College Feminazis Outlaw Romance

Feminist brain

Campus condoned romance

For decades teachers have brainwashed girls into believing males are inherently bossy misogynists. They are schooled to reject much of what men say, classify it as ‘mansplaining,’ and place little value in it. Teachers point to one despotic oaf as proof that ALL men are arrogant blockheads. They have whole curriculums based on brainless generalizations.

Feminazis believe the world would be better sans men and prefer female-only universities. To this end, they developed a myth about campus rape being commonplace and then brought in rules about what comprises acceptable behavior when dating.

Speakers give seminars about correct and incorrect mating behavior, binding romance up with red tape. A student must say, “May I kiss you?” before kissing his date. He must not read distinct natural signals as permission. The seminars portray males as predators and females as victims. The result of all this is to discourage males from enrolling in college.

If feminists have brainwashed you in these matters, I can help you undo it. The first step is to try and forget everything they said and start over. Let us do a clean boot.


Prehistoric romance


Clean Boot

Evolution worked on this millions of years before the metrosexual school monitor stood on stage and person-splained how evil men were. Humans evolved their mating behavior over hundreds of thousands of years, and most of it is invisible. Did the pony-tailed hipster dude mention that?

From Smart Publications [emphasis mine]:

Pheromones can act as powerful catalysts of sexual attraction. As humans secrete these chemicals through perspiration, they are subconsciously detected by the nose, brain and nervous system. Only about 10 percent of men give off significant amounts of androsterone, a select pheromone that seems to give them what many call sex appeal. These men may not even look sexy yet through pheromone-release they send out powerful signals of attraction.

Men primarily release androsterone through their skin and hair. And while both men and women excrete trace amounts of it through their urine, men excrete up to four times as much as women do. This particular pheromone, which is produced by the adrenal glands of both sexes, is also present in sweat under the armpits of both sexes. In addition, it is present in smegma, the substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of the penis and vagina.

There is much more on that site to read to understand how much of this is beyond our control. Once you are attracted sexually to a person you have met and spoken with for some time, the job is likely half done. If your genes were compatible, they might have called out to each other in unseen biological ways before you had a say. There are more steps to go through, to be sure, and these are well mapped out by nature too.


Test Drive

When a male (Glen) and a female (Lillian) are attracted to each other, they need a test drive involving walking, talking, and communicating. While this may be fun, the prime motivation is instinctive; they both need to examine each other’s machinery. Do their bodies move correctly, and are their brains in good shape? Dancing is another way to find out, but usually, we begin with walking.

Lillian may think she is walking and talking with Glen because she likes the park or the beach, but it is more to do with the ‘wise old woman’ inside her, studying Glen to see if he is okay physically and mentally. The ‘wise old woman’ and ‘wise old man’ are archetypes of Carl Jung’s “Collective Unconscious.” Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology.

The very fact that Lillian agrees to go for a walk with Glen signals her interest romantically or sexually. Otherwise, she would probably tell him to take a hike. Glen has a right to be encouraged by this. As they walk, her arm may brush against his occasionally. When a dog barks at Lillian savagely, Glen instinctively puts his arm around her waist, pulling her away from danger. The memory of this lingers as they walk, and they realize their affection for each other is growing.

They choose a place to sit and then lie, propped up on elbows, observing the view. Laughing about small matters and making funny observations, they enjoy themselves on the surface while deeper elements in their subconscious continue assessing each other. Chemicals, hormones, pheromones, instincts, and psychology all go to work, and if the results are good, they may begin to fall in love. If not, passions may cool. Perhaps they were not meant for each other.

In this case, Cupid has shot his arrow, and Glen strongly desires to take Lillian’s hand in his. Being an awkward teen, he grabs her hand and gushes. When she smiles, Glen edges forward to kiss her. She removes her chewing gum and locks lips with her new friend, who blushes red and shivers. “Are you okay?” she laughs.
  Glen coughs nervously. “Sorry, I haven’t done this before,” he admits.
  “It’s okay,” Lillian smiles.
  “I can taste your gum,” Glen observes.
  “Come on,” Lillian whispers, pulling him back.

That is a typical scenario. Some guys are cooler on dates, while others are clumsier. The girl may rebuff a few who dare kiss her as she rears back and gasps, “What are you doing?”

If Glen survived the stages of walking, talking, sitting, and touching hands, he is probably well justified in trying a gentle kiss, one the girl can effortlessly reject if need be.



The above scene is typical and hardly dangerous unless Glen becomes an evil fiend. Usually, Lillian’s instincts, common sense, and built-in subconscious safeguards would have sorted that out at the beginning.

Nature designed us to only walk or dance with those who pass a cursory inspection, and most people can assess someone’s compatibility after just a few seconds, let alone minutes, so in most cases, all is well.





While all this is happening, Glen and Lillian are only vaguely aware of the massive amount of work their brains are doing to assess each other as potential mates. It is one of the marvels of nature, and although complicated, it seems effortless. Falling in love appears to be a piece of cake. They will start to like each other if they are a good match, but only because their brains are assessing every tiny detail about each other. During this time, Lillian might say, “Sometimes I dream I am a bird flying across the valley. Do you ever dream you fly?”
  While it may seem like a random bit of lightheartedness, just for fun, it is an excellent way to find out a lot about Glen. Lillian might say, “Look at that cloud. What do you think it looks like?” Glen might ask, “How old do you think that tree is,” and so on.

These carefree talking points might seem innocuous, but they are like a psychiatrist’s inkblot (Rorschach) tests, designed to examine personality, emotional functioning and detect thought disorders. If Glen reacts strongly to Lillian’s suggestion about a cloud looking like Chris Hemsworth, shouting, “That’s stupid! It’s Melissa McCarthy,” Lillian might decide he is too strange for her. Soon she will be saying, “Is that the time? I really must be going,” and Glen will lose her.




In bird mating rituals, females scrutinize males as they dance and often reject them, if they are not up to scratch. While humans find this highly amusing, few realize they do the same thing, and their dancing would be equally hilarious to a higher being. It is an ancient instinctive ceremony that allows both sexes to study each other’s physical and mental abilities.

They will assess each others’ physical health, sense of rhythm, and ear for music as they dance, move, sing, and chant. Those with perfect pitch, rhythm, and physique will be attracted to those with similar attributes. At the same time, the movement allows chemicals to be released and sensed by each party. If others are dancing, it provides a chance to see potential mates interact with others. Do they bump into them or glare at them? Are they able to handle themselves around others naturally? After a dance or two, both usually know whether or not they are interested in their opposite number.



Sex is a matter for two adults to decide. It should have nothing to do with university boards. Broken laws are a matter for the police and courts, not professors or school bureaucrats. When two adults are ready to engage in sex, it is entirely up to them how they handle the arrangement. Spelling out the exact procedure may injure the romance that would typically have allowed a couple to form, which may impact both individuals and destroy potential future children. How many children are missing from today’s societies thanks to such bureaucrats and red tape?

When Glen and Lillian go back to his place to watch a movie and share a bottle of wine, it is their choice to snuggle up on the lounge and kiss. If Glen stands up and leads Lillian to his bed, and she is happy to go, it results from an ancient and natural process. Part of that is ‘style’ and ‘personality.’ Glen wants Lillian to see him as a hero, a brave man, and a person who leads. If he has to grovel to her, to ask aloud if he is permitted to have sex, it will reduce him to the status of a wimp in his mind. Likewise, for her part, Lillian may want to have a strong man lead her, as opposed to a weakling, going by the book, too afraid to break the rules.

If Glen follows Big Brother’s guidelines, it may turn Lillian off. She may feel that he is not manly enough for her. She may have a change of heart.
  “Glen,” she says, looking at her watch, “thanks for the wine, and the movie.”
  “You’re not leaving are you?” he asks.
  “Yes,” she replies, standing up. “It was great, but I have so much work, I better go.”
  “Do you think we could go out tomor…”
  “It’s not you, Glen. It’s me. I’m not ready for a serious relationship, sorry.”
  “Was it because I asked permission?”
  “No, not at all.”
  “It’s just that they have all these rules now.…”
  “No, it’s not that, not at all.”

All too often, it is precisely that. Had Glen taken her boldly by the hand and led her to the bedroom with determination, she may have found him inspiring and romantic. Had her objections been brushed aside as he swept her off her feet and into his arms, she might have decided, “He’s the one!”




Haggling, pitching, wooing, and cooing

Many billions of romances have started just like that, with the woman saying no, and the man pressing on. Countless millions of women have cried, “Stop, you must not, I cannot,” as their Romeo proceeded to make love, and such women would go on to bear many children by the same man. Regardless, today’s dull-witted bureaucrats would say that was rape. For a young person today, it must not be very clear. How would they know the difference?

Consider sellers and buyers haggling at the market:

Liza:  How much?
Chad:  $2000
Liza:  Way too much. $500.
Chad:  Hah! $500 my ass! I can do $1800.
Liza:  No way. $700.
Chad:  You have to be joking. $1600.
Liza:  I can go up to $800, and that’s it. Take it or leave it.
Chad:  I’ll leave it.
Liza:  Come on, man, stop dreaming.
Chad:  $1500, but I’m being generous.
Liza:  $1000 is my final offer.
Chad:  Okay, I’ll do you a favor. $1300.
Liza:  Favor? You’re robbin’ me blind!
Chad:  Fine, then don’t buy it.
Liza:  Make it $1050 you got a deal.
Chad:  Nope.
Liza:  Okay, this is truly my last offer. $1100. That’s all I got.
Chad:  I’ll come down to $1200, but I must be crazy.
Liza:  $1100. Come on.
Chad:  Deal. $1100.

 According to dimwitted bureaucrats, the price is $2000 because Chad said $2000, so Liza’s purchase price of $1100 is theft. She is a thief, according to their logic. Put the college professor bureaucrat into the mix to see her philosophy at work:

Liza:  How much?
Chad:  $2000
Liza:  Way too much. $500.
Chad:  Hah! $500 my ass! I can do $1800
College Bureaucrat:  Wait, wait! Chad said $2000. You can’t force him to go lower! That’s theft.
Chad:  Shaddap lady. I’m doing business here.
Liza:  Okay, Chad, how about $700?
Chad:  You have to be joking. $1600.
College Bureaucrat:  Oh, please, this is business rape! You’re forcing Chad to take less!
Liza:  I can go up to $800, and that’s it. Take it or leave it.
Chad:  I’ll leave it.
Liza:  Come on, man, stop dreaming.
Chad:  $1500, but I’m being generous.
College Bureaucrat:  No, Chad. Your price is $2000. I can’t allow this. Rape! Rape!
Chad:  Lady, you’re ruining my sale. Get lost, you fruitcake.
Liza:  $1000 is my final offer.
Chad:  Okay, I’ll do you a favor. $1300.
Liza:  Favor? You’re robbin’ me blind!
Chad:  Fine, then don’t buy it.
Liza:  Make it $1050 you got a deal.
College Bureaucrat:  Chad, this is wrong. Your price is $2000. She’s raping you!
Liza:  Okay, this is truly my last offer. $1100. That’s all I got.
Chad:  Deal. $1100.
College Bureaucrat:  Oh, Chad, you’ve been raped. There should be a law against this.
Chad:  For the last time, lady, scram before I call the police.

Chad would have been happy with $800 and considers himself lucky to get $1100. He was so pleased he invited Liza back to his place for a drink. Later that night:

Chad:  Girl, you are so beautiful [smooch].
Liza:  Please, we can’t. I hardly know you.
Chad:  I know you want to, honey. You can’t resist.
Liza:  [laying back] No, we shouldn’t [gasps with pleasure].
Chad:  [lying on her] You want it, babe, you know you do [kissing and removing clothing].
Liza:  You mustn’t. It’s not right.
Chad:  Baby, I love you [enters her].
Liza:  We can’t. It’s wrong, gasp…
Chad:  It’s right, my sweet…
Liza:  Oh, darling, oh, aahhh, oohhh…
Chad:  Oh, babe, honey…
Liza:  Ohhh! My…

If the College Bureaucrat were in the room, she would scream RAPE from the get-go. It was no rape; it was “lovemaking,” and it is as old as mankind. Liza pretended to be uninterested in sex so Chad would not think she was easy or cheap. After sleeping with fifty other men, she had a good incentive to act like a virgin. Every time she said no, she said it to sound like yes.

As for Chad, he knows the difference between a woman who wants sex and says no for vanity and a woman who does not want sex. Had her ‘no’ been genuine, he would have stopped.

“But how would he know the difference?” the ugly bureaucrat asks. She has no clue because she is frumpish and has little experience herself. A nasty man-hating lesbian, she cannot imagine why any woman would say no when they mean yes, or why anyone would say a vase was worth $2000 and then sell it for $1100.


How did we arrive at this place?

Decades ago, socialists began pulling apart fundamental male/female mechanisms as part of a suite of erosive attacks on America designed to replace capitalism with communism. Feminists emasculated boys, portraying their attraction to females as a perversion. They convinced women to think they were victims of evil men’s unstoppable quest for power.

As a result, millions of young males today have no sexual compass. Countless young women think they are victims, oppressed by males, which neuters them. They cannot fall in love with the enemy but can use his sperm and discard his useless shell, raising children alone. Into this confusion, Lefties poured an ocean of nonsense about gender and homosexuality, making people more mixed up than ever.


The Gay Lobby

Homosexuality exists in any society, including those in prehistory, but it was always a small minority, as you would expect in any population relying on sexual reproduction to survive. Mutations may account for a few homosexuals, but most arise through social and sexual experiences during a child’s development. There is no undoing a child’s sexual orientation once it has been set. If your 18-year-old tells you he or she is gay, accept it because the concrete has set hard by then.

To increase the odds against their becoming gay, you need to organize things before the concrete is mixed. Your best weapon is to avoid sending them to school, where teachers cattle-prod them into the arms of gays. Homeschooling can bypass Homosexual Highway.

Up until relatively recently, most societies outlawed homosexual acts. If school kids were gay, they mostly kept it secret for fear of losing all their friends and being expelled. With its legalization, homosexuality was greatly encouraged by the Left. Gay characters filled school literature. Teachers told preteens that being attracted to the same sex was just dandy.

Hollywood and Fake News followed the syllabus faithfully, creating stories and monologues about heroes being gay so that some kids would think being gay was something to strive for instead of a handicap. From the POV of nature and evolution, not to mention parents, a child’s becoming gay is a handicap since it means little chance of having naturally conceived genetic children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. In many cases, it may mean the end of the family tree and is a devastating blow for many parents.

When kids think being gay is noble, they will go along with the encouragement and try homosexuality out. The experience can cause them to ‘bond’ with that lifestyle. Their first sexual experiences are formative and foundational. It is how they learn what to like. Their preferences are molded and shaped by those early experiences.



The Gay Lobby denies all this. They like to pretend there is something magical about becoming gay, that gay gods decide it up in homo heaven. They have provided no evidence for all their talk and have not explained why so many people are kinky today.

If you choose to send your children to school, do not be surprised if they emerge at the other end as communist fruits of one variety or another.


The Upshot

Feminist brainLefties have feminized our societies, turning women into brazen men and men into sensitive snowflakes. Colleges brainwash us to accept this, and Hollywood brand the concept onto us through action-packed super females with bulging muscles and blacks with Einsteinian IQs. Feminazis relegate white males to the back row where misfits and losers sit. Stripped of their manliness, they can be the ugly girls nobody likes. Feminazis want white men to be as dim as those depicted in their fairy tale movies by pushing them out of college. They think their propaganda factories should be female only.

If they were successful, only women would be doctors, engineers, and scientists. That is their great ambition. They forget that when you push men out of one arena, they build themselves another. Private online learning centers will pop up to provide men with all the knowledge they need, and new brick-and-mortar ones will be constructed to accommodate them. Men like Trump will see that such socialist wreckers fail in their quest, so in the end, all their work will be in vain.



Author: Rob Larrikin