CNN’s Token Lemon and his Racist Token Guests

Token Don Lemon

Token Don Lemon

Kanye West stunned America yesterday by endorsing President Trump glowingly in a press-filled Oval Office. It is a sure indicator that Trump is winning over black voters.

The Left reacted like a profoundly jealous, scorned lover. They went into damage mode immediately, and told their legion of Fake Reporters and talking heads to pour scorn on Kanye.

Over on CNN (or as I say, the Clinton News Network), a panel hosted by Don Lemon abandoned all the rules the Left have insisted we follow, as they lit into Kanye. Former Congressman Bakari Sellers said:

Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read.

This encouraged CNN commentator Tara Setmayer, who called Kanye an attention whore and went on to say:

He’s the token negro of the Trump administration!

Throughout this racist ear-bashing, Don Lemon was giggling like a twelve-year-old schoolgirl.

CNN tokens

My advice to Don Lemon, Bakari Sellers, and Tara Setmayer is to take a look in the mirror. Do you really think CNN would employ you if you were white? Kanye West made his money with his music, not by being hired as a token. You three can’t say the same.

Rob Larrikin

Author: Rob Larrikin

1 thought on “CNN’s Token Lemon and his Racist Token Guests

  1. what a sad, bitter person you are

    maybe you need to believe that they don’t deserve their jobs to make yourself okay with your lack of one?

    definitely can’t have anything to do with the quality of your ‘journalism’

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