CNN Use Racist Professors to Attack President Trump

Dorothy A. Brown

Professor Dorothy A Brown


Yesterday CNN published an article by Dorothy A. Brown, a black professor of law at Emory University School of Law, Atlanta, Georgia. Professor Brown’s area of expertise is tax law and ‘critical race theory,’ a weird mixture to say the least, but nothing surprises us about universities these days. To skeptics, the title ‘critical race theory,’ taught by an angry black woman, is just another name for ‘Why We Hate Crackers.’

Brown wrote the anti-Trump article in response to a tweet Trump put up Wednesday, showing a homicidal illegal immigrant licking his chops over the idea of murdering policemen – a monster in every sense of the word if ever there was one.

Trump’s tweet predictably caused a storm of protest from Lefties, who were quick to call him a racist. Professor Dorothy A. Brown wrote [emphasis mine]:


President Donald Trump is at it again, tweeting a thinly veiled racist attack ad designed to turn out his white base for the midterm elections. According to CNN exit polls 57% of white people voted for Trump in 2016. He needs them to come out and vote Tuesday to keep a Republican majority in Congress.


Notice that our race-obsessed professor is talking about white people as though her audience is black. Also, she did not bother to explain why showing a murderous illegal immigrant is racist. As for CNN exit polls in 2016, is she kidding? How many blacks would have admitted to pollsters that they voted for Trump? How many whites would acknowledge that either, in front of others, as they left a voting booth? Revealing such a thing is dangerous, in case Professor Brown has not noticed. Her peers, such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters, encourage Democrats to beat up any conservatives they find on the street, so why would anyone want to volunteer that information publicly? The CNN exit polls were about as accurate as their predictions of an overwhelming Clinton win.

Professor Dorothy A. Brown continued, saying [emphasis mine]:


The ad shows some frightening video of an undocumented immigrant from Mexico talking about killing police in the past and hopefully (he says, as he is led away by authorities) in the future. He smiles as he does this; his lawyer has said he is mentally ill.


Brown defended the murderer by changing ‘illegal’ to ‘undocumented,’ as that sounds less criminal. She also used the word ‘talking’ instead of ‘gloating,’ ‘leering,’ ‘bragging,’ ‘boasting,’ ‘ogling,’ ‘taunting,’ ‘threatening,’ or ‘promising.’ Brown then inserted the part about him being led away by authorities to remind readers that he is under arrest and they are dominating him, as though that is some kind of justification for his offensive threats. Just for good measure, she added that his lawyer said he is mentally ill, and so once again, the Left defend murderous monsters, as they did with MS-13. Their loyalty lies not with law-abiding American citizens, but with murderous illegal immigrants. What is more, they believe that to do anything else is ‘racism.’


Dorothy A. Brown


The Professor states:


The libertarian Cato Institute published a study based on Texas data that showed native-born citizens are more likely to be convicted of committing violent crimes, such as homicide, than either undocumented or legal immigrants.


The link she provided goes to a study written and compiled by Alex Nowrasteh, a Leftie whose details can be seen here. He’s totally biased, and Lefties like him never let facts get in their way. He supports the migrant mob invasion and is as anti-Trump as they come. Professor Brown chose his stats because they give a false impression that illegal immigrants are not that harmful, which is wrong. To get a much clearer idea of what is happening, check out the Texas governor’s own stats on the subject. Here is an example:

According to DHS status indicators, over 270,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and October 31, 2018, of which over 182,000 were classified as illegal aliens by DHS.

Over the course of their entire Texas criminal careers, these 182,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 452,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 1,000 homicide charges; 51,134 assault charges; 14,621 burglary charges; 58,333 drug charges; 678 kidnapping charges; 28,130 theft charges; 40,192 obstructing police charges; 3,432 robbery charges; 5,449 sexual assault charges; 3,335 sexual offense charges; and 6,554 weapon charges. DPS criminal history records reflect those criminal charges have thus far resulted in over 209,000 convictions including 460 homicide convictions; 22,082 assault convictions; 7,572 burglary convictions; 30,288 drug convictions; 274 kidnapping convictions; 13,307 theft convictions; 20,316 obstructing police convictions; 1,892 robbery convictions; 2,873 sexual assault convictions; 1,801 sexual offense convictions; and 2,931 weapon convictions.


At this time, more than 26,000 incarcerated individuals have been identified as being in the country illegally, 10,299 of which were not identified through the PEP program at the time of their arrest. Over the course of their entire Texas criminal careers, these 10,299 individual identified as illegal aliens while in prison, were charged with more than 47,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 1,929 homicide charges; 5,525 assault charges; 3,653 burglary charges; 6,686 drug charges; 332 kidnapping charges; 2,688 theft charges; 3,721 obstructing police charges; 2,443 robbery charges; 2,937 sexual assault charges; 1,050 sexual offense charges; and 1,578 weapon charges. DPS criminal history records reflect those criminal charges have thus far resulted in over 25,000 convictions including 1,136 homicide convictions; 2,777 assault convictions; 1,988 burglary convictions; 3,920 drug convictions; 141 kidnapping convictions; 1,268 theft convictions; 1,682 obstructing police convictions; 1,639 robbery convictions; 1,870 sexual assault convictions; 632 sexual offense convictions; and 620 weapon convictions.



So it appears that Professor Brown is wrong, and that is no surprise. There is nothing racist about the President showing us a violent illegal immigrant, to point to the dangers of unregulated immigration. That is mind-numbingly obvious, but not to modern “professors” with the massive chips they have on their shoulders about race and racism.

Brown is just another Leftist Trump hater with the usual collection of clichéd placards. In this video, she provides a ten-minute speech about racism. Unlike Trump, who knows his subject so well he rarely uses notes, Dorothy spends a quarter of the address (2.5 minutes) referring to her jottings. The video below shows all the bits with her reading notes, put together. That is how much she cannot remember. I must admit though – if I had to speak that much nonsense, I would have to read notes as well.



I guess CNN must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with writers for their Fake News. NPCs are not very imaginative so they will take what they can get.




Author: Rob Larrikin