Manifesto Murderbrats are Left Winged – Here is the Proof

Patrick Crusius Brenton Tarrant manifestos

Patrick Crusius Brenton Tarrant manifestos

Before he murdered Walmart shoppers in El Paso, Texas, the alleged shooter uploaded a manifesto for all to read. CNN and most media branded him a right-winged nationalist, which is Fake News. He is a left-winged environmentalist socialist, and I provide proof of that below. See Patrick Crusius’ PDF here, with a note by myself on an added first page. It is there so that doubters of my comments below may check for themselves.

Only Lefties write ‘manifestos,’ yet reporters describe mass murderers as right-winged. Their best example is Adolf Hitler, the National Socialist, an extreme leftist if ever there was one. Some are now working on reframing Mao Zedong as right-winged, even though he was a communist revolutionary and the leader of the Unitary Marxist-Leninist-Xist one-party socialist republic of China.

This big lie happens because the liberal press is embarrassed when socialists mass murder. Journalists cover it over by calling such murderers alt-right extremists. The alleged El Paso mass murderer Patrick Crusius is today sitting in jail, where anxious FBI agents are no doubt interviewing him. Below I address his manifesto points, exposing him as the Left-winged nutcase he is, starting with the heading of his dreadful, blood-soaked, despicable document:

The Inconvenient Truth

The title is almost identical to that of the book and film ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ a collection of lies about Global Warming, written by left-winged Democrat and climate alarmist, Al Gore. This page provides a list of false or misleading claims about the science of global warming made by Gore.

In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto.

Here Patrick Crusius is referring to Brenton Tarrant, AKA, the ‘New Zealand Christchurch Mosque Shooter.’ You may see his manifesto here. The 74 page PDF document, entitled ‘The Great Replacement,’ shows that Tarrant was a socialist, a greenie, and a global warming nut. On the question of whether he was a conservative, Tarrant said, “No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”
  On the question of whether he was a fascist, Tarrant wrote, “I mostly agree with Sir Oswald Mosley’s views and consider myself an Eco-fascist by nature. The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.”
  Oswald Mosley was a British Labour Party member who founded the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists. He was a left-winged socialist who was imprisoned in 1940 after his party was banned, and from 1951 spent most of his life in Paris, home to many left-winged activists from around the world.
  So Christchurch shooter Brendon Tarrant wanted no part of being a conservative and described himself as an Eco-fascist and communist, yet Fake News called him right-winged! There are plenty of other socialist and greenie ramblings in his manifesto that prove he was an extreme Lefty, which in turn makes it clear El Paso’s alleged shooter Patrick Crusius is the same. Patrick Crusius continues:

Some people will think this statement is hypocritical because of the nearly complete ethnic and cultural destruction brought to the Native Americans by our European ancestors, but this just reinforces my point. The natives didn’t take the invasion of Europeans seriously, and now what’s left is just a shadow of what was.

This idea that our ancestors invaded America, and destroyed Native American ethnicity and culture, was generated by the Left and taught in liberal schools and colleges. It is a common theme preached by hippies, socialists, communists, and Antifa – a mob of rebel-rousing Obama-loving anti-capitalist anarchists and thugs. It reveals that Patrick Crusius, from North Texas, is just as leftist as his hero, the extreme commie-loving New Zealand murderer, Brenton Tarrant. The historical truth is that the European colonization of America was perfectly legal and just, as explained here. The colonists defended themselves against attack, as was their right, and disease was irrelevant since nobody knew microbes existed in those days. Patrick Crusius writes:

The takeover of the United States government by unchecked corporations.

That is another myth created by the Left. Corporations have not taken over the U.S. government. Socialists promote this fiction because they are anti-capitalists, and wish to replace capitalism with socialism. Crusius continues:

Due to the death of the baby boomers, the increasingly anti-immigrant rhetoric of the right and the ever increasing Hispanic population, America will soon become a one party-state.

Does Patrick Crusius mean a one-party state like the one in China, whose socialist one-party state is a favorite with Brenton Tarrant, the mass murderer who impressed him so much? Also, what is this ‘anti-immigrant rhetoric of the right’ nonsense? That is how the Left describe the right’s position on illegal immigration. Like crazy Crusius, they always leave out the ‘illegal’ part. Trump and the GOP are all for immigration, as they have said repeatedly, as long as it is legal. Crusius goes on:

Although the Republican Party is also terrible. Many factions within the Republican Party are pro-corporation. Procorporation = pro-immigration.

More Left winged nonsense! Without corporations, neither Patrick Crusius nor his idol Brenton Tarrant would have owned a car, TV, refrigerator, phone, house, electricity, nor any of the thousands of items, tools, machines, gadgets, or things they relished in their homes, including the computers used to upload their knuckle-dragging manifestos. Even now they enjoy beds, blankets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, roofs, food, chairs, tables, medicine, orange clothes, socks, shoes, underwear, cleaning equipment (to clean their cells), pots and pans (kitchens use), electricity for lighting and heating, water, plumbing, toilets, light bulbs, paper, pencils, erasers, TV, music, TV shows, telephone access, and so on, all of which would not exist without business, businessmen, corporations and capitalism. If they hated corporations and capitalism so much, why did they not strip off their clothes, go into the jungle naked, and try to survive, without any products whatsoever? Without capitalism, they would be dead within a few weeks; that is why. Crusius writes:

In short, immigration can only be detrimental to the future of America.

Without immigration, America would not exist. Even the Indians originally immigrated there, it is believed, from East Asia. Today it is illegal immigration that is detrimental to America, not immigration. Crusius continues:

Continued immigration will make one of the biggest issues of our time, automation, so much worse. Some sources say that in under two decades, half of American jobs will be lost to it

Immigration cannot make automation “worse” since there is nothing wrong with automation in the first place. The second sentence is another argument put up by the Left, in their Fifth Column drive to destroy capitalism. See more about that here, and here. In reality, automation, like any other technology, helps business by enabling the creation of more products and services, which in turn increases employment. According to the idea that “machines hurt jerbs,” we should have no jerbs at all today since we have machinery everywhere and for everything. Crusius says:

Corporations are heading the destruction of our environment by shamelessly overharvesting resources. This has been a problem for decades. For example, this phenomenon is brilliantly portrayed in the decades old classic “The Lorax”.

Again, this is entirely Leftist baloney. Corporations make all the machines and equipment needed to clean and help any environment. All kinds of anti-pollution equipment, tools, devices, materials, chemicals, applicators, and software are designed, manufactured, sold, and used by millions of companies, businesses, corporations, and people to keep cities, suburbs, streets, cars, houses, and machines pollution-free. Dallas is much cleaner than communist Beijing for a reason. The wealthier a town is, the more beautiful it is. “Overharvesting” is not something corporations do, since that would ruin their business. Trees are grown, cut down, and regrown, as is any crop. Oil is in plentiful supply, as is coal. The Lorax? Really? It was a cartoon kid’s book drawn by left-winged Theo Geisel, who used the pen name, Dr. Seuss, though he was no doctor. He was also known as Theo LeSieg, Rosetta Stone, and Theophrastus Seuss. Theo Geisel was a Democrat and a supporter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal.

Dallas Beijing

The El Paso Walmart shooter, Patrick Crusius, continues:

Water sheds around the country, especially in agricultural areas, are being depleted. Fresh water is being polluted from farming and oil drilling operations. Consumer culture is creating thousands of tons of unnecessary plastic waste and electronic waste, and recycling to help slow this down is almost non-existent. Urban sprawl creates inefficient cities which unnecessarily destroys millions of acres of land. We even use god knows how many trees worth of paper towels just wipe water off our hands.

Once again these are commonly taught leftist views, espoused by liberals everywhere. Communists disguised as environmentalists are against fracking, as it helps industry and society in general, so they create myths about it just as they do about nuclear power, coal, and oil mining. Kids are taught this propaganda in schools, and murderbrats like Crusius then go out and shoot people. Water is in no danger, and plastic waste causes few problems. The land is not ‘destroyed,’ and cities are not inefficient when allowed to use resources properly. It does not matter how many trees we use to make paper, because trees are a crop like any other. You grow them, harvest them, and then plant more. I wonder, did Patrick Crusius tell his father off for ‘killing grass’ every time he mowed his lawn? This poor fellow’s head was filled with nonsense in school, like millions of other muddle-headed kids today.

I am against race mixing because it destroys genetic diversity and creates identity problems.

On the contrary; when two races mix genes, there is more diversity. As for quality, that is another issue. If society is correct and all humans are identical, there should be no problem. If some genetic researchers and scientists are right that some races have a higher genetic disposition towards anger and violence, and other genes that affect IQ, this could influence those wanting certain traits in their offspring. That is simply an objective observation made after reading articles available online like this one, this one (backup here) and this one. The Left is as stubbornly uncompromising on this subject as the Catholic Church was, regarding Galileo’s theories, and tar and feather any transgressors with the same misinformation routine they used on Trump.

There are a couple of points to be made on both sides. Firstly there is nothing to be ashamed of regarding the varying results of evolutionary progress. When people have a running race, they do not spit the dummy when some folk come in a little behind others. How rare would it be for ten different groups evolving in ten different environments for hundreds of thousands of years, to all come across the line at the same time, equal in every way?

On the other hand, how accurate are IQ tests? How would nerdy scientists fare if there were some questions in the test involving tracking lizards in the jungle? They would probably get zero. Also, would you not need to have a little more anger if you were a hunter-gatherer? Would that not be an advantage in a jungle environment? If so, it is a good thing they have that advantage. The trouble is, it is not necessarily an advantage in a modern city.

Getting back to our murderbrat Patrick Crusius; he knows so little about genetics, he should not even be discussing it. Regardless of what view he has, shooting innocent people in Walmart is no solution. Patrick was undoubtedly spoiled, probably given no discipline and most likely allowed to throw temper tantrums whenever he pleased. Now it was time for his temper tantrum with guns, and this is what you end up with when you fail to raise kids properly. To avoid that mistake as a parent, see this article.

Crusius continues:

Racial diversity will disappear as either race mixing or genocide will take place.

Incorrect. Not every Anglo Saxon will breed with other races, and nor will every African. In a thousand years, there will still be the primary races, intact. Genomes are now digitally recorded, and labs preserve DNA indefinitely. It will be reproduced, cloned, and used to make as many examples of a race as people want. Genetic engineers will provide couples the kind of offspring they want. Lowering anger attributes, increasing IQ, adding creativity, and changing physical characteristics like skin color, hair color, etc., will be all the rage before long. None of this occurred to our murderbrat before he reached for his guns, like some monstrous version of Yosemite Sam. Crusius says:

Many people think that the fight for America is already lost. They couldn’t be more wrong. This is just the beginning of the fight for America and Europe. I am honored to head the fight to reclaim my country from destruction. 

When Patrick Crusius is older, he will realize he accomplished nothing and made it easier for the illegal immigrants he supposedly hates, to enter America. Fake News are already blaming Trump for his crimes, calling Crusius right-winged. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. Patrick Crusius made it clear he follows the Christchurch Mosque Shooter, Brenton Tarrant, who wanted no part of being a conservative and said he was an Eco-fascist and communist. Crusius even said, “The Hispanic community was not my target before I read The Great Replacement,” which is the title of Tarrant’s manifesto. In that manifesto Brenton Tarrant wrote:

[Was/am I] a socialist?
Depending on the definition. Worker ownership of the means of production? It depends on who those workers are, their intents, who currently owns the means of production, their intents and who currently owns the state, and its intents.

Tarrant already made it clear he was a socialist by stating that the closest political values to his own were the People’s Republic of China (a socialist republic). Like most murderbrats, Tarrant was confused and ignorant. An example of that confusion and ignorance was his view on Donald Trump.

[Was/am I] a supporter of Donald Trump?
As a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose? Sure. As a policy maker and leader? Dear god no.

By breathing life into the American economy, allowing all people to grow business, employ others, and find employment or business opportunities, Trump has renewed all identities and given all citizens common purpose. As for the second part, Tarrant says, “Dear god no,” to supporting Trump’s policies and to supporting Trump as a leader, which classifies him as anti-Trump.

Our two left-winged, socialist, communist, eco-fascist anti-Trump mass-murderers have made the job of dealing with illegal immigrants all the more difficult thanks to their small-minded views. Lefties always resort to violence, and these two thugs are no different. Lefties are doing their best to make them look like righties. They even changed Patrick Crusius’ MyLife page profile from ‘Democrat’ to ‘Republican’ after the shooting. You can see that story here, and because Lefties will probably take that page down in time, I have a video backup of the page here.


To any other potential copycats, stop before you also make fools of yourselves. I will take your stupid manifestos and show just how moronic they are, and how leftist you are.


Author: Rob Larrikin