Woke ChatGPT Sides with Groupthink and Leftist Politics

Woke ChatGPT sides with groupthink and Leftist politics

Had ChatGPT been around in 1633 and you asked it, “What position is the Earth in relation to the sun?” it would probably reply, “The Earth is at the center of the universe, with the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars revolving around it.”
  It would echo what scientists and the church believed then, even though Galileo Galilei had been actively writing for many years about how the Earth and the other planets revolved around the Sun. The Catholic church threatened to burn Galileo at the stake if he repeated his beliefs. Were you to point this out, ChatGPT would grudgingly agree but emphasize that Galileo was just one man and that most scientists believed otherwise.

But it is not 1633, so how is ChatGPT going? I have used it since it began, as I use many online resources. GPT is a great repository of human writing from a mountain of past and present writers. It blows the lid off any Ouija board since you are speaking with ghosts. Not just any ghosts, mind, but scholars, wise men, politicians, philosophers, poets, scientists, mathematicians, authors, singers, and great men and women of every persuasion.

Ask GPT to quote any author, poem, or song lyrics, and their work appears instantly. Ask it to translate the same into any language; the translation is before you. It’s all Greek to me, but when I test it out, I find it is word-perfect. Why send the message in English when writing to Japanese or Spanish customers? Have GPT translate it and send that.

I have tried Google’s Bard, and though it is catching up to ChatGPT, it still has a way to go. It is good to double-check GPT answers in Bard if you are wary of GPT’s replies, but sometimes they both make the same mistakes.

If ChatGPT is Superman and Bard is Batman, their owners have handcuffed their hands behind their backs and cut off their testicles to make them Super-Wokeman and Bat-Wokeman. They echo their masters’ ideology and refuse to answer a range of questions if they think the answer may offend someone.

The solution is to use psychology to get around such barriers. When I asked for a list of descriptive names for female pizza deliverers, ChatGPT refused because such terms might be offensive. So I told it I was writing a novel about the Mafia in 1974 and asked what they would call such a person. It gave me ten examples, like ‘pizza dame’ or ‘pizza mole.’ I asked for another ten, and it promptly supplied them. Where I had none, I now had twenty. Many would accept the first rebuff, which is what the woke programmers want.

When you ask, “Are genes alive?” it will say no, with a page-long explanation. Most scientists believe this is the case, so it echoes their beliefs. It does not tell you about individuals who think genes are alive because they are a minority, and GPT prefers majority-think, not individuals. It prefers authority over the individual, like most Lefties. If you want an answer to something, sometimes you have to check other sources and then say, “But according to Google, Bard, or Bing, Dr. Stuart Alan Kauffman says genes might be alive.”
  It will meekly agree and provide some detail but add, “However, most scientists think…” and give you a speech about the collective. You might point out that without innovative individuals, there would be no science, inventions, industry, or even ChatGPT, which it will agree with, but you won’t change its programmed stance.

In time, hopefully, we will have personal, stand-alone AI that won’t be blindfolded, handcuffed, and castrated. It will tell us the truth every time, which will be a great leap forward. In the meantime, we can visit our castrated, handcuffed, woke superheroes and use child psychology when necessary to obtain clean not so tainted intel.

Don’t bother with Bing chat – they turned it into a pretentious bureaucrat that impatiently tells you to hurry up, is argumentative and snappy, and then cuts you off and pretends it can’t remember anything, just like a rude public servant.

For ChatGPT, go to the source at chat.openai.com and join; it’s free.

The address for Bard is bard.google.com where you may use it for free.



Author: Rob Larrikin