The Abortion Inquisition

Abortion Inquisition

Abortion Inquisition

If I were a young man or woman today, I would find it difficult to know what to believe regarding abortion. Nobody could blame me for being confused since so many different arguments are being thrown around from the Right, the Left, religious folk, atheists, intellects, patriots, deadbeats, and everyone in between. Today, a young person would have a tough time figuring it out, and would probably end up going along with whatever their families said on the subject.

Many who know the truth will not state it, fearing ostracization by their peers. Millions keep their opinions secret, to avoid losing their jobs or their next promotion. Emotions run hot on this topic, so talking about it is putting your neck out, and most refuse to do that, regardless of sides.


Most Lefties shun abortion.

LeftyLiars is a conservative site, and the media like to say that conservatives oppose abortion. Many do, but the majority of those opposed to abortion are Lefties. Millions of religious Catholics from Latin America are heartily opposed to aborting fetuses, as per their Pope’s directives. Millions of Africans and Arabs agree with the average Hispanic on this issue, as do millions from other backgrounds and churches. Most of these people vote for the Democrats when they move to the USA. Although the Left refer to conservatives as “the Religious Right,” the Left is far more religious, both in the United States and the world. See more on that here.


Conservatives use it when needed

Meanwhile, a large number of conservatives oppose abortion verbally, but not in reality. Millie, a small-town girl from a conservative family in the Midwest, goes to an expensive New York college. One night she is the victim of a rape, and the rapist, a black gang member with a long record, is arrested and charged.
  Sometime later, Millie discovers she is pregnant but says nothing to her parents for a couple of months. By then, her fetus is 11 weeks old. Her father, Ted, a conservative churchgoing bank manager, has always opposed abortion loudly and publicly. “Oh my God,” he whispers on the phone. “Who knows about this?”
  “Just you and I,” Millie replies.
  Ted and his wife Mara think of the rapist who was held without bail, awaiting trial. From the police description, he is an ugly drug addict with a low I.Q. They imagine being grandparents to his son, and the idea repulses them. Ted says, “Millie, we want you to come home right now. We’ll pay the fare – just go to the nearest airport.”
  Ted and Mara meet Millie at arrivals and drive her home. The following day they take her to see a close doctor friend who will abort the fetus discreetly. On the way, Ted explains the plan, but his daughter looks flustered. “I thought you were against abortion,” she points out. “Isn’t that hypocritical?”
  Her mother slaps the dashboard. “Oh, give me a break,” she barks. “Community views are so strong; your father could lose his job if this got out. It could even cost me mine! Is that what you want?”
  “I’m just saying,” Millie argues, “if you think abortion is the best solution, why are you opposed to it?”
   “We are opposed to abortion,” Ted insists, “but this is not what God wants for you. There are exceptions to all rules, and I know in my heart that God supports me in this case.”
  “Come on, Dad,” his daughter mocks. “Really? Is this being honest about your beliefs?”
  “I am honest,” her father declares. “I am absolutely against abortions and will always be, but you are an exception because I prayed to God about this, and I feel he gave me His blessing to go ahead with this procedure, on this one occasion.”
  “Seriously?” Millie laughs. “You are something else, dad.”
  Her mother pipes up. “Let’s not argue,” she pleads. “You’ve agreed to have the abortion, and that’s all that matters. Just don’t tell anyo…”
  “I know, I know,” Millie interrupts. “Don’t tell anyone. I get it.”


Lefties use it when needed.       

Of course, we can apply the same story to all the Leftists who oppose abortion. Maria is a very religious Mexican wearing a heavy gold cross around her neck. A round, short woman who attends her Catholic church three times a week, Maria is always prostrating herself to God. With four pictures of the Pope hanging in her humble abode, she is pretty sure she will go to heaven. Maria vehemently opposes abortion and thinks those who indulge in such things will go to hell. Unless her beloved daughter, Maribel Magdalena Carmen Frida Calo Gonzáles Calderon de Guadalajara, is made pregnant by an atheist hippy from California. Suddenly, Maria is struck by the idea that God would make an exception in their case. “Maribel,” she cries, “You know I am against abortion, always, but I have spoken to God, and He has told me in my mind that He will forgive us in this case, if we do it. Please don’t tell anybody, though, because they will never understand.”


Emperor’s New Clothes

Abortion is like Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone insists the Emperor is wearing clothes when all along he is naked. One boy says, “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!”

Everyone is against abortion until their daughter has an unwanted pregnancy, most making a secret exception in their case. I am the ‘boy’ pointing this out (please do not kill the messenger).

It is why you rarely find people introducing their grandson and saying, “Yes, he is the son of a rapist who impregnated my daughter.” Where are all these people, you might ask?


Pro-life misnomer

I avoid the term ‘pro-life’ because it is a misnomer, like ‘climate denier.’ What they mean is ‘pro-birth.’ ‘Pro-life’ implies a person who gives birth “supports life,” when in fact, everyone “supports life” every time they cook food, breathe, drink, wash, wear clothes or brush teeth. Also, babies being born is a commonplace event. Millions of mothers in Africa give birth when there is no food, and their babies starve to death in agony. Is that “supporting life?” If so, it is a funny way of supporting it. I think Death would say it was closer to helping him.





The fertilized human egg, or zygote, is about the width of a human hair. Is it a human being? No. To understand this, look at the definition of the noun ‘human being.’

Human being
1: A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.

What is the zygote, if it is not a human being? It is a machine that contains the information needed to build a human. It usually has 46 chromosomes; 23 from each parent. Chromosomes carry genetic information in the form of genes.

An acorn is another machine that can construct something. An oak tree. Is an acorn an oak tree? Not at all.

Every skyscraper started as a plan. Without the blueprint, you have no tall building. Is a drawing a building? No.

All of these things are remarkable; some might say almost magical, but they can never be that which they are not. Some worldly people say a zygote is a human, and they are wrong.

Once again, you may mark my words; a zygote is a machine that builds a human being.


3-week embryo


The zygote begins to divide, splitting into two replicas of itself, then four, and so on. Each cell has an entire set of 46 chromosomes. If you had nose-reduction surgery, please remember that every cell in your body contains genes for your original nose, which will be handed down to your kids. A three-week-old embryo is only as big as an apple-seed; about .13” (3.3 mm) long.

Is that 21-day old embryo a Homo-sapien? Not by a long shot. Just as an egg is not a chicken and a sidewalk tent is not Trump Tower, so too, the tiny piece of flesh is no human.

Let us jump to nine months when the fetus is fully developed. Is it a human being? Technically, no. Do we love it? Sure. Do we want to keep it? You bet. Is it a human? Not yet.


Science. We cannot throw science out just because we love babies. Let us go back to three months to find out why.


3-month fetus


At 3-months, the fetus is about 2.75” or almost 70 mm – a little bigger than a box of matches. It is not the cute pink baby that some sites show, but closer to a gray looking midget martian from a sci-fi movie. For those feeling squeamish, please get a grip. It is an important subject.

At this stage, you can see what a magnificent construction the original zygote has achieved. For three months, the future human has been growing and developing, and you may think it is a third of its way done, but you would be wrong. It takes about eighteen to twenty-five years for a human to grow and fully mature after birth. Adding the nine months in the womb, it is closer to an average total of about 22.5 years from conception to maturity. The three-month-old fetus above was only one-ninetieth of its way complete; about 1.11 percent.

Millions of animal species give rise to offspring that are ready instantly and require no care at all. Crustaceans, insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, and fish mostly operate this way. Higher animals have larger brains, which take years to develop. For this reason, they require more care for some time after being born. Impalas, zebras, elephants, and giraffes are just a small selection of mammals that can walk minutes after birth, taking a day or so to get used to it.


Human newborns

Humans are very different. Their babies are helpless, which means years of meticulous work, cleaning, feeding, protecting, teaching, and caring for the infant. Parents must work for a quarter of a century to finish their offspring adequately. If you take a child away from a parent at 12 years of age, the job was only half done.

Often those who aggressively oppose abortion tell pregnant women, “It’s only a few months! That’s nothing!” That is untrue. It is not just a few months. It is a lifetime’s work.

Raising children is terrific, and I would encourage everyone to do it. Aside from the joy it brings, you will have many rewards for that labor, as the children help you with your work and look after you in old age. Of course, that only applies to those who do this job properly. Those who spoil their children will receive spit in their eye and a kick in the backside.

Some people are not ready for that work. Some are too weak to take on such a task. Not everyone is fit to be a parent; not everyone wants to embark on that voyage, or at least not immediately. When a person feels this way, and is forced to carry on regardless, and have an unwanted baby, it can cause much grief to everyone, including the future human in question.


Sidewalk Gremlins

Take some smelly slob in San Francisco, living on a sidewalk in his feces, drugged up to the eyeballs, and living on welfare. Let us travel back in time to his mother, Rachel. There she is, in 1990, a 40-year-old hippy, born in 1950. A teenager in the late sixties, Rachel was part of the flower power generation. At nineteen, she danced naked in Woodstock’s mud and had sex with a roadie under the stage there, as Creedence Clearwater Revival played above. At forty, Rachel forgot to take the pill and was made pregnant by an alcoholic busker in New York. She wanted an abortion, but her boyfriend threatened to kill her if she did, so she got stoned and tried to put it out of her mind. Soon after, he ended up in prison, and Rachel raised her boy as a single, drug-taking mother. The kid was neglected and ended up on drugs himself. He stole a tent and hitchhiked to California. All his life, he lived off taxpayers, and what was the result? A gremlin shitting on sidewalks.

At the age of 28, authorities found him dead in his tent, the victim of an overdose. Once again, the State had to pay for his autopsy and cremation.

Anti-abortionists point to good people whose mothers wanted to abort them. However, they are mute about the vast majority of unwanted babies who grow up to live miserable lives and are often a burden on society. We all know about nasty people, horrible neighbors, lazy tramps, and welfare slobs. How many are the result of religious folk bullying mothers into keeping unwanted babies?



There was a time when society demanded a mother be responsible. Were she unfit to mother, her child was given to others to look after. These days, many mothers would not pass that maturity test if they were to go back in time. A mother from 1800 would look at a modern woman today and say, “This person is not fit to raise children.” Imagine the conversation you would have if you asked her why.
  “She does not discipline the child,” the woman would reply.
  “Is that the only problem?” you might ask.
  “Far from it,” she would cackle. “Everything is wrong. She walks around practically naked, showing off her breasts. She wears enough makeup to make a prostitute blush. She lets her child run around the house, creating havoc, and gives him drugs to calm him down. She sends him to schools that teach him to be rude, hate his gender, despise his father, and support his nation’s enemies. Her son will become a felon, costing taxpayers a fortune as a prisoner.”



What cost to society do bad mothers create? If a woman hates the idea of having a baby and wants to abort her fetus, but is forced to keep it, will it be better for her and society in the long run? One argument anti-abortionists put forward is that the fetus is a “person” and that aborting it is “murder” and a removal of its “rights,” but this is patently absurd on all three counts.

The fetus is not a “person” because that would necessitate it being a human, and they are mammals that breathe air using lungs. A fetus does not breathe, so it is not yet human. Yes, it is on its way to being a human, but just as a half-built car is not a car, a fetus is not a “person.”

Regarding rights, only humans have those. One cannot call a fetal termination “murder” because the definition of murder is the unlawful killing of a person.

Human being
1: A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.

1: A human being regarded as an individual.

1: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.



Some will argue with my statement that only humans have rights, by saying that animals have them too, but they are misinformed. Humans can make rules forbidding animal cruelty, which is fine, but that does not mean they have “rights” per se. Non-human animals do not know the difference between right and wrong and thus have no morals, making it impossible for them to have rights. If I forbade anyone touching my refrigerator, it would merely be a rule I made; it would not mean my fridge had “rights.” You can teach animals to behave in specific ways, but they learn that behavior. Your dog does not understand why he is not allowed to kill your cat, even though he obeys the rule.

I can hear animal ‘liberationists’ howling that the above is wrong. They will say that animal rights exist, but again, you must moralize before you can have rights. The chain of rational thinking proceeds as follows:

1)  If I have done nothing wrong, I do not deserve to be hurt by others.
2)  To get them to honor that rule, I would have to follow it too, not hurting those who did no wrong.
3)  We will call this a ‘right.’ It is my right not to be hurt by others if I do no wrong.
4)  It will need to be applied to all, to make it work. So all men will have this right.

If dogs could moralize in that way, they too could have rights. It would mean that if all humans disappeared, dogs would still have and protect those rights. We all know that is not about to happen.



Anti-abortionists say that a mother who wishes to abort her fetus should hang in there and put the baby up for adoption after it is born. In saying this, they forget it is the taxpayer who often foots the bill, and that adoption often causes psychological problems for orphans, who yearn to find out why they were “rejected” by both parents. If they are religious, they will wonder why God separated them from their parents. Children of single parents can avoid this by having a loving step-parent, but children with no parents can suffer badly. Adoptive parents may also be the wrong match, causing many more problems. Or it may be a member of the extended foster family that causes problems. Suffice to say that the chances of issues happening increase when real biological parents are not present.

Terminated fetuses are not aware of their fate and suffer no pain. Since nobody murdered a human being and no baby was born, none are ‘murdered’ or ‘wasted.’ The definition of “baby” is as follows:

A very young child.

The biological definition, as per Wikipedia:

An infant (from the Latin word infans, meaning “unable to speak” or “speechless”) is the more formal or specialized synonym for “baby”, the very young offspring of a human.



An emotional person might say, “The baby in the mother’s tummy has a heartbeat at about 20 weeks, and that proves it is a human, so killing it is murder. Why murder a person when they could have had a great life?”
  They are talking twaddle. It is not a baby, a human, nor a person, and it is in the womb, not the tummy. It cannot be murder to abort the fetus since that crime only applies to humans. Also, nobody knows if the baby would be born at all, let alone have a ‘great life.’ It could be stillborn or die prematurely due to many causes.



Religious bigots tell the mother who does not want the fetus that she should continue even though she might die during childbirth, and even though she will need to work on the chore of raising the child for a quarter of a century. An unwanted child will probably end up being affected emotionally and psychologically. Stress may drive the mother to suicide. Her drug-taking and drinking might escalate, causing her to die from an overdose or choking on vomit in her sleep. She could develop heart disease and diabetes before dying from influenza. There are many dangers she is being asked to face to keep a small, unconscious fetus alive, against her wishes.

None of this applies to a happy, healthy woman in a good relationship who wants a baby. She will go ahead and usually have that baby and enjoy raising it in a fine family, enjoying all the rewards that life brings. She is lucky because that is how nature designed her to be. She can cope with, afford, and meet all the challenges, so she is fortunate. A sixteen-year-old broke black kid from a broken family whose drink is spiked is not as lucky.  After being raped, she becomes pregnant and cannot cope with the idea of motherhood. To force her to go through with the birth would be inflicting a cruel, unusual punishment on the girl, which brings us to Amendment VIII of The United States Constitution.


Eighth Amendment

The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Who is responsible for the very heated view of so many millions that abortion is murder?

The Church.

Especially the Catholic Church. You may remember how they used to torture people with cruel and unusual punishments during the Inquisition.


Catholic Inquisition


Some of the church’s tortures included stretching, boiling, bone-breaking, branding, castor oil, castration,  crushing, cutting, de-nailing, disfigurement, drowning, dunking, flagellation, flaying, foot roasting, foot whipping, force-feeding, garotte/strangling, genital mutilation, hamstringing, impaling, keelhauling, kneecapping, mutilation, strangling, pliers, sawing, shinbone crusher, sleep deprivation, starvation, strappado/squassation (“reverse hanging”), the thumbscrew, tooth extraction, burning and scolding.

In my opinion, the church is against abortion mainly because they wish to bolster the size of their flock, and abortions do not help in that regard.


Summary and advice to women

First of all, be careful not to become pregnant if you cannot afford to have children or do not want children at the time. Regarding sex, be careful and not promiscuous. Use birth control to avoid pregnancy. It is best to marry in time, so there are two of you to cope with the job of raising children. One (preferably the mother) should stay at home and look after the kids, while the other (preferably the father) should go out to earn money.

Mistakes can happen. If you become pregnant by mistake, do not rush into abortion immediately. Talk to your family and friends and consider your options. You may decide to have a baby, which is a superb asset if correctly raised. Find a husband, though, as all children need a father. Take care in choosing, and avoid divorce. Your child needs two parents forever, not just for a couple of years.

If you cannot or will not have a child, then have an abortion. It would be better for all parties and society if nobody forced you to have it. Take care to check the legality of having an abortion. Depending on where you live, you may need to permanently relocate or go on a return trip to another State. Please do not take this procedure lightly, and do your best never to let it happen again.

Remember, most Republicans, Democrats, and churchgoers will have abortions when it suits them – in my opinion. They do not tell anyone. It is probably best if you keep such things to yourself too. Telling people about it will cause trouble you could have avoided by not discussing it. Frankly, it is none of their business, regardless.

The world is full of Nosy Parkers and do-gooders, and many of them cause more problems than the problem they are trying to fix.


A final note on politics.

You should not vote against Trump because he is against abortion. When you are a President, you do what your voters want, which applies to Democrats even more than Republicans. The chances are that Trump would happily encourage a family member to abort an unwanted fetus. Also, this issue, abortion, is not important enough to let it influence your vote. There are far more critical issues, like taxes, energy, jobs, health, defense, and migration.

Trump is a thousand times better for the United States than socialist nutters like the Democrats will ever be. Out of the following, who would you pick to babysit your child, if you had one: a Sunday school teacher who opposes abortion, or Charles Manson, who supports it?




Author: Rob Larrikin