Replace the Wealthy With Welfare, and Die

Grim Reaper Welfare

Grim Reaper Welfare

Did you ever notice that no kids live with Californian Sidewalk Gremlins or that tax paid by workers is really paid by their employers? Consider how little of their money billionaires enjoy and how much the public uses. Have you observed how governments never penalize themselves when ‘creating’ jobs but always punish businesses for doing so? Were you aware that all anti-capitalists (without exception) gorge themselves on capitalism’s produce and cannot survive without it?

These are the deep issues Homer Simpson wishes he could contemplate, but his creators only use vertical thinking. Like the writers of South Park and Family Guy, they cannot see the wealth for the coins. Growing up watching Scrooge McDuck diving into his money, this caricature of wealth bonded to the inside of their skulls with Super Glue. Most artists, actors, and writers cannot see their way past it.

Scrooge myth

Scrooge Myth

Just as a real character would injure himself trying to dive into a vat of coins, so too, an actual billionaire does not “dive” into his wealth. Millions borrow his invested money to enrich themselves. The Walt Disney Company has total assets of $193.984 billion and never portrays itself as “swimming” in dosh. Cash is not kept in giant vaults but invested in many things, and much is lent out by banks to ordinary Americans who buy houses, cars, and furniture. Disney, like most businesses, makes money with their bare hands, enriching all Americans.

Consider the alternative. If large corporations kept their cash in enormous piles to ogle, it could not be borrowed by millions of people who would miss out on investing in or gaining equity from their property. It would mean they could not afford those same corporations’ products or services. Why build Disneyland if nobody can purchase the entrance fee?

Who would consume their products and services if billionaires were wealthy at everyone else’s expense? Billionaires get rich by helping ordinary people become prosperous. Borrowers of their money procure houses, factories, restaurants, trucks, buses, planes, jets, helicopters, ships, boats, jet skis, and a million other profit-bearing things. As they accumulate, they buy more from the billionaire whose money they used (through a bank) to gain wealth in the first place.

A boyhood friend of mine supported communism and unions all his life, and while I defended the wealthy, he despised them. As an adult, he borrowed money from a bank to obtain his $20,000 house. Over the years, he paid the mortgage off, and today it is worth 1.5 million dollars. The money he borrowed at the start came from the wealthy. Were it not for them, he would have had to rent a home, and his million dollars would not exist.

Capitalism makes the world go round

Myths about money, capitalism, ‘the gap between rich and poor,’ and how much tax employers pay have been growing for decades. Promoted by Fake News, books, insane philosophers, and Hollywood, the lies need to be corrected.

The Deliberate Poor

Who is poor in modern America, outside of those who choose to spend their money on gambling, crime, and drugs? Show me a sane citizen pauper who does not indulge in one of the following:

  • Drugs
  • Inhalants
  • Gambling
  • Crime
  • Prostitution

Real destitution does not exist in modern America unless it is self-imposed, and this was the same before welfare came along. Introducing welfare increased poverty because it became ‘vice money.’ Recipients use it to buy drugs or gamble or even commit crimes.

Take John Doe. In the world before Franklin D. Roosevelt’s range of hand-outs, John would have to find a job or start a business. Having found a job and earned a wage, he would value the money he created. Being valuable to him, John would be more likely to save the money rather than squander it on alcohol or gambling.

Today the same John is given a raft of ‘benefits’ in different forms, unearned and thus unvalued. He wastes his dole on drugs and lies around stoned in his government dwelling. John might buy a gun and hold up a 7-11 or perhaps use the money to start a drug-pushing business. Lazy and useless, he never bothers to find honest work. Since anyone qualifies for such hand-outs, the number of so-called ‘poor’ increases continuously.


What bureaucrats call ‘welfare’ is the very reverse. Antonyms of the word include ill-being, deficiency, disadvantage, unsoundness, unsuccess, ill-luck, hurt, and harm. Government welfare is all of those. The minute you sign up for government hand-outs, you become dependent on the State and less able to cope for yourself. In time, most dole recipients are addicted to it and consider work a torment they could not suffer in a month of Sundays. They will invent any excuse to avoid getting a job or earning a dollar. Many will make extra cash by selling things on the side, neither disclosing the income nor paying its tax.

Un-welfare creates misery and hardship wherever it appears. California, or Shitstainia, as some call it, is a great example. Some city streets there are paved with tent-to-tent Sidewalk Gremlins, who defecate on pathways and decorate them with deadly needles. Pathetic State apparatchiks scurry about, interviewing tramps to determine their mental health. “Do you have any confusion?” they ask, “or suffer delusions? Any blackouts, dizziness, panic attacks, or depression?”
  When one Sidewalk Gremlin answers yes, they provide it with all kinds of goodies care of hapless taxpayers. Other tramps are jealous. “Where did you get all the free meds, clothes, blankets, money, and other stuff?” they ask.
  “Just tell them you’re crazy,” the bum advises.
  The entire herd of gremlins soon receives a range of drugs and treatments. Marxist ‘social workers’ publish stats revealing an “epidemic of mental illness among the homeless.”
  Throw the Sidewalk Gremlins in prison to do hard labor and discover that only one in a thousand is mentally disturbed. The rest are simply welfare addicts filling out questionnaires falsely. Of course, it never occurs to State pencil pushers that tramps might lie about their condition. “Lie?” they ask, dumbfounded. “Why would drug-addicted thieves and scumbags lie? It’s inconceivable! Only Trumpists would say such things!”

If you ever throw the Sidewalk Gremlins in prison, toss their suppliers, the State pushers, in along with them. Give them one year for every year they handed out drugs to tramps with taxpayer funds.

Can they expel sidewalk gremlins?

Even the current liberal governments, with their insane policies, could quickly rid the streets of tent bums. “Where is the proof?” you ask.
  Look for children among them. A parent with three kids who erects a tent on a San Franciscan sidewalk is removed by the authorities promptly. “You can’t endanger children by putting them here!” they insist.

Yet the pedestrians and tramps on those shitty sidewalks are also endangered due to contagious conditions! And how determined the same authorities are that you run a restaurant cleanly! Try opening a business with human excrement littering its floor, and so-called public ‘servants’ will shut you down. These same maddening hypocrites allow bums to crap all over public paths, spreading disease. They may protect children, but they have abandoned adults – the very people who voted them into power!

Who Pays Taxes?

Meanwhile, there is the myth that large corporations like Amazon pay no taxes. Ignoring Jeff Bezos’ feckless political views, his company Amazon pays tons of levies. There is the income tax all his employees pay. Some think the workers fund it, but that is merely tortuous union logic. The following fictional conversation should clear up any confusion:

Scene: Jeff Bezos in Amazon office interviewing job seeker Sam.

Bezos:  Sam, you have the skills we need. We can pay you $100,000 gross per annum.
Sam:  How much is that, after tax?
Bezos:  About $80,000.
Sam:  Hmm. I need more.
Bezos:  How much more?
Sam:  I would need at least a hundred K in my hand to pay my bills.
Bezos:  To have 100 K in your hand after tax, we’d need to pay you 140 K.
Sam:  Is that okay?
Bezos:  Deal. $140,000 gross, annually.
Sam:  And I’ll be left with $100,000 after tax?
Bezos:  Yes.
Sam:  And if the government raises taxes?
Bezos:  We’ll raise your wage, so you still receive 100 K.
Sam:  And that’ll be in the contract?
Bezos:  I’ll see that it is.
Sam:  Thanks [they shake hands]

In this example, Bezos had to adjust his payment to accommodate Sam’s taxes. Who pays those taxes? Bezos, not Sam. Remove the employer, and the employee has no salary; hence, tax payment is impossible. It goes further. When you look closely, you will notice that businesses pay all taxes gathered by governments, either directly or indirectly.

So every time you hear a TV talking head or web blogger whining about big companies paying no tax, remember they shell out all their employees’ income tax, for starters. Now add registration fees, licenses, import & export duties, application fees, inspection charges, council rates, property taxes, gas taxes, permits, and permissions. Most are government revenue of one kind or another. Saying large corporations pay no tax is like saying the USS Seawolf Nuclear Submarines never got wet.

The oxymoron: ‘Government created jobs’

Governments use taxpayer money to pay people to perform tasks poorly and describe this as creating jobs. “We created a hundred thousand jerbs,” they boast, having wasted billions of dollars on a bureaucracy nobody needed. Then they overtax companies that build real employment. If they wanted to ‘create’ jobs, governments would make all employment 100% tax-deductible. There would not be one unemployed person in the United States. Of course, that would require a simultaneous privatizing of nearly all government departments.

Makers and Takers

Governments cannot create real employment; only private enterprise can do that. Consider where money or value comes from in the first place. Some make money while others take it from them – makers and takers. Those earning or generating money in private enterprise create wealth out of thin air through labor. A fruit shop owner buys fruit wholesale and sells it retail. If you work for him, you are a vital part of this process. Congratulations – you are a maker.

A teacher working in a government school takes money from makers and is thus a taker. The taxes used for her salary were extracted by force, often without the makers’ consent.

The fruit seller hates his government because it overtaxes him and misspends his money. He sees them paying socialist teachers to brainwash his children in school and is opposed to that. On the other hand, he will go to jail if he does not hand over a large chunk of money.

The mafia calls this protection, which is their word for ‘extortion.’ They say, “You give us a big chunk of your earnings each week, or we’ll burn your business down.”
  Their victim asks, “What are you protecting me from if I pay?”
  “Us,” they chuckle, scratching their testicles and belching.
  Once the mafia extorts cash, they use it to commit vile deeds, as does many a government. When the State takes the fruiterer’s money, they give it to communist teachers who brainwash kids to change their sex. If the businessman refuses to pay such extortion, the State takes his business and house away and jails him.

Out of makers and takers, the latter has a fake job because the government mismanages much revenue. Democrats commit crimes like providing illegal immigrants sanctuary, making theft a minor infraction, or persuading schoolgirls to cut off their breasts. When a government allows bums to defecate all over sidewalks and shoplift freely, taxes automatically become stolen money.

Anti-Capitalist Dilemma

Those who hate capitalism and rail against it face a soul-crushing dilemma: they cannot resist its produce. Imagine a New Jersey socialist in the 1930s, Clarence, who passionately hated capitalism. Clarence had heard about refrigerators but refused to buy one because they were the product of capitalism. Then came the heatwave of 1936, and Clarence struggled in temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 C.) in July. Sweating like a pig, Clarence visited a friend and sat on his porch, fanning himself with a newspaper. “It’s hotter than a hoochie coochie today,” he lamented.
  “Beer?” his friend asked.
  “You bet,” Clarence said, licking his dry lips.
  His friend fetched an ice-cold glass of beer, and Clarence took the drink, gasping, “It’s so cold!” Draining the glass in one go, he groaned with pleasure, “That was heaven!”
  “You may thank my General Electric refrigerator,” his friend laughed.
  “I must have one,” Clarence declared, holding the glass against his hot cheek. “This is too good to be true.”

And there is the anti-capitalist’s quandary: they cannot resist the fabulous products of capitalism. All commies gorge on capitalism, seemingly unaware of their hypocrisy. What is more, if they try to survive without capitalist products, they are doomed. Most would last about six weeks before starving to death.

The Ninety Nine Percent

The 99% is more like 30%, a third of the population who misunderstand economics and hate the rich. They are the loud minority of takers, lounging on welfare and attacking capitalism while enjoying its bounty. They gather in pesky swarms to block traffic and glue themselves to roads, waving mass-produced placards financed by their ancient demagogue, Soros. Whining about ‘saving the planet’ and destroying Wall Street, they leave the grounds littered with their filth. Ranting about “one percent” enjoying most of the wealth, they gag when asked to define ‘enjoy.’ The truth they hate to face is that most of the wealth owned by the rich is not enjoyed by the wealthy but by everyone else, including these good-for-nothing loafers.

Without the minority of very wealthy entrepreneurs, society would be poverty-stricken, unhealthy, and miserable. There would be no refrigerators, cars, computers, cell phones, jets, skyscrapers, CT Scanners, modern pharmaceuticals, angiograms, pacemakers, or a million other devices, machines, and gadgets that help humans live long, happy lives. While the pathetic Left enjoys these products of capitalism, they promote the destruction of it all, like deranged masochists.

So tell your children the 99% are 100% wrong about the top 1% and ask them to tell their friends. If society goes on hating the rich, you may end up living in Haiti. Good luck getting a bank loan or a credit card there.



Author: Rob Larrikin