Taylor Swift’s video ‘The Man’– 21 Stupid Mistakes

Taylor Swift - The Man

Taylor Swift - The Man

In her latest song video, ‘The Man,’ Taylor Swift’s apparent deep-seated anxieties and emotional torments were unveiled in a childish tirade against men. The art, direction, makeup, and choreography were clumsy, which weakened her attack fundamentally. If that were not enough, the song’s lyrics, written by Taylor and a New Zealand feminist activist, Joel Little, were about as profound as a Rachel Maddow rant.

21 mistakes:


The Man - Taylor Swift


1) The video opens with a shot of Taylor Swift dressed as a man, viewed from behind, looking out a city office window. She is standing between the words ‘THE MAN.’ The problem is that she did not present us with a man, as the title suggests, but a woman. The title should read ‘A WOMAN DRESSED AS A MAN,’ or ‘THE WOMAN WHO HATED MEN.’


Taylor Swift The Man pelvis and femurs


2) If Swift wanted to pass herself off as a man, she would need more than makeup and a suit. The diagram above shows the width of her neck and hips and the angle of her thigh bones. Females have broader hips for childbirth, so their femurs are angled more than men, which affects how they stand, sit, walk, and run. Taylor Swift The Man silicone implants


3) As Taylor turns around, the lapel of her suit jacket sticks out. That is because, unlike a man, she has a pair of breasts. One can bind normal breasts by wrapping material tightly around them, but silicone does not flatten much. Many believe Swift had silicone breast implants. They say her breasts jumped from a 34A cup to a 38C cup. This would explain why her lady lumps push the suit’s lapel outwards.


Taylor Swift The Man - beard wrong


4) There is a chunk of beard missing when you view Swift’s head from the side. The makeup artist glued the beard on, and since it looked okay from the front, figured that would do. As you can see from the front view, the beard connects to the sides, so there would be no such chunk missing under the chin.


Taylor Swift - the man - jacket too small


5) As Taylor turns to set off, she grabs her jacket’s lapels and tugs them together gruffly, as a businessman in a hurry might do, but the two edges fail to meet, showing that the coat is too small. If you are going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a production, why not splash out for a tailor-made suit? I guess Miss Swift figures that all men’s coats are the same, so she borrowed one from a used car salesman around the corner.


Taylor Swift - The Man misplaced


6) In the next scene, Taylor is being given a standing ovation by her staff before we see her riding the subway and ‘manspreading.’ The trouble is corporate executives do not ride the tube. They use chauffeur-driven limousines, both for their reputation and security. In a subway train, he would be an obvious target for gangs, kidnappers, extortionists, and company spies. Why does Taylor not know this? She has a lot to learn about wealthy businessmen.


Taylor Swift - The Man - manspreading


7) Taylor implies that men ‘manspread’ wildly when sitting in trains, buses, planes, and other public places. She spreads her legs as far as she can to illustrate this, yet the same scene shows a man sitting just a couple of feet away who is not manspreading. After putting so much into this misandrist attack, she neutralized it in the same breath.


Manspreading myth
Old bronze sculpture, boy and girl on bench, and ancient Pompeii fossils show ‘manspreading’ is a myth


8) Feminazis invented the manspreading myth, and Taylor Swift swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Misandrist women charge men with deliberately taking up more space to deny women seats. There are anatomical reasons for males sitting with their legs apart. A sculptor made the bronze sculpture above long before the term ‘manspreading’ came about. It shows a grandfather and his grandson sitting on a bench. According to feminists, they are trying to deny women room to perch!

The male pelvis is narrower than its female counterpart, making male femurs (thigh bones) less acutely angled. In turn, this makes it less comfortable for sitting males to push their knees together, especially if their thighs are wide. Males also have testicles between their upper thighs, which, when squeezed, cause significant pain. Underwear and pants add extra pressure, as can the penis, especially when larger than average. Erections or semi-erections create additional stress. The medical conditions of hip dysplasia and hip impingement also make men sit with their legs apart.

Another consideration is that females are trained from a young age to keep their knees together. It is both learned and instinctive behavior to keep their vaginal area covered. Some find a female’s open legs an invitation for sex, which may lead to rape. Most women prefer to keep their knees together for sound reasons and find it easy to do.


Taylor Swift The Man - Fake Scene

9) Another foolish mistake in Taylor Swift’s video ‘The Man’ is the lack of any action by the subway passengers, who are the epitome of Democrat feminist activist types. These people are angry. They hate white Anglo-Saxon rich men, especially those who flaunt their success and wealth. If any corporate man were to barge into their train carriage, push them around with his knees, blow cigar smoke in their faces, drop cigar ash into their pocketbooks, drop newspapers on them, these are the kind of people would fight and caterwaul enough to end up on YouTube. Yet Taylor has them sheepishly rolling their eyes instead.


Taylor Swift - cigar smoke


10) Under Taylor Swift’s direction, the cigar smoke scene was all wrong. We see Taylor pretending to be a man, smoking a cigar, but she only gives the stogie a girly puff. Squint your eyes to see a faint whiff of smoke. The next cut shows an old bat on the opposite side of the aisle, coughing her lungs out inside a cloud of thick smoke. How did the whiff of smoke travel eight feet to become a cloud of thick smoke, enough to give a woman emphysema? Ask Taylor!


Taylor Swift - manspreading


11)  As discussed, men have penises and testicles, which may send a shiver up feminazis’ spines, but it is a fact of life. When men sit in pants with legs apart, there is usually a bulge of some kind. Taylor Swift worked hard on ‘transforming’ herself into a male but forgot to include the defining feature of males – their genitals. She has no bulge at all where it counts most!


Taylor Swift - keeping her legs closed


12) Search Google Images for ‘Taylor Swift sitting’ to see hundreds of examples of her sitting with her knees locked together obsessively. It appears she was raised to believe this is an essential behavior for females. Perhaps that explains why she hates it when men sit with knees apart, even though all her male friends do just that. Maybe she is a little confused by men in general. She could benefit from reading books about male and female anatomy from cover to cover.


Taylor Swift The Man - the watch


13) Taylor decided to show her ‘man’ dropping ashes from his cigar into a woman’s pocketbook while looking at his clunky analog watch. He did this for four long seconds. Taylor concentrated so much on the cigar ash side of this that she forgot something important; People don’t stare at analog watches for four full seconds. The poor dear is confusing analog watches with smartphones.


Taylor Swift - taking the piss


14) In yet another set of stupid mistakes, director Taylor Swift decides to have her ‘man’ pee against the subway wall in front of others. Never mind that a business executive would not be in the subway, to begin with, or that this activity is far more typical of homeless bums, drunks, tramps, and drug addicts, or that even they prefer a private dark corner to do their business. She once again displays her female bone structure, with her wide pelvis and angled thigh bones, and this time we see her thigh gap as well – the place a man’s testicles would typically be. Stupidity does not end there. In an attack of girlish nostalgia, Taylor decides to have ‘the man’ write words on the wall with his urine, colored sparkly blue, like something out of Taylor’s favorite kiddy story, Lovely Lady Locks. To write such letters on the wall, the man would need to move his penis around. Instead, he just stood still until it was time to zip up. Moreover, this zipping happened far too quickly to be safe. Men take care while zipping their flies, lest they end up doing a ‘Ted’ from There’s Something About Mary.


Taylor Swift - Girly Run


15) The next stupid scene in ‘The Man’ is where Taylor Swift, dressed as a man, runs through a series of arches giving ‘high fives’ to a row of colored arms. The problem is her run, which is a girly run, not a manly run. Again this comes down to female anatomy and bone structure, mostly to do with pelvic width and femur angles. Women were designed (through natural selection) primarily for giving birth, and running was secondary to this. Nature’s priority in their case was childbirth and child care, not running. Males used running for hunting and warring; something females could not participate in because they were looking after their children. Thus women run in a ‘girly’ way, and this is often a source of amusement for men. It is as if Taylor is doing everything she can to prove she is not a man.


Taylor Swift - The Man - in the park


16) About halfway through Swift’s dim video, she is seen “manspreading” on a fountain perimeter in a park, surrounded by “normal” folk. The trouble is that one of those “normal” people is also manspreading! Taylor made sure the black dude in the subway train had his legs together (despite his discomfort) but failed to do this in the park scene.


Taylor Swift Lies


17) Another failure occurred when everyone in the park applauded Swift’s man character for looking after a toddler. It is at odds with reality since women today are far more likely to call a man a pedophile in those circumstances. Such shameful misandry has infested all areas of childcare, school, and even college, where lesbian activists accuse males of being rapists on campus. When a father cares for a young girl these days, other women glare at him with contempt, which is ironic since we have come full circle. In the old days, men were scorned by feminists for saying women should look after children. Today, man-hating women applaud each other for saying the same thing.


Taylor Swift - tennis brat


18) In another bizarre scene, Taylor Swift shows us how to girly throw a ball while dressed up as a man. Again, due to anatomical differences between men and women, mostly to do with the pelvis and femur angles, women throw objects differently from men. Their rib cage is smaller than men’s, as are their arm muscles, and all this affects their throwing style. As men had to throw missiles while hunting or warring, their brains evolved expertise in all aspects of throwing. Women’s brains lack this built-in expertise, as it is not needed. For these reasons, women often throw objects under-arm. Swift could have avoided making a fool of herself by merely hiring a man to act for her.


Taylor Swift - the missing old man


19) A very old man appears in the video next, and he is supposed to represent ‘the man’ 58 years later, making him about 90 years old, as he marries a much younger bride. The problem is that Taylor did not play the part. Perhaps they tried making her look ninety and failed, so they opted for the real thing. This might be a source of embarrassment for Taylor and the Fake News that applauds her feminist work since there is nothing about this old guy in any press that I can see. Even in the Wikipedia entry about this video, the synopsis leaves out the part about the old man’s marriage entirely. Even IMBb’s list of cast and crew do not mention him. The old-timer misses out on a credit to protect Taylor’s image. Now I’ve heard it all.

20) The song lyrics include the following rant:

What’s it like to brag about raking in dollars and getting bitches and models? And it’s all good if you’re bad, and it’s okay if you’re mad. If I was out flashing my dollars, I’d be a bitch, not a baller. They’d paint me out to be bad, so it’s okay that I’m mad.

Among other things, Taylor is whining that if she had sex with many a man, it would be frowned upon, whereas when a rich alfa male go-getter does it, people cheer him on. There is a reason for that, and once again, it comes down to anatomy, evolution, and biology. From nature’s point of view, a man can create a hundred children every year, while a woman can only produce one in nine months. Nature would say, “An extra hundred children is beneficial to grow the human species. If a woman can only have one child in that time, she should be looking after it, rather than racing around copulating with hundreds of men.” It is another example of the differences between the sexes that Taylor Swift needs to learn.


Taylor Swift - brat director


21) In the last scene, Taylor makes sure we all know she is the director, with her big ‘Director’ chair in the foreground. She watches ‘the man’ (herself) throwing a John McEnroe-type tantrum and comments, “Pretty good. Ah, could you try to be sexier, maybe more likable this time?” Saying ‘pretty good’ confirms she directed ‘the man’ to throw a tantrum. Why, then, would she instruct him to be more likable since they cancel each other out? She then sits down while he walks away, but Taylor dubbed over this part later to say, “By the way, excellent work over there, Lauren, that was astonishing.” Lauren was the ball girl who did nothing except roll her eyes. As you would expect, the girl did not turn her face to answer, and we saw no movement from Taylor Swift’s head to indicate speech. Director Taylor probably thought we would assume they were talking – as if we were as dim as her. There were many other dimwitted mistakes and errors. One could talk about how little ‘The Man’ resembled Jake Gyllenhaal or Leonardo DiCaprio, how silly her little symbols were throughout the video, and how petty her spiteful attacks on various people were. However, I have spent enough time on this knucklehead.


Author: Rob Larrikin