Feminazi Professors in Public Universities

Jennifer Ho Feminazi

Not satisfied with their attempt to destroy a SCOTUS and his family, the Left is now nominating their attack dog, Christine Blasey Ford, for a distinguished alumni award at her alma mater. Ford was recommended for the award by Professor Jennifer Ho at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ford was a student at the public university in 1988.

Jennifer Ho, an extreme left-winged English professor, decided she was the judge and jury in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s case, declaring that Christine Blasey Ford “told the truth” about the alleged sexual assault, and should be awarded for it, calling her a “survivor.”

In my opinion, neither of these Lefty Liars should be professors, especially in publicly funded universities. To understand why this is true of Christine Blasey Ford, I think Professor Janice Fiamengo, of the University of Ottawa, says it well:


As for Jennifer Ho, the so-called “English professor,” she wrote a book about another Chinese American writer, Ren Bi Lian (aka Gish Jen). It was called Understanding Gish Jen, and can be viewed, here. When I scroll down to Chapter One and read the first three paragraphs, I see the following errors:

1. The term ‘world making’ is missing a hyphen.

2. There is no such word as “writerly.”

3. ‘Specifically’ requires a comma after it.

4. The sentence ending in ‘…three girls and two boys’ requires a comma after girls.

5. The introductory phrase ‘In the fifth grade Jen had her’ requires a comma after grade.

6. The sentence starting with ‘Jen’s trademark wit and comic sensibility’ contains three words or phrases that require separating. It needs a comma after and.

7. In the sentence that contains ‘she was enrolled in English 283, a legendary prosody course taught by’ the noun ‘course’ might combine better with an adjective other than ‘legendary’ – for instance, ‘notable.’

Those were just basic grammatical mistakes. Consider the veracity and rationality of the writing in that first page. Ho remarks that Gish Jen wanted to be known as an American writer, not an Asian or Chinese/American writer, yet she spends the first paragraph telling us Gish is an Asian, Chinese/American writer. In the second paragraph, she mentions Gish’s suburb and its lack of a Chinese and Asian American presence. This makes it impossible for Gish to follow her ambition. The goofiness does not end there. In the second paragraph, Ho brings up the reason for Lillian Jen changing her name to Gish Jen, mentioning the ability to “rename and remake yourself into an identity that you choose versus one bestowed on you from birth.”

The problem is that Lillian Jen was merely an English “sound-alike” of the name bestowed upon her at birth. Her Chinese parents called her 任 璧 蓮. The first Chinese character is the family name ‘Ren’. The second character means Jadestone, and the third means Lotus flower. To Romanize the Chinese characters, you would write Bìlián Rèn. Average Americans would write, Bi Lian Ren. It was then rhymed with English names to become “Lillian Jen.” Obviously, the Chinese name came first, so it was bestowed upon her at birth. Bi Lian Ren then modified her anglicized name further, to become “Gish Jen,” on a whim. Her Chinese parents would have said, “Bìlián Rèn, what is this “Gish Jen” we keep hearing people say?”

In just three paragraphs Feminist Ho made quite a few grammatical and factual errors. Imagine how many we would find if we went through her entire book!

Yet, she is an English Professor…

What does this tell you about university standards today? It says that anyone can be an English Professor nowadays, especially if they are extreme, left-winged, non-white immigrants with poor English skills.

Her Students

So what do Feminist Ho’s students think of her? On this page, at Rate My Professors, she received critiques and ratings from five students. The comments were as follows [below them I will check their grammar]:

12/18/2017 – Awful. Professor Ho is a passionate woman who obviously cares about the material, yet she is very rude when she disagrees with you. Made me cry more than once after meeting with her
—-[The intensifier very modifies the weak adjective rude. Consider replacing the phrase ‘very rude’ with a strong adjective like ‘insulting’ to sharpen your writing. The last sentence is not complete. Try starting it with ‘She’ and ending it with a period.]

05/11/2017 – Awful. This class was so unorganized and such a pain to try and do well in. This class barely had any grading criteria in order to not “hinder creativity”, but this will NOT work to your advantage. If you don’t do well, you don’t understand why. It took MONTHS to get grades back, and the professors didn’t even know what the final was gonna be until LDOC.
—- [The comma after ‘creativity’ needs to be inside the quotation marks. The phrase ‘in order to’ is too wordy. Replace it with ‘to.’ The word ‘gonna’ should be replaced with ‘going to.’ The abbreviation LDOC should be replaced with ‘the last day of classes.’]

12/07/2016 – Awesome. Dr. Ho a very straightforward person and it might take some time getting used to her personality. However, I personally grew to appreciate her bluntness and have a great deal of respect for her. She truly cares about her students and the material she teaches. Awesome class and an even more awesome lady.
—-[You require a verb or conjugation like ‘is’ or ‘was’ after ‘Ho.’ The word Awesome is often overused. Consider using a more specific synonym, like ‘excellent’ to improve the sharpness of your writing. In your case, you used Awesome twice – and three times if you include the rating. If you do have to use the word, try limiting it to one time. The last sentence is fragmented. Since the adjective ‘awesome’ is not modifying a noun, and since there’s no subject or predicate expressing a complete thought, you should add words like ‘I remember an’ or similar.]

05/05/2010 – Awesome. Dr. Ho broadened my understanding of the texts. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but she’s an excellent teacher if you WANT to be taught.

11/29/2009 – Average. She is a very difficult professor for a first year seminar. I think that she tries to help but is difficult to approach.
—-[It appears first year is missing a hyphen. The intensifier very modifies the weak adjective difficult. Consider replacing the phrase a very difficult with a tough or a challenging to employ a strong identifier.

Today our Universities are infested with feminazis and socialists. My advice to parents is to homeschool your children and avoid sending your teens to college. They have all turned into propaganda factories. If you let your kids go, they’ll be taught by man-hating hags like Christine Blasey Ford and Jennifer Ho. They won’t learn much, except how to vote for Democrats and tear down American values.

So who is Jennifer Ho anyway?

Dr Jennifer Ho Feminist Judge and Jury

The daughter of a refugee father from China and an immigrant mother from Jamaica, most of Ho’s interests are to do with race. I think English is the very least of her concerns.


Rob Larrikin

Author: Rob Larrikin