Blacks, Gays, Hippies, Tucker Carlson, and Fake News

Tucker's Liberals

Tucker's Liberals

Commentators like Tucker Carlson and his guests often tout the view that Liberals have abandoned ideals they once championed regarding racism and equality. It does appear that today’s Democrats have forsaken such principles, but in fact, they had no such morals to ditch. Tucker gives them way too much credit, which is no surprise since he is essentially a libertarian. He may deny that, but then, many libertarians deny being libertarian.

In the 1960s, hippies demanded “equality” for blacks, women, and homosexuals.

Their heroes included:

  • Black civil rights activist Michael King Jr. (AKA Martin Luther King).
  • Feminist Germaine Greer (AKA Dr. G, Rose Blight, and Earth Rose).
  • Homosexual Andrew Warhola (AKA Andy Warhol).
  • Bisexual Janis Joplin (AKA Pearl).

Hippies abandoned traditional values like sobriety, fidelity, monogamy, cleanliness, neatness, short hair, shaved faces, suits, ties, hats, the bible, the Ten Commandments, Christian values, parental loyalty, patriotism, support of the military, nationalism, work ethics, promptness, child discipline, marriage, saving money, and the rule of law.

A typical male hippy was an unemployed bum with long greasy hair, a scruffy beard, bare feet, and dirty jeans. Wearing peace signs around his neck, he would smoke dope at some friend’s rented dump and meet strangers of either sex to bonk while listening to psychedelic music. The nipple-boasting bra-less female of the species wore giant sunglasses, mini-skirts, and floppy hats, displayed large flowery peace signs, and danced as often as possible. She would sleep with any slob she met and drink and smoke as often as possible. The nitwits loved garish colors in stark orange, green, purple, yellow, and pink and encouraged breaking any rule their parents held sacred.

If a stoned male hippy had sex with a drugged-out female counterpart, he would never dream she might haunt him decades later for money. Burned-out old womyn might target men this way, but only the wealthy ones, so tens of millions of poor ex-hippies could breathe easy. “He took advantage of me while I was high,” the fifty-eight-year-old hag might say.
  This behavior was predictable. For many decades feminists have been teaching females to divorce their husbands and sue them for alimony and child support. A man’s wife would transform into his deadliest enemy, no better than a wild hyena, tearing his life apart. Why would those man-hating feminazis feel guilty about finding another way to rip men off forty years after their drunken, slutty encounters?

Was there anything good about hippies? Not really. They were disloyal, unclean, unpatriotic loafers who caused mayhem and brought anarchy into our societies. They supported communist regimes and Islamic tyrants. They lied about everything with their Hollywood movies and Fake News. No, hippies were mostly a curse on humanity, and it is splendid they are finally dying off. As with removing cancerous growths, people will be so much better off without them.

How could Tucker believe that wretched generation was fair about race, gender, sex, or women? Fake News lied about this, and a young Tucker swallowed all the myths in college. He believed them and still does. Take your tinfoil hat off, Tucker, and pay attention:


Governments have introduced a raft of rules and laws since the 60s, ordering society to treat blacks, women, and gays a certain way. They banned employers, shops, businesses, schools, and individuals from discriminating against such groups. Even using certain words could get you into trouble legally.

Yet, little has changed. People simply do not express their innermost thoughts nowadays, that is all. TV talking heads interpret that as ‘great progress.’ They assume our society has done away with discrimination. Nature designed our senses and brains to discriminate continuously, so it is not gone, and legislation will never eliminate it.

People discriminate today as they always have and always will. Most whites dislike most blacks and vice versa. The vast majority of humans disapprove of homosexuals. A great majority of people on Earth know that feminists do not help women or families. The world we live in does not subscribe to the view that women are equal to men. Billions know the sexes are different and that women should be attending to their children while standing by their husbands because kids need dads.

Planet Earth does not believe blacks are held back or kept down by whites. Humans know that many Africans have some kind of anger gene, which makes the majority too aggressive too often. As in all animal populations, there are exceptions to the rule. Maybe a one-in-a-hundred minority pulls the whole populace forward, genetically, in a process called evolution. One percent of 1.3 billion Africans is 13 million – more than the population of Ireland and Switzerland combined. That might be how many Africans have a better disposition than the average. They do not get easily angered. Their temper is more like Asians, or Anglo Saxons, as are their intellect and wit.

Examples would include folks like Herman Cain, Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Lynne Patton, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Lynnette Hardaway, Rochelle Richardson (Diamond and Silk), and millions of others scattered across America and the world.

The above is not a criticism or an insult. Historically and biologically speaking, black people lived in tribes until recently, and having a little anger in the jungle or desert is probably a good thing. Additional testosterone and hostility would help them survive when confronted by dangerous tribes or animals, so it was perhaps an essential part of their armory.

Blacks were excellent trackers, hunters, warriors, skilled and courageous, and I tip my hat to them. However, as I explained here, the ethos of tribal sharing clashes with modern society. The strong instinct to take what you want works well in the jungle, but not in a law-abiding, rule-of-law city.


While there are millions of notable exceptions to this rule, this trait creates a dilemma for most blacks. They try very hard to follow the rule of law, but strong instincts get in their way, which explains their high crime, murder, and incarceration rates. It is not because the white man wants to keep them down, and it has little to do with ‘racist cops.’ It is their genetic attribute that makes them lash out. Although this natural condition sometimes rules their behavior, they can learn to control it.

Parents need to be honest with black children about this characteristic and teach them how to manage it from an early age. Instead of filling their heads with racist nonsense about ‘The Man’ keeping them in chains, they need to learn the truth about simple biology and evolution. In running races, runners come in first, second, third, and fourth, and we applaud them all for doing their best. Some human tribes or races arrived at the industrial revolution before others. So what? Have you ever seen a car race where all the cars arrived at the finish line in the same thousandth second? Dream on!

Blacks are very close to whites evolutionarily. If left alone in Africa, they might have reached our state of industry and science in fifty to eighty thousand years, a mere second or two on the clock of evolution (whose minutes are equal to tens of millions of years). According to anthropologists, humans started walking out of Africa about that long ago. As they relocated to different parts of the world, their evolution was affected by other locations, climate, conditions, flora, and fauna. Humans in colder climes had to evolve faster to survive. Their brains had to change slightly, allowing them to cope with the many problems cold climates (with little food) presented. Africans who stayed in warm, plentiful Africa did not have to change, as they were already perfectly adapted to their environment.

Parents and teachers should tell black children the truth about this with no shame. They need to learn to be proud of themselves for what they can accomplish. Parents should tutor them to manage their fiery tempers and control their urges to take. Many black kids today do not have a father with whom to practice these techniques, so they grow up wild, and the jungle in them comes out. They end up parading around with drugs and guns, shooting, raping, and pillaging until they get blown away by another out-of-control black teen or thrown in jail forever.

Democrats misdiagnose their problem, telling them it is all about racism, which only inflames the issue. They fill black kids’ heads with bigotry and hatred towards Anglo Saxons. After committing crimes to get back at whites, blacks end up in prison doing hard-time. Single female parents and leftist teachers are mostly to blame for this shameful situation, and the media fuel it.


It is the same with homosexuals. People today may hate gays more than they did in the sixties because some gays have become militant in their views. They work hard to indoctrinate children to become gay, which infuriates parents. It may be true that millions applaud when gay entertainers perform, sing or act, but billions of others change channels. In a world of close to 8 billion people, ‘millions’ is still a tiny minority. For instance, if 50 million worldwide support gays vigorously, that equals one in 160 people worldwide. The great majority do not wish to hang with gay folk, regardless of Hollywood’s and Fake News’ never-ending promotions of homosexuals.

Is this an attack on gays? Is it ‘homophobia’ as Fake News likes to describe it?

No, it is just an opinion. I have nothing against gay people unless they wish to brainwash my kids or grandkids into being gay, and then I have a problem. That is precisely what some gay teachers, journalists, actors, writers, and singers have done for decades. It should be classified as child abuse and outlawed.

Tucker thinks Democrats used to be open-minded about blacks and gays, having spurned discrimination and turned over a new leaf. Although the Left promoted this idea, it never happened. It was Fake News. They have always hated blacks and gays, and today they have flipped the propaganda the other way, wanting blacks and gays to hate whites and heterosexuals. What never changed was the Left’s hatred of capitalism, democracy, and freedom of speech. Their motto is ‘Divide and Conquer,’ and blacks and gays are their pawns.

Other gay myths

The most prominent myth gays believe is that buggery or sodomy (anal intercourse) is sex. It is not. Neither is fellatio (oral stimulation of the penis) nor cunnilingus (oral stimulation of female genitals). Dictionaries may describe these things as sex, but then dictionaries define ‘Poseidon’ as the ancient Greek god of the sea, with the power to cause earthquakes, which is a myth. Sex is about reproduction, and you cannot procreate via buggery, blow jobs, or carpet munching.

When you see two lesbians bragging about how much sex they have, you could break it gently to them that they have never had actual sex. They enjoy themselves, stimulate each other, and have a close friendship. They are not sexual partners and cannot marry since marriage is always about reproduction.

Think of a car body and its engine to put this in context. We put these together, call it a car, and assembly lines make millions of them — most start when you turn the key. Sometimes a car does not start, but they can usually fix it quickly. If not, it might be called a lemon and towed away for more work; however, whether lemons or not, all these vehicles are called cars.

Now Queen Elton Smith enters the car factory to show workers his sparkly bicycle. He says, “How do you like my car? Isn’t it just peachy?”
  “That’s not a car,” auto workers laugh. “It’s a bicycle!”
  Elton, wearing a pink suit and glittering glasses, looks scorned. He cries, “Don’t be unfair. You call your vehicles cars. Why can’t I call mine a car?”
  The workers laugh even louder. “Your bicycle has no engine,” they explain, “and only two wheels.”
  “I am the frickin’ engine,” Elton insists, pointing at his legs. “I provide the muscle to get it to move.”
  “True,” a car plant manager agrees, “but human bodies don’t power cars. They’re driven by combustion or electric engines that turn one or more gears and turn wheels.”
  “But look,” Elton declares, pulling a piece of paper from his jacket pocket, “I have a certificate signed by the Queen of England that says my bike is a car!”
  Workers laugh and walk away.
  “It’s true!” Elton yells at them. “My bike is a car, by the Queen’s authoritah!”

Just as a car that does not function is still called a car, we still call married couples who fail to produce kids married. They each have the equipment for reproducing, even if it fails to work correctly. That equipment defines their sex (male or female) and what they need to procreate. Just because it fails occasionally is no reason to deny its existence or how it defines the couple.

By contrast, when two women or two men come together, they cannot reproduce. A set of genitals necessary for sex is missing between them. Two sets of penises and testicles cannot mutually create a fertilized egg whether or not they are in perfect condition. The same applies to two groups of female reproductive organs. Thus two men (or two women) living together are not married. Sure, they can call themselves married, just as Elton can call his bike a car. They can dance and sing, have ceremonies, and even create sparkly pink certificates saying they are married, signed by the emperor of Mars and the band Kiss, but in the end, a bicycle is not a car. Two men together is a friendship or partnership, not a marriage.

My advice to gay people is to be inventive. Think up a new name instead of stealing the word ‘marriage’ from heterosexuals who have owned it for millennia. How about gayriage? Are you too frightened to admit you are different and thus need a separate name?

Parental advice to gays

What guidance should you give to a son or daughter who decides they are gay? Explain the above for starters, and instruct them to avoid the myths most gays believe. They should be taught not to wear their homosexuality on their sleeve or make it a strong central theme in their life. Gay people should be discreet about it. Males should avoid the ‘queer talk’ with the limp wrist, rolling eyes, and effeminate gait. Females should avoid trying to act tough, wearing short hair and macho clothes, and should knock off the hating men routine. Above all, they should never go around promoting a gay lifestyle. Acting like ordinary people without a global gay agenda would be more productive and useful.

Most homosexuals in the world do not act gay. They are just as annoyed as the rest of us by the constant parade of stereotypical effeminate pansies or butch dykes that stream past in the media. It is likely we all know at least one person who appears to be straight and is secretly gay.

Tucker and his libertarian college thinking

So, Tucker, I hope you learned a little here. Please stop saying that liberals used to be much fairer about race and sexuality. They never were. They said they were, but remember, when Lefties’ lips move, they are lying. Fake News does not define our society. When you were in college, essential parts of what you learned about politics and history were phony. Examples include your views about McCarthy, Nixon, robots, feminists, war, and the industrial revolution.

      • Joseph McCarthy, a republican politician, worked hard to expose communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers that had infiltrated the US federal government, universities, the film industry, etc. He was a hero discredited and besmirched by Fake News and Hollywood. Tucker often sneers at liberals for using tactics “similar to McCarthyism.” It appears he learned in college that McCarthy was an enemy of liberty, which is a lie. McCarthy protected liberty from communist infiltrators, who were bent on destroying it. We need more politicians like McCarthy today.
      • Richard Nixon was a great president who bugged offices in an attempt to find spies leaking classified information to the communist Việt Cộng. Other presidents had used bugs in similar ways. Fake News gave Nixon the same treatment they are presently giving Trump, never letting reason get in the way of their exaggerated attacks, making mountains out of molehills. Fake News told Tucker that Nixon was a criminal, and he swallowed that nothingburger, just as today’s college students believe what their lecturers tell them about Trump.
      • Robots are helping our society in every way, which is why the Fifth Column is against them. Tucker believed that college propaganda, so he regularly denounces robots.
      • Feminists destroyed countless marriages, bankrupted innumerable men, hurt a myriad of children, and stole uncountable jobs from better-qualified men, wrecking billions of opportunities and retarding the healthy growth of development in our society over the last 80 years. His peers told Tucker feminism was cool, and he mostly still believes that, as most libertarians do.
      • War with Iraq and Afghanistan was necessary after 9/11, as I pointed out here. Tucker joined the anti-war Left (as do libertarians in general) in his rants against any kind of justified defensive war.
      • Colleges have long taught kids that the Industrial Revolution was a bad thing, full of child slavery, pollution, misery, and poverty. The exact opposite is true. The Industrial Revolution was a Godsend to humans, improving the health and lifespans of billions by generating wealth, inventions, materials, and opportunities for whole nations to end thousands of years of relentless disease, poverty, and child mortality.



Author: Rob Larrikin