Big Foot, Big Bird, Michelle Obama
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Republicans Have Melania. Democrats Have Big Bird

Fake News lied about President Trump on Christmas day, saying he did not visit US troops in a combat zone during Christmastime, when in fact, he was in Iraq visiting the soldiers with the First Lady, Melania. After NBC and their copycat minions lied about this, a storm of criticism…

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Asawin Suebsaeng Thai Man
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American Newspapers Printing Asian Racist’s Lies

As the once great American culture is stamped out by anti-white immigrants, you would think that white newspaper editors would hold onto what is left of their heritage. Apparently, that is too much to expect. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity do their best to keep the madness in check, but…

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Latin America drowning USA
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Racist Latin American Mob Invades U.S. for Welfare

Latin America, made up of Mexico, Central and South America, is trying to pull the United States down into a sea of Socialism and crime, like a drowning man clutching at straws. It has the United States by its gizzards and is yanking hard. Migration is nothing like it was….

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Dorothy A. Brown
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CNN Use Racist Professors to Attack President Trump

  Yesterday CNN published an article by Dorothy A. Brown, a black professor of law at Emory University School of Law, Atlanta, Georgia. Professor Brown’s area of expertise is tax law and ‘critical race theory,’ a weird mixture to say the least, but nothing surprises us about universities these days….

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