Who will Rahim M. Ballard Burn First?

Making a looter - black mothers and schools

Making a looter - black mothers and schools

The Left ran out of heroes, which is why they promote thugs. Their triple-dumbed-down schools produce dangerous dimwits by the legion. Consequently, when MUDSHIP (Media, Unions, Democrats, Schools, Hollywood, Internet, & Publishers) looked for a black martyr of good character to generate the 2020 riots around, they found none. The best they could dig up was the thieving, lying, murderous, cowardly, drugged-out felon, George Floyd. They gave him the full God Treatment, and it is more than a little embarrassing to watch. Historians will probably describe this as the moment the United States jumped the shark.

Schools have many Maxine Waters, Sandy Cortez’s, and George Floyds coming off the assembly line each day, and one of them is the 21-year-old fascist blacktivist ‘Rahim B.’ you may have seen in Breitbart the other day, imploring people to get blood on their hands. That video was 1:39 mins long. Here is the whole 9:32 min long speech on a phone-held recording. From the 2:00 minute mark Rahim B. says:

 I’m twenny one years ole, and I’m, and I’m ready t’ dedicae my life to change, ’n to brih bout that change is nah always gonna be pretty and it’s nah gonna be peacefuh. I don’ condemn people who loo [loot], I suppoh ‘em fer loo-in [looting]. I suppoh people oo take ma-ers ina their owe hans if you wanna seh somwah oh fire go doo dah… How mush longa canya protess ’n marsh inna strees befoh people are really ready to get blurd on der hans because wunna des dayz iss gonna haf to kum ta dat. 


Bringing about change will not be pretty or peaceful. I do not condemn looting. I support people who take matters into their own hands, like looters. If you want to set someone on fire, go do that. How much longer can you protest and march in the streets before people are ready to get blood on their hands because one of these days it is going to have to come to that?

From 5:40 Rahim B. says:

Buh wunna dese dayz people ‘r gonna haf to pickup arms and do sumphin, fo reah. How many, whah ‘r you really willih to looz?… I’m twenny wan. By the time I’m twenny fie, who knows, I may be dead or I mie be in jaih.


But one of these days, people will have to pick up arms and do something, for real.  What are you willing to lose? … I’m twenty-one. By the time I’m twenty-five, who knows? I may be dead, or I might be in jail. 

Rahim’s basic summary would be:

Wassup niggers, listen up. I want you to go ahead and loot, steal, rob, burn, and murder to make a new America for blacks. You need to get guns, thieve, pillage, plunder, burn, torture, and kill until we win. I’m gonna do the same or die trying.

So who is this knucklehead Rahim B., anyway?


Wannabe gangster rapper & BLM terrorist Rahim B. from Washington DC


Since he is encouraging murder and mayhem, Rahim B. needs his personal details revealed. Before Lefties whine about doxxing, I will see your transitive verb doxxing and raise you the transitive verb exposing, as in exposing a potential mass murderer.

The dopey but dangerous blacktivist twerp works for Black Lives Matter, and his ‘set someone on fire’ speech was made in Washington D.C., so one can start with that. Searches bring up this page from Afro.com, which promotes black activists under 35. They edited and tidied up Rahim’s rants about his activism, which included the following excerpts:

I help organize rallies and demonstrations mainly focused on abolishment of policing… Learning Black history is what sparked my activism… Black people… targeted by the police state which feeds the prison industry it sparks a fire inside me to do something… I’m from North East DC… I come from the bottom of the bottom… Some activists that influence me are of course big names like Fred Hampton and Malcom X…

A little further down the page, we find Joella Roberts, an illegal immigrant blacktivist. They quoted her as saying “Rahim Ballard” when asked about her influences. 


Rahim Ballard.

Okay, thanks, Joella. You can go back to Zululand now and dance nude for your king.

Wannabe BLM terrorist Rahim B.

A Bing search for Rahim Ballard activist BLM Washington DC brings up a 2020 NPR page. They describe his activism, motivation, and arrests, and the fact that he [was] a UDC (University of the District of Columbia) student.

Searching Google for Rahim Ballard in Washington D.C., we find a Rahim M Ballard here (backup here). His address is (or was) 1255 Kearny St Ne Washington, DC 20017. I verified this later – more on that below. Except for one, his neighbors in Northeast Washington DC were all registered Democrats.

From this cached Google page (backup here), you can see other Ballards at the same address and their phone numbers. Adding information from this page and other sites, you see a good portion of the family:

    1. Michael Burnett Ballard (67)
    2. Aijewel M Ballard (29)
    3. Burnett Michael Ballard Jr. (28)
    4. Brandon Maurice Ballard (27)
    5. Raquael D Ballard (26)
    6. Edward J Ballard (25)
    7. Loveisha K Ballard (23)
    8. Iman Jacqulynne Ballard (22)
    9. Rahim M. Ballard (21) 


Welfare Anyone?

It appears that Rahim is the runt of a litter of seven or eight. Imagine the size of the social security check for all the welfare they could claim in a year. The father, Michael Burnett Ballard has quite a record, as you can see from this cached Google page (backup here). He has had 21 addresses, 22 aliases, 14 phones, 3 divorces, 10 evictions, 18 legal judgments, and 10 liens. Did Rahim and his many older brothers get up to money-making scams? Rahim, Burnett, Brandon, Edward – that’s four, and with the father, five. Add the girls, and the gang of nine could have quite an operation going. What did they do to get cash out of suckers’ pockets? Sell aluminum siding? Raffle tickets for cars that didn’t exist? Drugs? Who knows? Maybe some Wash. DC director should make a black version of Shameless.


Fundraiser for Rahim Ballard AKA Heem


A Yahoo search for Rahim B. Washington D.C. brought up an entry for a gofundme page Rahim B. put up that is still online (backup here) but is no longer collecting. Though the gofundme page only mentions Rahim B., the Yahoo search blurb read [emphasis mine]:

“Rahim is a widely known activist for social justice in the D.C. area who frequently and unabashedly shares his voice no matter how difficult. A leader in the movement for Black Liberation, Heem has dedicated his life to effecting change.”

Rahim calls himself Heem – another alias. Dedicated his life? Uh, he is 21, not 71.


Rahim M. Ballard, AKA Rahim B., AKA Heem, AKA Hectic Heem 1255 Kearny St Ne Washington, DC
Click to enlarge

A search for Heem Washington D.C. BLM in Google led to this page (backup here), a Soundcloud account “Hectic Heem” with a photo of Rahim.

Rahim M. Ballard, AKA Rahim B., AKA Heem, AKA Hectic Heem

Google’s Street View of 1255 Kearny St Ne Washington, DC 20017 shows a black dude in a white T-shirt sitting on a red plastic chair on the porch, drinking beer and looking at his phone. It matches the picture on Hectic Heem’s Soundcloud page (to the right).

Rahim, or Heem, is posing on the same porch miming a gang member shooting you.

In 2016 a cowardly racist, Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, who wanted to kill white people, ambushed and killed five police officers in Dallas. Hectic Heem was 16-years-old at the time, and he tweeted:

Micah Xavier Johnson took a stand. Micah Xavier Johnson was a hero. Fuck you if you think otherwise. Fuck you.

— Heem (@HecticHEEM) July 8, 2016

Hectic Heem, Rahim Ballar, supports mass murderer 2016


Heem’s tweet was reproduced on various sites to illustrate how extreme the Left had become. Conservative Firing Line described Heem and others as “anti-cop hatemongers,” while Twitchy’s headline read, “Meet some of the maggots applauding ‘hero’ Dallas cop killer’s deadly handiwork.”

It seems Heem’s Twitter account here was suspended after he broke their rules.

Mean Heems

So, when did Heem start learning to be such a contemptible wretch? The video above was made around 2013, Heem was 13. He tells viewers not to bother commenting if they disagree because he doesn’t give a f*ck what they think. Heem was against Obama for just a short time since he had photos of the man on his facebook page shortly after.

The facebook page he had in 2013 is here (backup here), and it says he went to the School Without Walls High School at 2130 G St NW Washington D.C., 20037. In line with all the Left’s contradictions, the school has plenty of walls and was 18 mins from Hectic Heem’s home, which had a few more.


Rahim M. Ballard 13-years-old, 2013

Heem’s Memes

Heem’s photos on facebook are his heroes Malcolm X, Obama, and Martin Luther King, all communists, and all experienced in building walls that divide society, despite Fake News to the contrary.

No doubt, Heem’s teachers encouraged the partly black boy to idolize Malcolm X. After all, they compete with the Malcolm X Elementary School, just 19 minutes away. Malcolm X, the black activist, was found guilty of multiple counts of breaking & entering, conspiracy, robbery, and carrying firearms. Furious at his long imprisonment, he became a communist and joined the Muslim Cult of Islam, devoting himself to the fall of America. What better kind of person could there be for children to idolize? What better way to build walls between black kids and the rest of the United States?

Aside from treacherous commies like Malcolm X, Rahim Ballard’s idols included rapper DMX (Earl Simmons), who started his life as a thief and a carjacker before turning to rap music. Simmons was hooked on crack cocaine from the age of 14 and died at 50 in 2021 of a suspected drug overdose. Even the far-left Washington Post said of DMX:

…his music and film careers were increasingly overshadowed by his legal troubles, including charges of animal cruelty, drug possession and impersonating a federal agent in a bizarre attempt to steal a car. According to a 2019 article in GQ, he went to jail some 30 times. By the time he filed for bankruptcy in 2013, he had 10 children (he later had five more, according to news reports) and owed $1.3 million in child support payments.

None of that stopped WaPo putting up a memorial page to Simmons, on which Rahim B wrote:

Rest in heaven earl , [sic] aka dark man x , thank you for your words that helped me and millions of others get thru [sic] the hardest times of life your [sic] music will continue to help me for the rest of my life , may you be at peace now . Double RR , DOG 4 LIFE we love you X you [sic] will truly be missed but never ever forgotten , one of the greatest of all time . Your legacy will live on forever

Rahim B


Heem’s schoolteachers would have encouraged his idolizing of rappers like DMX since they are mostly communist anarchists themselves. Sixty years ago, teachers taught kids to revere Abraham Lincoln, freer of the slaves. Nowadays, they push kids to admire carjackers and drug addicts. Government Education is long dead, replaced with Lying Propaganda. Today it is child abuse to send children to school. Home Schooling and online tutoring are a good parent’s only hope.


Heem’s Hymns

One of the tracks Heem reposted on Soundcloud this last week was ‘Ballin in LA’ by Big Scarr, which may be heard here, with lyrics here.


’Cause killers move in silence (Changing up), you know we keep it quiet (Blrrd)

My jit done did so many hits, he say that he retiring (I’m giving up)
Might bring him back like Jordan with that .45, now he firing (Blrrd, blrrd)
They thought that I was sleep (Ayy), but they woke up the sleeping giant (They woke me up)

But I’m a walking murder charge, a case, I can’t afford it (Blrrd)

CG pulled up in the Jeep (Blrrd), ski-masked up with new .223’s (Blrrd, blrrd)

Big Wop in control, he press that button and make you rest in peace (I’ll get you whacked)
We chopped him in seven pieces, they ain’t found him in a week (No)
I ain’t got no conscience, kill my kinfolk if they play with me

Glock in my hand, got the Drac on the floor (Drac on the floor)
Put that fire on his ass, turned his ass into a post (Woah)

Aim for the head, get up close, blow


Humming Heem

When Heem is not looting, he likes to practice being a rap star in front of a mirror. Some fool helped him make a homemade album of songs called ‘Hallowheem,’ which he presents on Soundcloud and Spinrilla. The mumbled vocals are about being armed and dangerous and are less than mediocre. If you read this Heem, a homie’s stolen Walmart synthesizer does not make you a singer. Figure that out before you bust Soundcloud.

Helter Skelter Heem’s Instagram account is called Hectic.heem, and he posts under hecticheem (another alias). Hecticheem describes himself as a “Motivational Speaker.” This amateur music video shows Heem hectically singing inside a rent-a-crowd. It is cornier than a field in Nebraska but good for finding pictures of his goofy head smoking weed and sticking out its tongue. When hecticheem blinks, his furry shamwow emerges as if it is directly wired to his stoned eyeballs.

Heem advertises DC protests on his Instagram account, always making sure to let his followers know which excellent shops will be nearby for looting. He put this Instagram up just yesterday, and facebook is fine with it.

FREEDOM PLAZA is very close to the Gucci store, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, boss, Dior AND moncler


Marsai Martin and Rahim Ballard AKA Heem livestream
Click to enlarge


Heem’s biggest claim to fame so far was when 16-year-old Instagram brat Marsai Martin made the career-killing decision to interview him livestream. Heem was dressed in a suit and looked like a young real estate agent. The result may be seen here (backup here).

Marsai looked unimpressed when Heem appeared on screen, despite his suit. She was probably expecting him to look like his normal hood self.
  Heem said, “Y’all see me dressed inna suit ‘cos dis nigger’s gotta jerb, y’all!”
  Marsai looked bored and said nothing. Heem may have reminded her of those timeshare scalpers in their cheap suits who con passersby into purchasing useless timeshare units. Was timeshare something Heem and his brothers did?
  Perhaps Heem snorted something before the interview because he soon launched into an F-bomb-ridden tirade about being arrested multiple times and how a “nigger gave him a jerb.”



Heem was indeed a thorn in the side of the police. Rahim M. Ballard, AKA Heem, AKA Hectic Heem, resists arrest, July 7, 2020.

The anarchist has plenty of experience at resisting arrest. In this YouTube (backup here), it takes eight police officers to take him down, and Heem enjoyed every minute.

Back to the Marsai livestream – Heem leaped about quite a lot while driving, as though he had ants in his pants. He dropped his phone a few times, with his big bobblehead bouncing around the screen as he retrieved it.

The whole thing was a fiasco from start to finish. One viewer called him ‘Heemie,’ so that is another alias he may use.

Marsai’s smile slowly disappeared, and her viewers began complaining about the swearing. At 4:46 ‘fans_favorite_ said, “Be related guys but don’t curse to [sic] much or sound unprofessional. People are not going to listen. If your [sic] going to promote something, promote it professional [sic].”

Despite her spelling mistakes, fans_favorite_ was correct. Not only were Rahim Ballard and Marsai Martin unprofessional, but they were also treacherous. Heem for encouraging violence and Marsai for promoting terrorism to her 2.5 million young Instagram followers.


Darkskin issues

Another viewer, ‘yabitchesstay_queefing,’ said, at 5:26, “Can you bring on some darkskin activists to talk to on here,” and this upset Marsai, who asked, at 5:50, “What does their skin complexion have to do with a conversation that’s bein’ held?”
  Heem agreed.
  Looking distressed, Marsai continued, “Like, that just seems really invalid. An activist is an activist is an activist to me, like dat is just weird to me, like stop tryin’ to use marginalization in every case, like…”
  “Dat’s why you, dat’s why you gotta stop reedin da commenz,” Heem said, in a moment of sheer brilliance.
  “Hold on, Heem!” Marsai shouted and continued with her rant about why being black should not matter to blacktivists and that milky brown was just fine.


Hazel eyes

Yabitchesstay_queefing had a point, though. Neither Heem nor Marsai is genuinely black. Heem is light brown with greenish-hazel eyes, and Marsai is light brown. It appears both have a good chunk of white in their blood, so it seems disingenuous for them to try and be black supremacists.

At one point, Heem exploded in road rage, shouting, “C’mon fugga, gotta ged to work, bro! Drive me to violence man dis muvfugger fuggin holdin up traffi!”
  Marsai tried to play his outburst down by saying, “Oh Heem, I know you’re not such a violent…”
  “Dude, I’m laughin,” Heem cut in, grinning like a donkey, “But dad muvfugger nees to spee up!

When Heem’s brothers saw the livestream, they probably facepalmed and shook their heads in disbelief. “Why?” they may have asked. “Why the muvfuggin hell did ya cuss so much? That biatch ain’t neva gonna talk to your street-nigga ass no more. Now gwan, git down the city and sell some more timeshare ya blacktivist muvfugger!”


Amy Marx terrorized by Rahim Ballard


Amy Marx

This letter was written by an elderly Jewish shop-owner, Amy, in Washington DC on Dec. 25, 2019, who says Rahim Ballard came to her looking for a job:

Rahim Ballard of the Ballard Real Estate family showed up at 6:45, and made himself comfortable on the couch in my store… I began to talk about… my family’s narrow escape of the Holocaust…  Mr Ballard somehow turned this missive into something about how black people being equally harmed by the Holocaust.  When I informed him that at that time in history there were next to no black people in Europe, he went insane and became remarkably angry with me… I decided to protect myself from his wrath… I left my store…

While I was in the Walgreens, on the lowest level, I received a call from Rahim Ballard.  He first called me to discuss employment. I informed him that there was to be none for him. He then came down to the Walgreens and launched into a loud tirade.  In his tirade he accused me of many things… He demanded that I pay him $100 an hour for at least 3 hours. “For what?”  I asked… he launched into a viscous [sic] “Give me my money Amy Marx!!!!  And then, eventually, AMy [sic] Marx, I’m going to get you shut down!!! I know your name!  I’m going to do it!  I’m going to get you shut down!!!
At several points I backed away from him and he yelled “why are you backing away from me as if I’m going to hit you?”  I said “well, because I’ve absolutely no idea of what you might do.”
I took $20 out of my purse and gave it to him.  This made him even angrier… [T]he Amtrack police finally appeared.  They interviewed us both and then he came over and told me that he actually wished me all the best with my store.  This seemed awfully suspicious. I then packed up my kiosk and went to go home… When I got to my car I discovered that my driver front tire had been slashed with a knife.  So large a gash it was that I could put my entire hand in the slot.

Amy continues the tale, describing other damage done to her store’s plumbing. Whether it is all relevant is hard to say, but nothing would surprise me.

On another page that came up in searches, Heem refused to provide his real name for ‘privacy reasons.’ It seems Heemish is squeamish about people knowing his identity. Why worry, Rahim M. Ballard, if you will soon exchange your name for a number?

Laheem "Hemme" Jones


Where is Heemie heading?

I started by saying Lefties ran out of heroes, promote thugs, and that their dumbed-down schools produce dangerous dimwits by the legion. Heemie is just one of many.

Take this page, which is about a genuinely black, 18-year-old Laheem “Heemie” Jones, who murdered 14-year-old Justin Thompson in 2012. Some liberal judge gave him a weak sentence because he was soon back out on the streets. By 2020 Heemie was indicted along with four friends after an alleged shooting in Fairfield County. A year later, this expanded to include three others. The DOJ indicted the eight gang members on charges of conspiring to engage in a pattern of racketeering activity, including drug trafficking and multiple attempted murders. If found guilty, they will spend decades in prison.

MARQUIS ISREAL, a.k.a. “Garf,” 24
ASANTE GAINES, a.k.a. “Santi,” 24
DIOMIE BLACKWELL, a.k.a. “Yamo,” 24
LAHEEM JONES, a.k.a. “Heemie,” 25
TYIESE WARREN, a.k.a. “Loose Screw,” 20
JACQUON BENEJAN, a.k.a. “Blick,” 19
UNDREA KIRKLAND, a.k.a. “Spooda,” 24

Each of these psychos was made by schools and mothers who taught them to idolize murderous bastards like Malcolm X.

Garf, Santi, Yamo, Heemie, Loose Screw, Blick, Spooda, and Calderon are a testament to the propaganda factories known as “schools.”

Rahim Ballard, aka Rahim M. Ballard, aka Rahim B., aka Heem, aka Hectic Heem, aka hecticheem, aka Halloheem, aka Heemie, is heading down the same road. By the time he is 25, he said he could be dead or in jail, and if nobody does anything, his prediction will probably come true. Worse still, Heem may take a few others out with him, which is why the cops need to get all over this guy like a cheap suit.

The walking incendiary bomb incites crowds to set people on fire, get armed, and get blood on their hands. He is encouraging people to murder, which is insurrection and treason. Raid his house—no doubt you will find plenty of looted plunder with his fingerprints all over it. Bug the future mass murderer’s phone. Follow him; interview others who interact with him. Within a few weeks, you should have enough to bring charges against Heemie.

A decade or two in a DC Jail cell with Mike Tyson’s cousin Tyrone will do Heem a world of good. And think of all the innocent lives. Put a rush on this for them. Don’t wait for me to say I told you so, guys. For friends of Rahim M. Ballard, remember that when suicidal maniacs finally go postal, it is often friends and relatives they kill.



Author: Rob Larrikin