The Negrophobic N-word

The N-word

The N-word

My mailman knew a couple of N-words who always used the N-word. Their family used the N-word constantly but would become very violent when a white person used it. One of the N-words went to prison after almost killing a white guy over that very issue. He now shares a cell with a big N-word who butt F-words him twice a week. Other N-words are lining up to have their turn when the big N-word finishes his prison sentence, while the N-word guards turn a blind eye. The warden, an N-word himself, is not concerned. “That N-word deserves every butt F-word he gits,” he grunts. When the N-word writes to politicians about his predicament, most say, “Who gives a F-word? N-word, please!”

Most readers know what the N-word means, but here is a clue for those in the dark about it: which word has six letters; a couple of G’s, an R and an E, an I and an N, and causes great consternation when uttered?

If you answered ‘GINGER,’ Tim Minchin will agree. These days, being ginger is increasingly dangerous. My mustache and beard were that color, but as long as I remain clean-shaven, Black Lives Matter will only attack me for my white (albeit freckled) skin.

Whether it is ginger or the real N-word, it is just a word. Who is responsible for making it offensive? Fake News wants us all to be racially divided. They help keep blacks on the plantation by convincing them the N-word is racist and despicable.

YouTube will probably ban the Tim Minchin video (see link above) soon, saying it is racist. Is that so? Not according to these two black dudes who reviewed the innovative song. They may eventually be banned too, but I have backup copies of both videos to upload when that happens.


Cancel Culture

In time our Orwellian governments will probably ban the term ‘the N-word’ altogether, and then what will we call it? Perhaps ‘the letter after M-word’ might work.

“Son, who broke that window?”
  “A letter after the M-word, officer.”
  “What’s that, now?”
  “A letter after the M-word.”
  “Still don’t get it. What you talkin’ ’bout, kid?”
  “You know – the N-word!”
  “That’s racist, son; you can’t use that term!”
  “Officer, don’t you know your alphabet?”


Undoing the spell

Today, millions of people, white, black, or any other shade or color, wonder what the fuss is about regarding words like Negro and Nigger. No wonder, when these words are forbidden. The solution is to shine a light on such speech.

The word nigger comes from the Latin word niger (pronounced NEE-GER in Latin), which means black, as you can see here. The word Negro means black in many languages, including Spanish. You can see this in Google Translate here.


Spanish: Negro – translation: Black
German: Neger – translation: Black
French: Nègre – translation: Black
Italian: Nero – translation: Black
Corsican: Negro – translation: Black
Czech: Negro – translation: Black
Esperanto: Negro – translation: Black
Galacian: Negro – translation: Black
Haitian Creole: Negro – translation: Black
Maltese: Negro – translation: Black
Portuguese: Negro – translation: Black
Romanian: Negro – translation: Black
Slovak: Negro – translation: Black
Basque: Negro – translation: Black
Catalan: Negro – translation: Black


English definition of negro:

A black person.
Relating to black people.
A person of African origin with black skin.


Latin: Niger – translation: Black
Latin: Nigrita, nigritae – translation: Negro
Latin: Nigro, nigrare, nigravi, nigratus – translation: be black; make black
Latin: Nigrum – translation: Black, dark
Latin: Nigra – translation: Black, dark
Latin: Nigritia, nigritiae – translation: black color; blackness
Latin: Nigrities, nigritiei – translation: black color; blackness

Catalan: Negre – translation: Black
Corsican: Neru – translation: Black
Italian: Nero – translation: Black
Romanian: Negru – translation: Black

Why stop now? The word nigrify is shown in every dictionary, plain as day. It means ‘to blacken.’ Other words you can easily find in online dictionaries and references include:

Nigrosine – a mixture of synthetic black dyes

Nigratude – rare blackness, darkness, complete darkness or blackness, the condition of being black

Nigella – plants of the genus Nigella, diminutive of Latin niger, as per the black seeds.

Niger – A landlocked republic of west-central Africa whose population is comprised of tribal blacks.

Nigeria – a country of western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea whose main population is mostly tribal blacks.

Niger River – a river of western Africa flowing from Guinea about 2,600 mi through Mali, Niger, and Nigeria to the Gulf of Guinea. Black tribal Africans populate all these lands.

Niggerdom – the condition of being a black person; the black community as a whole

Nigger in the woodpile – a term describing fugitive black slaves who hid in woodpiles during the era of slavery.

Negrillo – a member of any of the black African pygmy tribes.

Negrophobia – fear of or contempt for black people and their culture.

Negritude  – the fact of being a negro; awareness and pride of negro culture.

Negritic – of or pertaining to black peoples or the Negritos.     

Negrophile  – a person who admires Negroes and their culture.

Negroid  – belonging to a darker-complexioned racial group of mankind, including the indigenous peoples of Africa south of the Sahara, their descendants elsewhere, and some Melanesian peoples.

Negus  –  used formerly as a title for emperors of Ethiopia, Africa, e.g., “In 1928, Ras Tafari became Negus of Ethiopia, later taking the name Haile Selassie, emperor.”

Negerhollands  – (translation: Negro-Dutch) a Dutch-based creole language with Danish, English, French, Spanish, and African elements incorporated.

Neger  – (German for Negro) was a black torpedo-carrying craft difficult to see during night operations, used by Nazi Germany’s navy between 1943 and 1945.

Negro spiritual – a type of religious song originating among black slaves in the American South

These and hundreds of other words and terms fill the internet – all found in online dictionaries and encyclopedias. If black Americans are truly repulsed by names that mean black, why do they call themselves black? Fake News convinced them that any noun used by whites to describe blacks must be evil, and they did this to divide the races. Once separated, they corralled blacks into voting for the Democrats.

If someone says:

“I don’t mind if you call me black, but don’t ever call me negro or nigger!”

they are effectively saying:

“I don’t mind if you call me black, but don’t ever call me black or black!”



It was a fairy tale. Today, most blacks know not what the words negro or nigger mean or whence they came. Few can quickly find Africa on a world map even when labeled, and very few know anything about African politics. Most have no idea there are 1.3 billion blacks in Africa, with an exploding population and the world’s worst infant mortality rate. Africa’s 54 poverty-stricken, crime-ridden countries are kept perpetually poor, ruled by a rag-tag collection of thieving communists, tin-hat tyrants, gangs, and criminals.

Ask a black on the streets of New York or Los Angeles about Africa, and this is how it sounds:


Scene: NY or LA city street, sunny afternoon. A cool black man approaches Mike, a reporter.

Mike:  Hi there, I’m Mike from the USA Yesterday. What’s your name?
LeBron:  LeBron, wassup, wassup?
Mike:  Hi LeBron, mind if I ask a few questions?
LeBron:  You kin ax but make it quick, kay?
Mike:  What do you think Africa’s population is today?
LeBron:  Afreeca? Sheeit. Dunno babe. Twenny mill, maybe? Dat it?
Mike:  Okay, and how many countries are in Africa?
LeBron:  Afreeca is de country, fool, heh, I showd yo lily-white ass!
Mike:  What if I said it’s a continent with fifty-four countries?
LeBron: Fiffy-fo? Shit’n me, dat ain’t right, no-wadamin?
Mike:  It’s true – fifty-four,  and its population is 1.3 billion.
LeBron:  [stares with mouth open] Hmmm. I iz still ‘ere. Jes tinkin.
Mike:  How do you like to be described LeBron? Black, colored, or African Murican?
LeBron:  African Murican ’ll do, aeyt?
Mike:  When did your family come to the United States?
LeBron:  We bin-it since slavery be gwan on.
Mike:  So you are Murican, right? You have nothing to do with Africa?
LeBron:  So wat’s youz point? Y’ hates Afreeca? Zat what you be sayin?
Mike:  No, LeBron, no, but if you’re Murican, why call yourself African?
LeBron:  Dunno. Mama calls ’erself dat.
Mike:  One last question, LeBron; can you show me Africa on this map? [holds up large world map]
LeBron:  Oh, geez, I don, I mean, okay, like, iz dat it? [stabs map with index finger]
Mike:  Er, no, that’s Australia.
LeBron:  Sure, I’ze jokin’ wid you, bro. It’s ‘ere, rye? [points tentatively]
Mike:  Saudi Arabia, but you’re extremely close.
LeBron:  Oh, I got this, here. [shyly points at Iran]
Mike:  Close enough. Good going!
LeBron:  Okay, chill, dawg, I’m out [high fives and swaggers away, victoriously].
Mike:  [to camera] And there goes LeBron, folks, who thinks he’s an African even though his family has been Murican for seven generations.




Advice for N-words

Democrats hate blacks and always have. Democrats were against Abraham Lincoln, a Republican who wanted to end slavery. Under Lincoln’s command, Republicans won the civil war and ended slavery, and Southern Democrats are still fuming about his victory to this day. They called him a tyrant for taking their slaves away by force. They sent a Democrat, John Wilkes Booth, to kill Lincoln, freer of slaves. The Democrat shot Lincoln in the head for his trouble. Democrats (like all socialists) always resort to violence. They created the Ku Klux Klan, which Republicans stamped out. Republicans were continually first when it came to helping blacks achieve equality, and Democrats opposed them every inch of the way.

You may not be aware of these facts because the media (Fake News) and schools lie to you. Together with Big Tech, Hollywood, and the Democrats, they have brainwashed society about everything. Here is an example you can see now, with a Big Tech (Google) search regarding what I just wrote about Wilkes Booth being a Democrat.


Definition of Democrata lie

Long ago, Democrats realized that many bad people happened to be Democrats. The reason is simple enough; prisoners, felons, rapists, murderers, and thieves are generally on the poor end of the income spectrum. Democrats are big on welfare, and most poor people, including felons, will vote for them. Democrats are also soft on crime, lax on building prisons, and assign soft, left-winged judges who go easy on offenders. Most felons love the Democrats.

Democrats lost votes when the public discovered that evil people voted for them. They knew that Wilkes Booth, Lincoln’s assassin, was a Democrat, for instance. This haunting fact alone would help lose them elections. Adolph Hitler was a socialist, which cost Democrats votes since they were also socialists. In Hitler’s case, the solution was to have Fake News, schools, and Hollywood tell everyone that National Socialist Hitler was right-winged. Incredulously, it worked. The public swallowed that big lie for seventy years. Today, thanks to the internet, they are waking up to it.

Regarding Democrat felons, one answer was to change the definition of what it meant to be a Democrat. Perhaps they could get dictionaries to define ‘Democrat’ differently from how they described ‘Republican’ so that only Democrat members could be called Democrats. Then, because Wilkes Booth was not a member of the Democrat Party, Republicans could not say he was a Democrat. Perfect! So Democrats bullied and bribed as many dictionaries as possible, and today, most of them define ‘Democrat’ as a member-only category.

The definition found in Google, of Republican [emphasis mine]:

1. a person advocating or supporting republican government.
2. a member or supporter of the Republican Party.

By contrast, the definition found in Google, of Democrat:

1. an advocate or supporter of democracy.
2. a member of the Democratic Party.


See doing the same thing:

Republican:  a person who favors a republican form of government.

Democrat:  a member of the Democratic Party.


As you can see, the definition of Republican provides that any felon, rapist, or thief advocating or supporting the Republicans is a Republican. By contrast, if the same lowlifes support or endorse the Democrats, they are not Democrats. Cool, man, as Biden would say. How convenient for cheating Democrats!

History professors often use this deception when asked by pesky students, “Was Wilkes Booth a Democrat?”
  “No,” they lie. “Booth was not a Democrat, though he was sympathetic to Democrats, heh…”
  “But sir,” a smart student might continue, “if he supported Democrats, then he was a Democrat, surely.”
  “Ah, no, not quite,” the professor chuckles, pulling out his dictionary. “Let’s see if you’re right. Hmm. Democrat; noun; a member of the Democratic Party. Booth was not a member of the Democrats, and thus was not a Democrat, by definition.”
  “Oh, I guess I was wrong then,” the student blushes while other students roll their eyes.

It is just one of a myriad of ways Democrats camouflage their dishonesty. Of course, we know the definition is partisan nonsense. If you support Democrats, you are indeed a Democrat, so Wilkes Booth, the murderer of Lincoln, was a Democrat, like Charles Manson, most felons, murderers, and rapists. Even Hitler would vote for the Democrats because they, as socialists, are much closer to National Socialism than the anti-socialist Republicans.


Other Democrat Lies

The list below shows the truth about other lies they taught you in schools, movies, news, books, and social media. In indented italics; the lies, in plain black text, the truth:


Industry adds too much carbon dioxide to our atmosphere, which causes global warming that will end our world in 9 years 343 days.

Industry has little to no effect on the atmosphere. Slight temperature changes are perfectly normal; the world will be just fine. Capitalist-fueled industry, all by itself, becomes cleaner every year. Communist industries remain dirty, so if you want cleaner air, insist that China ditches communism.


Extinction of any animal or plant is terrible and must be stopped at all costs.

Extinction is natural and necessary for life to evolve. In most cases, it is best to let it be.


Nuclear weapons are evil and will inevitably result in a nuclear holocaust, so our future world will be smoking, poisonous ruins full of mutant zombies, a place of carnage and hell.

Nukes are why we have not had WWIII for 75 years, five months, ten days, and our future world will be even more clean, healthy, and beautiful than it is today.


Nuclear power is evil, expensive, poisonous, unsafe, bad, and to be avoided at all costs.

Nuclear power is clean, cheap, wonderful, far safer than coal or gas-based industry, and is the key to a cleaner, better world. Russia, China, France, Japan, South Korea, and India all enjoy plenty of nuclear power stations, yet we never hear the Left complain about that.


Cutting down trees is evil, leaving the land forever scarred, hurting mother Earth, depriving its lungs, and making oxygen scarce.

Trees are grown, cut down, and re-grown, like any other crop. Thanks to timber companies, there are many more trees than nature would normally provide, giving us even more oxygen.


Building cities and suburbs kills trees and plants and creates mountains of trash that will never decompose. Suburbs are thus evil and a terrible blight upon the world. We need to return to nature and stop building cities.

Building suburbs creates many more trees and plants and provides many opportunities for plants and animals. The trash created does decompose over time and is not a problem to anyone or anything.


Building dams is terrible because it kills trees and makes life harder for some almost extinct species.

Building dams is vital and saves millions of trees and animals that otherwise would die during droughts, including species going extinct.


Men are inherently evil, dominating, and aggressive, while women are good, peace-loving, and wise.

Men created most of the good things we enjoy in the modern world, including surgery, medicine, locks, telephones, light-bulbs, cars, planes, helicopters, steel, welding, fences, prisons, the internet, laws, law enforcement, military defense, and much else, making billions of women much safer.


If a woman says she was raped or beaten, we must believe her because women never lie. Many women are beaten and raped, and we must learn to accept their cry for help. If they have vaginas, they are probably innocent.

Millions of women lie all the time. We can only believe major allegations people make when there is evidence, regardless of their sex. A person’s genitalia does not drive the Rule of Law, no matter how many Karens insist it does.


Children under 16 who decide to change their gender should be allowed to do so, and any parent who tries to change their mind should be charged with child abuse and have their child taken away by the State.

Parents who do not urge their children to reconsider gender-changing should be charged with child abuse. Teachers teaching that such parents are wrong should be fired and jailed for promoting child abuse.


If a child wants to have her breasts or his penis removed by surgeons to change gender, the surgeons should comply without argument.

Any surgeon who removes a child’s breasts or penis to change their gender should be jailed for child abuse, sadistic mutilation, and failing to honor their Hippocratic Oath, regardless of who said it was okay; this should be retroactive.


Anyone who dislikes homosexuality is a homophobe.

Disliking homosexuality is perfectly natural for heterosexuals and is not a phobia. It is no different from a footballer disliking baseball or a boy disliking cauliflower and is entirely a matter of choice. Countless homosexuals dislike heterosexuals, and nobody has a problem with that at all. You cannot bully or legislate people into liking things they do not like.


Any whites who disagree with blacks are racists.

People are free to disagree with others regardless of the color of their skin.  A person’s skin pigment does not drive their cognitive functions.


Any member of one race who dislikes a different race is a racist.

Anyone is free to dislike anyone they like, even whole races, just as they are free to dislike horses, cows, jugglers, zits, cats, or clowns. It is their freedom of choice. Racism is when you believe another race is inferior to your own. “Dislike” does not come into it.


Police arrest more blacks than whites because police are racist.

Statistics are not racist. Of 11,060 US murders and deliberate manslaughters in 2019, 5070 were by whites; 5660 by blacks, yet there were 250 million whites and only 44 million blacks. Although blacks were 5.7 times fewer than whites, they committed more murders. Adding all crime stats together, we see that a random black man is many times as likely to be committing a crime than a random white man, hence the higher number of black interactions, and subsequently, black arrests. Also, the statistics are only the tip of the iceberg. Black perps are very good at avoiding cops, so much of their crime goes unnoticed. If black people dislike more interest from cops, they need to stop whining and change. When they are no longer about ten times as likely to commit crime as white people, cops will no longer be about ten times more interested in them.


White people have ‘white privilege.’

The word privilege means ‘A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.’
  Today’s blacks have thousands of unearned privileges over whites. A few examples include:

  • Getting into college with lower scores
  • Passing courses with lower scores
  • Receiving more welfare more easily
  • Landing jobs with fewer qualifications.
  • Employers are forced by law to hire a quota of blacks, whether they like it or not.
  • If blacks are not given obligatory roles in movies or TV productions, film critics will pan the films, forcing producers to employ token blacks.
  • Governments force banks to provide blacks loans they would normally refuse.
  • Only blacks can use the word nigger. Whites will be canceled, fired, pillaged, beaten, and sometimes killed if they do the same.
  • Blacks can call women bitches and sing about fucking and beating them without criticism. If whites do that, they will be canceled, fired, pillaged, punched, kicked in the head, and shunned.
  • All these black privileges are unearned. By contrast, whites have to earn any privileges they receive.


My N-words, when you hear Democrats telling you certain things concerning race, the N-word, and whatnot, you need to translate their hate-speech correctly. Decode it to see what is going on, and you are welcome to use the following examples to begin with:


DemocratSpeak Decoded

DemocratSpeak:  He called you a nigger? What a disgusting thing to call you!

Decoded:  Blacks are disgusting!


DemocratSpeak:  It’s okay for black rap artists to call their women bitches. It’s artistic license.

Decoded:  Let the slaves behave badly regarding their women. They are savages, after all.


DemocratSpeak:  Vote for us, blacks, and we will give you welfare, food stamps, and free housing.

Decoded:  Stay on our plantation slaves, where you have clothes, food, and a roof over your head.


DemocratSpeak:  Blacks who vote for Republicans will only end up being hurt, we warn you!

Decoded:  Any slaves running off to support anti-slavery Republicans will be found and hung!


DemocratSpeak:  Any black who votes for Trump is not black!

Decoded:  Slaves who support that tyrant Lincoln are no slaves of mine!


DemocratSpeak:  African Americans must vote Democrat, for we feed and clothe them.

Decoded:  Our slaves must stay on the plantation to receive our charity.


DemocratSpeak:  An African-American who’s articulate, clean, and nice-looking is storybook, man!

Decoded:  A slave who can speak, is clean, has good teeth, and is nice-looking is a bargain, man!


DemocratSpeak:  I love it when roaches sit on my lap and stroke my legs, and I love sniffin’ ‘em, too.

Decoded:  I like to molest my slaves’ kids regular like. T’ain’t human, so it don’t matter nohow.


DemocratSpeak:  Any black that votes for Republicans is an Uncle Tom we will cancel!

Decoded:  Any slave that sides with Republican anti-slavers up north is a dead-man-walking!


DemocratSpeak:  Tyrant Trump is trying to brainwash blacks!

Decoded:  Trump, like Lincoln, wants to free our slaves!


DemocratSpeak:  Whites wearing black-face is so horrible!

Decoded: Savages’ faces are horrible!


DemocratSpeak:  White people dressing up as blacks is disgusting!

Decoded:  Superior whites dressing up as savages is disgusting!


Black Pride

If you are black, you need to be proud of your blackness, which means freeing up the N-words. When someone calls you a nigger say, “Damn right, I’m a nigger. It means black, and I’m proud to be black, which is why I’m also proud to be called negro, ‘cos it also means black, in Spanish. So you call me nigger and negro all you like, whitey. All you are doing is calling me black, which I’m proud to be.”
  You’ll find that the mysticism about the N-word will disappear soon afterward.

As a proud black person, you need to figure out that Democrats will always despise you. They are deeply racist, believe you are an inferior race they must control, own, order about, reward with food, clothes, and a roof over your head, in return for your votes. Instead of picking cotton for them, you are harvesting votes. Never mind if the food is simple, the clothes are full of holes, and the roof is leaking. If you vote for Democrats, you are still on the plantation.

Wake up!

As for you white Democrats, in many ways, you are worse than black Democrats, who learned to obey Democrats since the days of slavery. What excuse can you use? You had all the freedom in the world to see through Democrat treachery long ago. I guess you are just a bunch of lazy freeloaders, socialists, commies, illegal immigrants, cheats, liars, thieves, felons, druggies, and assorted rabble who prefer the lying Democrats to hard-working, honest Republicans. Birds of a feather flock together. Most of the following people support the Democrats, and thus are Democrats:

Assailants, accessories, arsonists, bribers, burglars, child abusers, child pornographers, con artists, conspirators, drunks, druggies, embezzlers, extortionists, felons, flashers, forgers, fraudsters, hackers, kidnappers, killers, money launderers, muggers, murderers, perjurers, probation violators, prostitutes, pushers, racketeers, rapists, robbers, sexual assaulters, shoplifters, stalkers, swindlers, thieves, vandals, violent prisoners, and wife beaters.



Author: Rob Larrikin