Assassination by Celebrity

Wake Up Punchy

Snoop Dogg bodyguards

We have all heard about ‘Suicide by cop.’ Very soon we may have another term; ‘Assassination by Celebrity.’ I think some anti-Trump celebs are deliberately fanning flames of hatred amongst their followers, knowing that the crazies among them may be ignited into murderous action. Accusing them of this may stir up Lefties, so let’s be clear about just how familiar stars are with crazy stalkers. Do they understand the dangers?

Yes; superstars know a lot about stalking. They understand all too well that mentally disturbed fans are dangerous, which is why they hire bodyguards. Snoop Dogg, for all his bullyboy words, would not walk ten feet down the road without at least two huge thugs beside him for protection. Famous folk recognize that, through sheer force of statistics, a percentage of their millions of fans are unhinged psychopaths.




Initially, some luminaries refuse to use bodyguards as they ‘oppose violence,’ but after a few too many close shaves, end up hiring them. At the outset, these ‘virgin’ celebs might choose thin, cool looking men or even women for this, but again, experience soon teaches them to hire black 300-pound men. Suddenly their ‘oppose violence’ views are replaced with ‘beat him good’ views, and when they call security agents to order more bodyguards their whole tone changes:


Scene:  Madonna calls Bodyguards R Us.

BRU:  Bodyguards R Us. Can I help you?
Madonna:  Madonna here. I need five black bodyguards for tomorrow night.
BRU:  We have two sight-challenged, hearing-challenged, height-challenged, bi-curious African American guys…
Madonna:  Blind, deaf, black, gay midgets, eh? How short are they?
BRU:  Knee height.
Madonna:  Knee height?
BRU:  But they have sharp teeth…
Madonna:  They’ll have to do. Deliver them by 5pm tomorrow.


Deadly Celebs

So do celebrities know that there are dangerous psychopaths among their fans? Beyond any doubt.

According to Caitlin Yilek of the Washington Examiner, celebrity Tom Arnold was interviewed by Secret Service agents last month for possibly inciting violence against President Trump. Apparently, Tom Arnold referred to Kathy Griffin’s fake severed Trump head and tweeted, “Next time Kathy won’t be holding his fake head!”

The famous actor also challenged Trump to a fight, tweeting, “I say put up or shut up @realDonaldTrump Me vs You. For America. First body slam wins. Any Rally. Any Time. Between now & the midterms.”

A few days after that, two Secret Service agents questioned Arnold at his home and pointed out that a celebrity like him could influence certain types of people to think of his words as instruction and try to harm the POTUS. The interview was taped by someone in Tom Arnold’s house and can be seen in this YouTube.


Tom Arnold


59-year-old Tom Arnold admitted to the agents that he receives many death threats himself, thus proving he knows how bad some fans are. So when he threatened Trump with decapitation and challenged the 72-year-old President to a fight, he was well aware that some of his crazier fans might be encouraged by his words to do harm to Trump. Like all notable celebs, he knows exactly how dangerous such talk is, yet he chose to use that aggression in tweets to his followers about Trump.

Cowards like him and 75-year-old Robert De Niro, who talked about wanting to punch Donald Trump and repeatedly shouted, “F— Trump,” at the Tony Awards, know how readily one of their insane fans could go off like a firecracker and kill the President. Should such an murder occur, it might be called ‘Assassination by Celebrity.’ It is a weapon that famous people can use, but most would never stoop so low.


Wake Up Punchy


Another point that should be made is that Tom Arnold and Robert De Niro both know that Donald Trump cannot accept their offers to get into punch-ups or wrestling matches since his minders would not allow it. It is a matter of national security, and they would defend their Commander in Chief by preventing him from taking on the challenge. Arnold and De Niro have nothing to lose in making their boastful contests. They are both empty bags of hot air. All talk, no action. Neither man is smart enough to explain why they hate Trump; all they can do is resort to violence, which is a principal characteristic of the Left. They tend to use brutality to get their way.




Author: Rob Larrikin