Maxine’s Brownshirts Carry Out Orders

Monkey say, Mankey do.

Monkey say, Mankey do.

Rebecca Parker Mankey is one of the latest examples of a feral Trump-hating feminazi in action. A middle-aged punk, sporting a Mohican hairstyle, Mankey attacked Victor F., a 74-year-old Jewish customer, because he wore a MAGA hat. The ambush happened in a Starbucks coffeehouse at 361 California Ave, Palo Alto, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

The story was broadcast by KPIX CBS SF here.

Rebecca Parker Mankey


As he sat, drinking coffee, Victor F’s MAGA hat made 46-year-old Mankey see red and go ballistic. Like a bull roused by a moving cape, the wild-eyed Democrat chased poor Victor out of Starbucks.

Palo Alto Online wrote:

Calling him a “hater of brown people,” Mankey said she yelled at him and addressed Starbucks customers and employees to join her in her effort. She said she left the store but soon returned and continued to yell at him… She followed him out of the store to the parking lot, where she continued to berate and swear at him.

She called the man “Nazi scum” and threatened to post pictures of him on social media, which she then did, along with her version of the incident on her Facebook page and on Twitter. She asked the public for help finding him — “I want him to have nowhere to hide,” she wrote — a practice called “doxing,” or posting personal contact information to encourage threats and harassment.

NBC News wrote:

“This woman comes over, and she says ‘Is that a Trump hat?’ I said, ‘I think it is, yes,'” Victor recalled. He said Mankey then turned to the rest of the Starbucks customers and said, “Hey, everybody. Come over here. Let’s get this guy! He’s a hater! I’m calling him out! He hates brown people. He’s a Nazi.”


Victor F. abused by Rebecca Parker Mankey


Here’s what Becky Mankey wrote before her Facebook account disappeared:

Anybody in Palo Alto know this freak. He was sitting in Starbucks. I think he lives in Palo Alto. He will never forget me and will think seriously about wearing that hat in my town ever again. If you see him in this hat, please confront him. You do not want to be the person who didn’t speak up as we slipped into fascism.

I yelled at him. Called the entire Starbucks to order and yelled at him more about how it is not ok to hate brown people. He threatened to call the cops. I left after yelling at him some more.

When I walked back by after picking up my lunch, he was still there. I went back in and yelled that I had changed my mind and wanted him to call the police because I wanted to know his name, where he lived, his wife’s name, and where his kids went to school.

I called him more names and told him to call the police. Then I yelled and asked someone else at Starbucks to call the police. He wouldn’t call the police, so I called him a wimp. He got his stuff together to leave. I followed him to the register while he complained about me. Then chased him out of Starbucks yelling at him to get the fuck out of my town and never come back.

At one point he tried to trip me up by asking if I lived in Palo Alto. He wasn’t expecting me to say that I was Palo Alto born and bred. I think he lives in Palo Alto, please please send me a DM if you see him anywhere.

The part that was really heartbreaking to me was that in a full Starbucks, I was the only person yelling at him. There were other white people there who should have called him out. It is the duty of every white person in America to stand up to this every time they see it.

Don’t be the person who does nothing to protect our brothers and sisters from this hatred. It is not OK.

Becky Mankey tweet

Becky Mankey tweet

Big news networks ignored the story since they protect their own. Amy @RightHookUSA did an excellent expose, but there is no morsel on CNN at the time of writing, which is revealing when you consider the mountain of information they put up about Covington High School students.

Even media that did publish failed to dig for other information about Rebecca Parker Mankey. To avoid public shame, she will merely replace her punk Mohican hairstyle with a simple hairdo and use a different name. How many will know she is the feral socialist nut-job fired by the Bayshore Progressive Democrats and Gryphon Strings music shop?

Here is Rebecca before her punk look:

Rebecca Parker Mankey


Time Magazine cover

Fourteen months ago, then twenty-seven-year-old Charlotte Alter, the daughter of successful liberal journalist and author Jonathan Alter, wrote a cover story for Time Magazine.

It was a two-dimensional propaganda piece about female activists running for office, supposedly to rescue America from Trump.

The article was called “The Avengers” and was about as realistic as the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name.

The Time cover displayed 48 nameless women in black and white. When magazines do this, they traditionally provide a silhouette illustration that lists the subjects’ names, so you can look up such people to find out more about them.

Otherwise, the photos could include anyone. Activists are a motley crew. It would be difficult assembling four dozen of the scoundrels without a few black sheep.

Avengers or Mankeys?


Standards have been slipping for years in the media, so nobody cares if Time slings 48 nameless wenches on their front cover and calls them ‘Avengers.’ People are way too busy killing each other in games to demand credentials these days. However, if you look at the top row, behind the letters, it appears they included our feminazi, Rebecca Parker Mankey. Time Magazine thinks the punk who abuses old Jews in Starbucks is an ‘avenger.’ Heh. It would be funny, was it not so pathetic.

Mankey got fired from her accountancy job in the Gryphon Strings music shop and the Bayshore Progressive Democrats.

Parker Mankey for Prez


Mankey was the co-chair, officer, and member there, but quit from those positions on April 3, 2019, after her attack on Victor went viral on Twitter. It appears that she remains on the North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan Working Group. They deleted her picture here recently. As you can see from the photo above, her husband, Will Mankey is a union negotiator (I call them extortion racketeers).


Will and Rebecca Mankey


What did the Mankeys do before activism and politics?

For one thing, they were begging for money on GoFundMe. This is the page they put up in January 2013, asking $10,000 to “help us beat cancer.” The emotional plea netted them $11,198 from 57 people over 75 months.

Mankeys want money
Help Us Beat Cancer


Along with the anonymous photo above, showing only a pair of white hands, they published the following pitch:

Dearest Friends, New and Old…

We seriously need your help. We are in the midst of a combination of problems which have the capacity to ruin us.

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer on New Year’s Eve and we have been uninsured for some time now. My wife has been vigorously looking for work for months, but the competition for accounting positions has proved to be severe.

We need financial assistance to get through this. I continue working with special-needs children in our school district which just pays rent and the bills are piling up, and are only going to continue with the cancer and surgery treatments. We are fully prepared to lose “luxuries”, but help us keep the necessities.

We are a family of four; a loving, artistic mother, playful father who has been a Cub Master and Little League Coach, and two fantastic children.

Any consideration will be GREATLY appreciated, and any questions or concerns would be gladly addressed; [email protected]


The Mankeys


These kinds of things have a habit of disappearing soon after I write about them, so here is a screen recording of that page today.


One has to wonder if the 57 donors, who gave an average of about $200 each, would have been so generous if they had known the kind of people they were supporting. If they saw Becky Mankey with a punk Mohican hairstyle, abusing and threatening Mr. Victor F. over a hat, would any have contributed a dime?

I think Becky made Mankeys out of those donors and Time Magazine. Democrats were 100% responsible since congresswoman Maxine Waters has long been encouraging Lefties to attack Trump supporters in public.

The Mankey house

Reporters from KPIX went to the Mankey house, in Patricia Lane, Palo Alto, and a woman refused to answer the door. They tried calling her, but there was no answer. It is good to see reporters doing their job, albeit on a small scale.Stud holes

The Mankeys have lived in Patricia Lane for nine years now, driving the same old 90’s Toyota pickup. They cannot afford to lose two jobs, so it may mean going back to the dole line for Becky. You can recognize her by the dozen punctures in her right ear, where the studs and rings go.

To those who frequent GoFundMe, take care. There may be a couple of face-hidden folk asking for 10,000 bucks soon, whining about having shingles, gout, or chilblains. “Save us,” it will read. Or, because of this article, perhaps it will just be a single mother, a victim of toxic masculinity, requiring help.

Mankeys car



Anti-Trumpers are everywhere across the country. They will spit in your food, sabotage your car, damage your house, hurt your children, and interfere with your online accounts every chance they get. Lefties hate honest debate, preferring to use ad hominem and sabotage when they can. They sneer, jeer, and spray graffiti because they cannot find logical arguments to support their thieving ideology.

Conservatives brave enough to wear MAGA hats will have to keep this in mind. Lefties do not want you to make America great again. They hate America. They hate you.

Although I commend those with the courage to wear Trump hats and salute Mr. Victor F. for his bravery, my advice to others is to avoid doing this. Wear your MAGA hats in your hearts. Do not give enemies a target.

Marines out in the field are told to dig a foxhole, shut up, and go to sleep. Keep down, keep quiet; lights out. Sure, a marine could leap up and yell, “I hate ISIS,” and wave Old Glory around if he wanted a bullet through the head, but what does that achieve? There is nothing cowardly about staying alive during a war, and today we are at war with socialist scumbags. Rather than give the murder-brats something to aim at, keep your head down and kill them stone dead on election day.



Author: Rob Larrikin