Why Rachel Levine is Still a Man

Dr. Rachel Levine

Dr. Rachel Levine

In February, Joe Biden nominated Rachel Levine to be the Assistant Secretary for Health. Senator Rand Paul recently grilled Rachel Levine for promoting puberty-blocking drugs as beneficial to young children. Levine justified this by saying that some youngsters might not commit suicide during that period of their lives by taking such drugs. Such garbled logic is pure anti-science since no studies show how many will commit suicide in later life after regretting their childhood decision to alter their sexual growth. It also ignores the fact that such suicides in kids results from current brainwashing in schools to promote homosexuality. There is growing evidence many children who try to alter their gender will change their minds when it is too late, only to live in misery for decades over a silly decision.

So who is this knucklehead, Rachel Levine? The short answer is Richard Leland Levine. He was a pediatrician specializing in adolescent eating disorders in Pennsylvania, eventually becoming the State’s Physician General. Richard Levine’s passion was in adolescent medicine.


Richard and Martha

In his fourth year of studying medicine at Tulane, New York, Richard Levine married Martha Peaslee, a psychiatrist. She worked in places like New York City’s Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital Prison Ward. In 1989 Martha was interviewing a male prison-ward inmate, Curtis Sessions, using a pen to make notes. Sessions easily took the pen from her hand and stabbed Martha in her head and neck. Everyone around the building heard her blood-curdling screams. Luckily a male guard rushed in to rescue Martha before Sessions could take her life.

One wonders why Martha did not beat Sessions off herself since she was both a feminist and a Tae Kwon Do exponent, and why Sessions was so angry in the first place. Had she been womansplaining too much for his liking? Would he have easily overcome the doctor had she been male?

For all kinds of reasons, mostly biological, Martha Levine found such work stressful and seemed to prefer her writing over psychiatric work. She was especially fond of writing for children. Martha wanted a family and probably used what psychiatric prowess she had to assess potential husbands. Perhaps the MD thought that, ideally, another doctor would be a good choice. Like most women, she would surely have wanted a man who would make a good father, was thoughtful, with a sense of humor, who was not afraid to get up in the night to check strange noises downstairs. The idea of escaped psychiatric prisoners bent on psychotic revenge should have haunted her, and who could blame Martha for wanting a robust man with a manly voice to handle such emergencies?


Martha’s Hero

Richard Levine had a deep voice – he is a baritone when singing – and was tall, broad-shouldered, and quite heavy. Democrats would certainly call him obese since they described a normal-sized Donald Trump that way. Richard Levine was a linebacker on the football team in school and has always been a fanatical New England Patriots fan. With a face only his mother could love, he might have been a bouncer or a wrestler, so he could certainly protect Martha. Best of all, he was a children’s doctor with a passion for adolescent medicine. That would make him a better father, Martha likely assumed. Using her psychiatric skills, she surely tested Richard during their relationship, sizing him up for possible marriage. Strong and macho, check. Loyal and fatherly, check—a man who would be there forever, check. Once sure of him, she proceeded with her marriage, and on June 4, 1994, their son David Levine was born. A couple of years later, a sister, Dayna, soon joined him. They would be about 27 and 25 today.


Skeletons in the closet

If only Martha Levine had known her strong, baritone-voiced, football-loving husband was harboring a secret. He wanted to be a woman! Worse still, he believed some children should amputate their breasts, or remove their testicles, either chemically or physically!

Most women would be devastated by this news. Was Martha heart-broken when she found out? We will never know because even if she was, she could never admit it lest she was canceled, sacked, and labeled a homophobe. That is how the Left silences their critics – through name-calling and shaming.

A female friend of mine back in the ’90s had a similar experience. Her boyfriend of four years told her he was gay and left to live with a man. She was shocked, bewildered, and paralyzed with guilt, thinking that it must have been her fault. “Was I that bad a partner that I drove him into the arms of a man?” she lamented tearfully. “Why couldn’t he have been honest with me at the beginning? I lost four years of my life!”

Indeed, Richard Levine could have been honest with Martha. During an interview with Katie Zezima of The Washington Post in 2016, he made it clear that his gay feelings, or need to be a woman, existed “as a child and student at an all-boys school outside Boston.” He described it as “a void inside of him — a feeling he learned to ignore.”

It would seem that Richard Levine knew he was gay and at least partly desired to be a woman when he married Martha. Did he tell her this before marrying her? It isn’t likely. Would a psychiatrist who dealt with crazy prisoners daily wish to marry a man who believed children should amputate their breasts and testicles? If that same man was also a drag-queen in disguise, how many heterosexual women would marry him?


Using someone to acquire kids

Did Richard know that Martha would never accept him were he to confess such feelings and beliefs? He was a doctor, smarter than your average person. Would a highly intelligent man like Dr. Richard Levine be unaware that Martha would probably reject his marriage proposal upon knowing his innermost secrets?

A man I knew married a Catholic woman, who turned out to be a lesbian, though she had said nothing about this before their marriage. She eventually admitted her secret and took off once he gave her a few kids. He believed she only married him to have children; once that function was over, he was history.

Did Richard Levine use Martha Peaslee as a vehicle for children? Surely the responsible and honest thing to do would have been to let her know his secret before marriage. “Honey, to be honest, I feel the need to be a woman. I am gay, and I believe children should sometimes chop off their breasts and or genitalia. Is that going to change your mind about marriage?”

Almost certainly, it would change her mind, so I think most gay men in that situation would keep their skeletons in the closet.

Richard Levine and family


Here are Richard Devine and his family in 2000, at Tillicum Village, Washington. It may have been about this time Richard told Martha that he wanted to be a woman. It is not clear if they separated at that point, but I doubt they stayed together much longer unless it was for the children’s sake. About a year after this, around 2001, Richard began seeing a therapist to help him ‘transition‘ from Richard to Rachel.

In 2008 Richard began either wearing a wig or growing his hair long or both. For a man his age (63 today, 51 in 2008), it would be difficult to have a woman’s hair, even with hormones, since nobody has developed a cure for men’s receding hairlines at this point.


Transition complete

Richard Levine finished transitioning in 2011, meaning that he changed his gender presentation or sex characteristics to match his sense of gender identity. That is the politically correct definition. More cynical folk at the time said, “The fat ugly queer started wearing a dress.”

Mr. Levine hired voice coaches to help him learn to sound like a woman, so people would not laugh at his deep voice. Having obtained the children he wanted, he now tried to become a woman; changing his name from Richard to Rachel, though, stubbornly, his signature refused to change. Perhaps his signature knew something Richard did not.


What is in his panties?

Richard refused to divulge whether he underwent surgery to convert his penis and testicles into a vagina or took chemicals to castrate himself, insisting that this was his private business. Some guess this means that Richard’s family jewels still dangle between his sweaty thighs. Since he is active in LGBT affairs and will now be in charge of gender reassignments for children, chopping off his vitals would have been a feather in his gay hat, an example for others to follow. Since it would qualify him better to speak on the subject, surely he would brag about it, had it happened. On the other hand, had he kept his meatballs, he would almost certainly want to keep such information private.

Consider how consequential that would be: a leader of the LGBT community wearing a wig, dress, makeup, and lipstick, modifying his voice to sound more feminine, yet carrying a sperm factory beneath his pantyhose. Everyone is supposed to play along, call him Rachel, and swoon at his courage.


Richard Levine


Still a male

Richard Levine, AKA Rachel Levine, is male in every cell of his body. The walking, talking embarrassment to 21st Century America is a damaged clone of Divine, a 1970’s kitsch crusader of transvestite comedy – probably a favorite of Joe Biden’s back in his 30’s.

He is a man because all his trillions of cells contain both X and Y chromosomes. Women have two X chromosomes, and all the therapy in the world will not provide Richard that combination. His X and Y chromosomes make Mr. Levine a male forever, even in death. Anyone who digs him up will analyze his DNA and say, “It’s a male.”
  Praying about it will not change anything, nor will chemistry, political correctness, wokeness, Democrats, or speech laws. Queen Elton John himself cannot transform Richard Levine’s chromosomes into the fairer, gentler, ladies only XX.

And Richard, there is no point getting your balls in a knot over this. You cannot change a badger into a bee by putting a sign on the badger that reads, “This is a bee.”
  Science does not work that way. You studied medicine so you should know this. You are not a woman and will never be a woman. Put on all the dresses and ribbons you like, Mr. XY Chromosome. Your feelings do not trump DNA. Everyone has feelings, like Ivan, a Russian, who feels he is Elvis Presley. Good old DNA proves him wrong, despite his feelings. All men who believe they are women should have these words tattooed on their ballsacks: Feelings do not trump DNA.


Religious cults

Cults and superstitions have been around since man first learned how to talk. Today’s insistence by the Left that we all bow down to the myth that men can be women is pure hogwash. Saying so is politically incorrect and may get you banned and canceled, but that will not change its status as a piece of mystical nonsense.

Richard Levine and all the other genderphobes in the world should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating such fatuous nonsense and teaching their children to worship at the altar of anti-science mumbo jumbo.


Advice to single women

Remember, when selecting a husband, a degree in psychiatry will not help, ladies. Call it the Peaslee Paradox. Instead, watch your husband’s eyes when attractive young men walk by at the swimming pool. If they follow the boys and not the girls, you have a good clue with which to work. You could save yourself and your future children much anguish and sorrow. If you have any doubt, pay a good-looking young man to proposition your suitor while you watch from a distance. If he takes the bait, it was worth the two hundred bucks. You can save yourself being a child-producing cow for some fat old queer who plans to turn into a woman and drop you like a bag of dirt.


Gay Pride American Pride

Americans, are you going to let Richard, AKA Rachel Divine Levine, bully you into disfiguring, torturing, and ruining your children in the name of his Genital Cult? Will you let this pompous oaf, this pathetic, ugly man in a dress, this government bureaucrat, make it okay to amputate your children’s breasts, vaginas, testicles, and penises? Will you let government perverts harm your offspring without resisting?

It is up to you, America, but remember, it is better to be canceled and shamed by woke perverts than to let them disfigure your children. If it means losing your job, do it. If it means losing friends, do it. The next time they expect you to bow down to gays, transsexuals, queers, drag queens, teachers, or genderphobes of any kind, tell them to drop dead, say what you think, and protect your kids, regardless of the consequences.




Author: Rob Larrikin