How the Fifth Column Almost Killed Western Democracy

The Fifth Column

The Fifth Column

Various 20th-century wars taught Communists that nation theft was very difficult while Western democracies were around to intercede. It was like trying to steal gold from Fort Knox. Even if you won, it would cost a fortune, making it unprofitable. The surest way to achieve world domination was through infiltration, not war. Like a common parasite, they would eat their ideological enemies away from the inside, using the Fifth Column. The idea was not new. In 1884 the Fabian Society was founded in London with the intended purpose of forming a single, global socialist state. Its coat of arms was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which tells you everything.

The Fifth Column

During the 1936 Spanish Civil War, General Mola laid siege to Madrid with four columns of troops. Inside Madrid were a group of rebels Mola dubbed his “fifth column,” who undermined the loyalist government. Since then, the term fifth column has been used to describe secret enemies inside a country working to help a foreign power gain control. Israel’s Arab citizens aid the Palestinian cause and are thus its Fifth Column.

The idea of infiltrating enemies is ancient. Remember the Trojan Horse? The term ‘trojan’ is now used to describe malicious computer programs that trick users into letting them enter and create havoc in their computers.

That there are hordes of trojans reveals a fondness for infiltration by villains. The Fifth Column infests thousands of discussion forums right under our noses. Even today, most users think that if Joe Baseball with the Brad Pitt avatar says he’s from Ohio, he must be from Ohio, period.

Scene:  Beijing room of internet users. Wang Chow chats on U.S. board, as BradBoy22

Dude64:  trump is okay lol why does everyone pick on him
BradBoy22:  Trump is a lying sack of sh*t; that’s why.
Dude64:  seems okay to me thanks to him unemployment is down.
BradBoy22:  That’s just Faux News propaganda. Unemployment is higher.
Dude64:  no way – you got that wrong.
BradBoy22:  Trump is just twisting the figures.
Dude64:  how about the caravans of migrants coming over the border.
BradBoy22:  There are no caravans. More Faux lies.
Dude64:  why would they make that up
BradBoy22:  They’re racists. They don’t want brown people.
Dude64:  how do you know all this
BradBoy22:  Watch CNN dude. They have all the details.

Wang works six days a week using a hundred different identities. He’s an excellent little communist who hopes to one day run the Beijing Propaganda Ministry.

How it started

In the fifties, Russians realized that infiltration was the way to go, and they had a mammoth task before them: to dismantle the United States of America and other Western democracies, including Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand, and replace them all with Marxist States. Was such a colossal undertaking possible, let alone affordable? It seemed inconceivable, but when some power-mad lunatic in the Kremlin orders such things, you comply or end up in the Gulag. Your master is not answerable to taxpayers, as he would be in the West, so he can arrange all kinds of crazy schemes like an Egyptian Pharaoh forcing masses to build a giant stone tetrahedron to entomb his flea-bitten corpse. When sanctimonious, holier-than-thou egomaniacs have unlimited power, they find inhuman ways to hurt everyone.

As they met to discuss their great project, soviet knuckleheads brought in experts in psychology, human behavior, marketing, propaganda, war, and history. They asked:

      • Could communists eat away at target countries from the inside, cost-effectively and rapidly, while remaining invisible?
      • If so, how could this be achieved?


Everyone thinks they are an expert, so you can imagine how many suggestions arose, but most were probably too expensive. Without capitalism, a communist nation is always impoverished, so any solution had to be dirt cheap. Sure enough, the winning plan was not only low-cost but remarkably effective. It would become history’s greatest fraud, and Western nations would fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Communist crackpots may have failed miserably in many areas, but when it came to scamming, they won the all-time doubleplusgood gold medal.


Rather than continuously fund agents, they would be self-sufficient, earning wages in host organizations. The second generation of ‘agents’ would develop over time through changed education, media, and good old-fashioned procreation. Within three to five years, universities would be pumping out a new kind of rebel, hippies. While they were too late to help North Korean communists, they did win the Vietnam War for communist North Vietnam and the Việt Cộng insurgents and their communist allies, including the Soviet Union and China. Hippies forced Nixon to withdraw from that war, allowing Saigon to fall to communist forces. Millions of hippies betrayed their country, and not one of them went to prison for that treason. It was a masterstroke for the Left.

The War Room

To figure out what the campaigns were, examine the mess Western nations are in today and work backward, step by step, to the days when all was well. That is what auto accident experts do when figuring out the causes of crashes. The re-engineered deeds fit the catastrophic damage to our societies like tailor-made gloves.

Tens of thousands of agents would enter into the host society to live their lives as cuckoos, doing their best to create disharmony and disruption through a raft of social programs from feminism to environmentalism, all the while appearing to be patriotic, humanitarian, ethical, and wholesome. They would earn a wage from the very institutions they would sabotage and be thus self-financing.

One agent would find work as a teacher to sway students in a list of ways. Another would be trained to enter a union and work his way up in management, changing policy as he went. A third agent’s specialty would be as a journalist who would work on editorial policy and so on.

There were hundreds of different assignments, and each would require specialist representatives. The organization of this is too complicated for an article this size, so a more straightforward example is needed.


Picture a War Room filled with hundreds of numbered tables seating thousands of graduate operatives. They have trained since childhood. A Soviet director explains that each group will oversee a different task designed to help take apart Western civilization. He questions each table about their mission. “Table 1, what will you work on?” he asks.
  “Family Structure,” a delegate on table one replies.
  “Please explain,” says the director.
  “American life revolves around the nuclear family,” explains the future plant. “Father, mother, three kids, and a dog, in a nice suburban home. The father works while his wife looks after the children, and over time, as they pay off their house, they can sell and move into a bigger house. After college, the kids get married, and the father retires. The big house sells, and the couple moves into a smaller residence to spend their final years relaxing and enjoying family get-togethers.”
  “Okay. Go on,” the boss grunts.
  “We’ll dismantle that by encouraging women to become independent, to find the notion of staying at home looking after kids offensive, and to insist they work instead. Kids would be handed over to strangers, preferably the State, to look after, while mothers work, and this would lead to tensions in the house. Women would be pushed to divorce their husbands and force them to pay alimony. Children would be taught to rebel against their parents and seek independence. After a few decades, the nuclear family would be a thing of the past, replaced with single-mother families. Children will be drug-taking delinquents with no discipline, dropping out of school and leaving home, while mom and dad will divorce. The father will become a bankrupt drunk.”
  “Excellent,” laughs the director, “but that is way too much for one table. We will divide that mission into nine different task groups:

Table 1:  Encouraging Women’s Liberation and Feminism
Table 2:  Destroying the notion that being a mother is noble
Table 3:  Encouraging women to put off having children until middle age
Table 4:  Making kindergartens and childminding fashionable
Table 5:  Pushing and legislating divorce to make it easy and desirable
Table 6:  Teaching children that men are bad and separation is good
Table 7:  Driving children to hate their parents and use drugs.
Table 8:  Advancing and legislating welfare to make it easy and desirable
Table 9:  Discouraging religion, church, the military, neatness, honesty, and cleanliness

As officers take notes, the director asks Table 10 what their mission will be. An agent replies, “We will work on the notion that corporations are respectable institutions we should aspire to work in.”
  “Explain more,” the leader waves his hands rousingly.
  “Large companies employ millions of Americans. They are amazing entities, housed in beautiful, jewel-like shimmering skyscrapers, doing million-dollar transactions, moving ships and jets all around the world, buying, building, mining, and innovating. They command respect. Our job would be to erode that image, making people think corporations were evil, corrupt, greedy, heartless, devoid of compassion, bad for the world, and that they should be ignored, taxed more, discouraged, targeted, and despised by all.”
  “Yes, good,” the director chuckles, “but again, that is too big a job for just one table. For this, we will create eight different task groups:

Table 10:  Encouraging people to hate big business and corporations
Table 11:  Organizing legislation to tax corporations more
Table 12:  Creating red tape to make it harder for corporations to do their work
Table 13:  Changing laws to make it easier to sue corporations and their owners
Table 14:  Removing Incentives to Work for Corporations
Table 15:  Making movies that depict corporations as evil
Table 16:  Getting Journalists and Authors to paint corporations as Evil
Table 17:  Teaching children from grade one to college that corporations are evil

This conversation goes on until three hundred tables have tasks assigned. Agents are encouraged to choose the tables they prefer. Some are more popular and require trimming, while less interesting ones need increasing. Eventually, the groups become departments with their agendas laid out. Delegates are further trained to be specialists in those fields.


Agents settle

Moving to the U.S.

The army of moles received authentic identities, passports, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, and the whole shebang. They even knew how to say “The whole shebang” when necessary, and their accents were flawless. Americans could not tell them apart from typical Americans.

After settling, they would initially receive funds secretly and would go about building their lives with their missions in mind. Targeted areas included schools, universities, education departments, public service, government departments, political parties, Hollywood, unions, newspapers, magazines, television, news syndicates, ports, defense contractors, NASA, the FBI, CIA, and the military. After they were settled and earning money, the funds would dry up.

Not all these inside men and women were involved in collecting information. Most would settle in, marry, have children, and be an influence at work. They would push for left-winged agendas and raise their children to be strong liberals with open minds about communism.

Wave One

Wave One would create new communists by being influential and pushing schools to change curriculums and booklists to favor the Left. Likewise, in Hollywood, they would advocate and support the making of movies criticizing capitalism, corporations, and the wealthy. We all know about communist actors and scriptwriters getting into trouble for attending communist clubs and meetings. Who do you think organized and advertised those meetings? Who printed the pamphlets and posters? Who funded them? Who gathered recruits?

Those in newspapers would give leftist movies great reviews and support liberal politicians. Planted public servants with access to records would see that all agents had the paperwork, qualifications, and background history they needed. They would also help wipe away any problems that occurred.

In rare cases, an agent might try to defect (forsake the cause), which is why they were monitored rigorously by other agents. Until the Kremlin could be sure of an agent’s loyalty, they were watched and bugged remorselessly. Within a few hours of one going rogue, they would be visited.

Cops would find their bodies in a car wreck, or sometimes they would vanish. Either way, they never got to say much about who they were. After their investment, Russians were not going to let a few defectors ruin everything. Every agent had an obligation to blow the whistle if they saw any signs of disloyalty from others.

The Fifth Column’s Wave One created millions of liberals who became Wave Two. This expansion was now automatic. Russia did not have to spend much to keep it going, but they continued to monitor it in a scaled-down way. Schools continued to go Left, newspapers continued to be invaded by socialists, and unions became infested with commies. It was like a white room gradually being painted red.


Modern family


Tracking backward

Take any issue today and trace it back to that first room of tables. For instance, the lack of child discipline. It does not matter what the number was, so Table 254 will do. Their task was to make Americans believe corporal punishment was a terrible thing – that it was, in fact, violent, inhumane, cruel, unnecessary, and destructive. Over the decades, they managed to have spanking banned from not only schools but private homes. Parents could no longer smack their children on the back of the leg for misbehaving. Paddling was considered child abuse. All this led to the rise of murderbrats, mass delinquency, mass childhood depression, mass childhood drug use, mass child suicide, school shootings, and mass broken marriages. It was child abuse in epic proportions. Department 254 did very well, indeed. Full marks!

How about homosexuality, in Table 73? Their task was not only to make homosexuality legal but to make it attractive, fashionable, popular, political, mandatory, expected, wanted, trendy, and familiar. They succeeded and went on to expand it to include new genders, legalization of gay marriage, anti-gay discrimination legislation, and so on. Department 73 made heterosexuals feel guilty. Millions of schoolchildren are today pining to be gay. It succeeded beyond the wildest expectations of the original Soviet directors. Today if a man looked at a 13-year-old girl’s naked breasts, he could be imprisoned and put on a sex offender registry, but as a surgeon, he can cut the same girl’s breasts off in a double mastectomy for her transgenderism and will be paid handsomely – with the blessings of police, health departments, and governments.

We can imagine Table 122’s mission; to make trees and other plants sacred and untouchable. Doing so would cripple the timber industry, make lumber expensive, and halt the production of dams and other major projects. Table 123’s was to generate Vegans and organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). They would cripple or destroy industries based on livestock as well as fishing, scientific experiments, cosmetics, pharmaceutical testing, etc.  It would affect farms, animal transport, slaughter yards, and hundreds of related industries, as well as increase the price of food in supermarkets.

Great Success

The War Room did a splendid job. Over the last seventy years, they turned America and its Western allies upside down and inside out. We are now swimming in oceans of man-hating feminazis, murder-brats, communists, socialists, greenies, homosexual gender-bending anarchists, reverse racists, hysterical alarmists, child-abusing social justice warriors, fake news, wild-eyed censors, glue-sniffing semi-literate students, unemployed, anti-vaccine, anti-science, flat-earth believing, over-privileged criminal migrants and handout-demanding sidewalk-shitting drugged-out troglodytes, worse than mosquitoes and sandflies in a South American rainforest. It is astounding that any conservative voters exist at all.

It is easy to see why the Left was devastated when Trump won office, and Britain voted to leave the European Union. To think that after seventy years of back-breaking work, it could all be undone made them go crazy. After all those decades of spinning lies and herding cats, they lost control.

So significant was their trauma that Fake News stopped pretending to report real news. Now they merely invent lies the same way Pravda did while creating its version of history each day for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They operate as the Political Action Committees (PACs) or Super PACs they always were, and therefore Trump should require them to follow the same rules as other PACs. From Wikipedia:

At the U.S. federal level, an organization becomes a PAC when it receives or spends more than $1,000 for the purpose of influencing a federal election, and registers with the Federal Election Commission, according to the Federal Election Campaign Act as amended by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (also known as the McCain-Feingold Act).[3] At the state level, an organization becomes a PAC according to the state’s election laws.

Many Hollywood producers, authors, comedy shows, newspapers, magazines, radio shows, and TV shows operate as PACs and should register as such. There should be a clear notice about this at the beginning of their article, book, TV show, News broadcast, or movie. Audiences can judge content better when they know, which is why judges recuse themselves if they are good friends with the accused.




A few more tables:

  • Make war look evil in all media
  • Insist soldiers are murderers
  • Destroy the valiance of joining the military
  • Create the impression Marines are meatheads
  • Teach children that only stupid, violent people join the military
  • Make it trendy to denounce war and soldiers
  • Encourage graffiti over the top of military posters and memorials
  • Cheer destruction of military statues
  • Incite desecration of war graves
  • Depict murderous thieves like Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow as heroes
  • Label police as mean, racist, selfish bullies
  • Glorify bank robbers, thieves, and burglars in movies, books, and TV
  • Lionize prisoners, especially those who kill guards and escape
  • Promote smoking by having all movie stars smoke like chimneys
  • Endorse drugs by showing all rock stars indulging continuously
  • Display drug-taking unemployed bums as hilarious and harmless
  • Promote open sex with anyone.
  • Endorse free sex between strangers as something to strive for and enjoy
  • Mock anyone who worries about STDs or who prefers to wait until marriage
  • Paint virgins as clownish, ugly buffoons.
  • Describe moral people as unsophisticated bores
  • Deride mothers who stay home to look after kids
  • Belittle women who have children early, calling them fools and traitors to women
  • Discourage women from looking beautiful, saying it makes them slaves to men
  • Push the same women to get silicon breasts to create confusion
  • Urge women to think of men as the enemy
  • Teach women that men’s advice is ‘mansplaining’ and to ignore it.
  • Educate students to think multiculturalism is essential
  • Promote the idea that all white societies are racist
  • Show blacks marrying whites as a great achievement
  • Encourage mass immigration of blacks, Indians, and Arabs
  • Portray anyone opposing such immigration as racist and evil
  • Create anti-science agendas and promote mysticism
  • Persuade folk to oppose vaccinations
  • Push people to oppose fluoridation
  • Encourage voters to go against nuclear power
  • Paint anything atomic as evil
  • Get the public to oppose the mining of oil and coal
  • Create a myth about DDT being extremely dangerous
  • Recommend people live in poverty by making heroes of those who do
  • Teach folk that neatness is square (conformist) and dull
  • Convince people that living in a dump and taking drugs is very fashionable and trendy.
  • Show heroes living in squalid homes, smoking, drinking, and drugging.
  • Paint accountants, in clean homes, with normal partners, as dull and ugly.
  • Celebrate evil, devils, death, murder, and mayhem as fashionable and okay.
  • Encourage women to show as much of their bodies as possible
  • Shrink bathing costumes so that they cover practically nothing
  • Promote topless bathing and public sex as romantic
  • Turn music videos increasingly pornographic
  • Allow children access to a world of hard porn through iPads and cell phones
  • Expand and dilute the meaning of rape until rape is less significant
  • Redefine ‘sex’ to include a raft of behaviors; encourage students to try them all
  • Encourage children to be gay and to change sexes
  • Make being gay romantic and heroic
  • Insist that anyone who dislikes homosexuality or abnormal sexual behavior is “phobic.”
  • Promote the idea that anyone opposed to illegal migration is racist
  • Insist that man-made global warming is real, regardless of hard proof to the contrary

There are hundreds more.

Hats off

We must congratulate the Left for doing as well as they did. Those who started the project are long dead, but they would be amazed if they could see the results today. I want to invite their ghosts to listen to the reason they failed and will continue to fail. I ask them to sit at the very tables they filled with agents all those decades ago.

You failed because you forgot a few fundamental things about people. To quote Frank Zappa, “Communism doesn’t work because people like to own stuff.” Another point is that young naïve liberals wise up as they age.

Yes, you did a great job of infiltrating and changing the ideologies of young people. You turned them into dimwitted hippies who did considerable damage to our society. Today it is a wreck, littered with millions of broken families, fatherless children, drug abuse, madness, and too many problems to catalog. Your inheritors were sure they had won. “We have destroyed the West,” they would declare and toast their success. They could now start building the United Soviet States of America.

The problem was that although many conservatives used to be liberal snowflakes, they woke up. As a smart person once said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Take that, past, present, and future commies, and memorize it. You thought you could fill kids’ heads with bunkum, and they would trudge through life believing it forever. Granted, some poor wretches did, but the majority eventually saw through your humbuggery.

Had you understood this, you might not have launched your great project. In essence, you did a great job of achieving nothing at a high cost to humanity. The foundation of all this stupidity and waste was a lie. Karl Marx was a nincompoop. His foolish vision was dead wrong and would cause the death of hundreds of millions and the untold misery of billions.



In common law, a man is guilty of murder if he participates in or helps to plan events that lead to a murder, even if he does not execute it physically. It is known as the doctrine of Joint Enterprise. For instance, a person who writes letters to another, telling them to murder someone, may be charged with murder if the second person follows through. On that basis, Karl Marx was the greatest mass murderer of all time. His plan for the communist state, when put into practice, always led to mass murder on a colossal scale.

Lefties have protected Marx from this title, just as they covered over the fact that Adolf Hitler was a socialist. They want everyone to believe Hitler was a right-winger, just as they are today working on the propaganda that Mao Zedong was a right-winger. Both were left-winged, as were Joseph Stalin, Kim Il-sung, and Fidel Castro. All of history’s worst tyrants were left-winged.

Donald Trump

Today we are in the process of finally dealing with the Fifth Column and the wreckage it caused. President Donald Trump is cleaning up their mess and being bombarded with ad hominem and rage by communists everywhere, as you would expect.

May many more Trumps follow until the Fifth Column bites the dust. We need to return to life as it was before they came — marriage, fathers, mothers, children, families. Feminism can go, as can environmentalism, hippies, anti-American migrants, socialism, and communism.

Put the surgeon who cuts off 13-year-old girls’ breasts in jail along with the woman whose children shoot kids at school. Jail communists in charge of Fake News for insurrection and sell their institutions to the highest bidder. Let the proceeds go to paying off U.S. debt and cut the size of the government to the bone. Do not let prisoners sit around in their cells. Bring back hard labor. People have a right to see their enemies breaking rocks and making roads in return for all the years they betrayed the United States and turned Western children into mindless game-playing murderbrats. Deport hundreds of thousands of anti-American migrants. It is not racist, fascist, xenophobic, or evil. It is called self-defense.





Author: Rob Larrikin