order-followers to physically grab and kidnap this man and drag him into the courtroom so that he can then claim that he’s in contempt of court.

“But even with him being kidnapped and dragged into the court, there’s still no proceeding for him to possibly interrupt. But I’ve decided that I’m not even mad, really. What I try to show people is that these systems of government are, for the most part, pretty illegitimate. While I believe that most of the written rules and laws are completely illegitimate and hold no real authority, I like to show people what these written rules and laws are to show you that they don’t even follow their own rules and laws.

“I could sit here all day and tell you that these guys are just a gang of thugs and thieves who don’t believe in any type of law and order and just do whatever they want, but you know what’s far more powerful than me just telling you that, is these government officials showing you. Every time someone gets arrested on public sidewalks for recording the police, every time someone’s held in contempt of courthouse for recording, every time police unions and legislators try to pass laws, that say you can’t record your government, all of their actions work towards my agenda; because my agenda was to show you that you don’t have a government. You have a gang of thugs, thieves, and murderers who will do anything they want to get their way.”


Karens in government

Women in Government

1AAs exposed more than just the tyranny found in U.S. State and Federal public entities. A spin-off of their work was to confirm something many of us suspected all along; that women are a major catalyst in the corruption of males in the workplace, especially where government power is involved. Essentially, through no fault of their own, women spur men to make dopey decisions in multiple ways. Our ancestors insisted that police, guards, and military personnel be strictly male-only. It was never a “sexist” decision but a purely functional one. If people want effective police, guards, soldiers, or firemen, they must be male-only. As auditors revealed countless times, mixing genders is a big no-no in those fields. 

Because they are not suited for aggressive-type work, women habitually make the most obnoxious police, guards, and managers. Women put men to shame in their ability to:

  • Ignore citizens needing help
  • Treat citizens with contempt
  • Leap to conclusions
  • Invent imaginary rules
  • Call the police for non-crimes
  • Lie, exaggerate, panic, and vent
  • Invent and describe non-existent crimes
  • Bark orders aggressively

The above was amply documented by auditors, who call such women’ Karens’ and their male equivalents ‘Darrens.’

Along with being the worst culprits, women encourage their male colleagues to follow their bad behavior. Men follow their female co-workers like dopey, lovesick puppies. The saps will do anything for their little heart-throbs, showing off by complying with their every faulty command. Having a hard-on for female co-workers, males make fools of themselves, breaking laws they might normally have thought twice about in an all-male environment.

Our Ancestors were Wise, not Sexist.

So it becomes clear why our ancestors insisted on all-male soldiers, police, and guards. They learned the hard way centuries ago why this is an essential aspect of defense, police work, and prison hierarchies. In those environments, the presence of women corrupts the entire system.


There are exceptions like those we saw in WWII, where desperate times called for desperate measures, but they were supposed to be exceptions. Allowing women to remain in those roles was an ever-worsening mistake, a quicksand from which we may never escape. Turning a temporary arrangement into a permanent one is fine when it benefits all parties. Other times it can be a costly and idiotic mistake.

How Do Females Make Male Officers Fail?

Glen, a 30-year-old Marine vet, sits dozing at a bus stop waiting for a bus. He wears a red T-shirt displaying F*CK JOE BIDEN in bold white letters. A passing Karen calls 911 to report a ‘suspicious-looking character, possibly a terrorist’ sitting at the bus stop. Two squad cars soon turn up, and four officers surround Glen. The male cops are Alan, Bob, Cody, and Da.

Alan: Can we help you, sir?
Glen: [Waking with a start] What the hell do you fuckers want?
Bob: Sir, there’s no need for that kind of…
Glen: Is it my shirt? Get the fuck outta here.
Cody: Sir, we had a call saying you looked suspicious.
Glen: Isn’t this a free country?
Da: Can we ask what’s in the bag?
Glen: None of your fucking business is what’s in my bag, so take a hike.
Alan: Okay, let’s calm down, sir; if you show us there’s nothing, we can leave you be.
Glen: Fine, take a look, dumbass [shows him the empty bag].
Alan: Alrighty then, thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice day.
Glen: You’re dismissed, and remember, fuck Joe Biden!
Alan: Yes, sir. Bye now.

That is the end of the interaction. The veteran Glen continues waiting for his bus, and the cops drive away. Now let us replace Alan with a sexy female cop, Shanice, and replay:

Shanice: [Menacingly] Can we help you, sir?
Glen: [Wakes with a start] What the hell do you fuckers want?
Bob: [Posing in front of Shanice] Don’t use that language or…
Glen: Or what? Huh? For a shirt? Get the fuck outta here!
Cody: [Posing in front of Shanice] No need to be hostile. Someone called to say you looked suspicious, that’s all.
Glen: Suspicious? Nigger, please. I thought this was a free country!
Shanice: Sir, don’t start bein’ racist, or…
Glen: Racist schmasist, Karen! It’s a fucking expression!
Da: [Posing in front of Shanice] No need to be sexist, sir! What’s in your bag?
Glen: Sexist? None of your business is in my bag, snowflake. Go back to your Woke College, sonny.
Shanice: [Aggressively] That’s racist, sir, and if you’re bein’ honest, why don’t you show us the bag?
Glen: Fine, take a look, bitch [shows Shanice the empty bag].
Cody: [Posing in front of Shanice] Careful with your mouth, or I will put you…
Glen: You’ll put me what? Ever heard of the First Amendment, motherfucker?
Cody: [Grabs Glen] That’s it. Put your arms behind your back!
Glen: Get the hell off me, you morons! [struggles] Get off me!
Glen: [Kicking and struggling] You have no right to arrest me; I’ve broken no law!
Cody: Get his sorry ass into the car [cops drag Glen away].

Glen is taken away, processed, and thrown in jail. He is charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer, but the matter is thrown out of court when police cameras are viewed. The male judge gives the arresting officers a dressing down for wasting taxpayers’ money. Glen, the vet, sues the city and is awarded $65,000 in damages. Shanice is promoted to sergeant because the station chief, Tyrone, has a hard-on for her.

Throwing females in amongst male troops, officers, guards, cops, or politicians always causes this kind of discord. It is not the women’s fault. It is biology. Men think with their penises when women are around them, especially when the females are on heat (oestrus). There are other problems, too, like pregnancy and a women’s monthly period making her moods unpredictable, and let us not forget menopause. Citizens deserve to have police, guards, firemen, and military personnel performing at their very best, without hormones, sex, mating, romance, menstrual cycles, menopause, or pregnancy impeding their judgment. Our ancestors understood this, as did every general in history.


The Future

Thanks to today’s First Amendment Auditors (the real Press), the corruption of public servants, police, and courts is exposed, not just on the surface but several layers deep, revealing the innermost thinking of those lazy, bureaucratic welfare recipients. Such revelations make privatized police and privatized government departments look very inviting. 1A Auditors’ recordings have laid bare the thorough corruption within the police and public servant unions and how female members further weaken them. It is clear that an all-male private police franchise needs to be established as soon as possible.

Auditors also exposed lazy, slow, emotional, and childish judges. Much of the slothful court system needs to be privatized to make it work at a proper speed, and this is possible. Stay tuned for future articles explaining how police and courts can be privatized.



Author: Rob Larrikin