How Fake News Shows Its Hand

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Real liars exist, as do fools, and reporters have a time-honored technique for handling them. Studying that method unveils much about their treatment of Donald John Trump. You might assume they would handle liars and dopey people as they treat Trump, by constantly harping about those traits on a daily basis, but no, this is not how they deal with such people. Look again, and you will notice that reporters have used a different approach for centuries.

Their technique is to calmly interview the subject, allowing them to do most of the talking. They include a few facts, publish the article and sit back. The public soon sees that the person is a dishonest fool. There’s no need to harp on about them being stupid. Good reporters would merely put the facts up and let people figure out the obvious on their own.

There was no need to insult the subject, change his words, insinuate, accuse, name call or denigrate. The reporter was so polite the subject would assume the reporter was on their side. When seeing an angry reaction from the public, such a person might ask the reporter for an explanation. “Why are they calling me stupid?” he would demand.
“Beats me,” the reporter would shrug, looking innocent.

They still do this today with real liars and fools, whose dimness is evident every time they talk, so they hang themselves with their own words. Reporters don’t hound them with accusatory headlines, chasing them around the clock, telling readers they are stupid liars every chance they get, like rabid stalkers; there is no need.

Handling a Trump

On the other hand, how would they handle a political enemy strong enough to undo all the Marxist propaganda they’ve been promoting for decades? A political enemy who was rich, scrupulously honest, highly intelligent, courageous, innovative and fearless?


That would require a completely different approach. If they merely interviewed him and reported what he said and did, he would soon be loved by everyone. On the other hand, if they attacked him and told lies to discredit him, wouldn’t all the smart people see straight through such lies? Eventually yes, but in the meantime, maybe they could hold that off until the next election, or at least until the mid-terms in November. Perhaps they could regain the Senate. That made sense to wild-eyed desperadoes like Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris.

So Fake News would launch a war against Trump, using techniques they never use on real liars. These techniques were designed to take down a smart, good guy. A superstar. Their method was to:

  • Accuse him of lying, endlessly
  • Call him stupid, unceasingly
  • Denounce him as being a pervert
  • Try to have anyone that helps him jailed
  • Falsify his words using misquotes, mischievous misdirection, misinformation, etc.
  • Pay bimbos to accuse him of sexual assault and rape
  • Make up crazy stories and say they come from “anonymous sources.”
  • Pay and bus in demonstrators to disrupt his rallies and demonstrate on the street
  • Create conspiracy theories (nothingburgers) about any wild-eyed idea
  • Tie his staff or nominated judges up in court for any hare-brained reason
  • Work hard to have him impeached without good cause
  • Oppose him on everything he stands for
  • Rarely if ever mention any of his accomplishments
  • Describe his accomplishments as failures
  • Denounce him as a criminal and encourage his assassination
  • Encourage violence towards anyone that votes for him

That’s a lot of work, and Fake News is at it 24/7/365, in conjunction with the Democrats. They are working fanatically to fill our screens and the internet with as many lies as they can because if you throw dirt enough, some will stick.

This may be true, but there is also the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, that Democrats and Lefty Liars should re-read.



Rob Larrikin

Author: Rob Larrikin