NBC’s Political Reporter is a Young Iranian/U.S. Bimbo!

Farnoush Amiri

When you see an NBC political article you just naturally assume it must be written by a mature reporter or columnist, and for many readers or viewers, this goes without saying. For decades political news or opinion was handled by adults with a good knowledge of the world, and many were older adults, with gray or white hair. Many were balding and close to retirement. Nowadays many Fake News anti-Trump organizations assume that you will never check on their writers, so they go ahead and use anyone. The only qualifications required are a bachelor’s degree, which are a dime a dozen, and a hatred for President Trump. Having parents from a third world country will help, and being female an added plus.

Here is a great example — an article put up today, just days before the midterm elections, to sabotage Trump, at NBC News. The article is not worth reading. Stooges funded by Leftist billionaires like to file frivolous and false lawsuits against Trump for predictable reasons; to slow him down and lose him votes before an election.

The Left does this routinely. It provides bad publicity just before Election Day in a bid to destroy some of Trump’s votes. What is interesting though is to scroll down to the bottom to see that it says, “Farnoush Amiri contributed.”

In the following video, you’ll see excerpts of Farnoush Amiri and her friend dancing in her bedroom, discussing n*****s and sand n*****s, and why they should be allowed to say n*****s, and how they want to be shot by n*****s. They shake their breasts, twerk, and yowl like cats. The original video is here, on Amiri’s YouTube channel. In other vids she is seen in cars driving dangerously, putting others’ lives at risk, or drunkenly dancing and singing bawdy, racist, sexist songs — all the things her Socialist Comrades lecture us about; all the things she says make us evil. This silly girl would go to San Francisco State University to get a Bachelor of Arts degree (yippee!), so she could go work for Fake News and depict Trump as a criminal, just as we approach the midterms.



Did NBC think they could hire such bimboes and nobody would notice?


Farnoush Amiri gained a bachelor’s degree in journalism from San Francisco State University. They may as well rename the course to Communism 101. The degree is not worth the paper it is printed on. Farnoush has no details online about her origins, but the name ‘Farnoush’ is popular in Iran, as is Amiri, so I guess her parents are from Iran or Afghanistan.

There are many illegal Iranians in the States, and many have anti-Trump brats like those in the video. If they behaved that way in Iran they’d be stoned to death, yet here they are, badmouthing the POTUS and voting for Socialists. What did Trump say about sh*t-hole countries?

Here is some advice Farnoush Amiri likes to give her readers:

* Always have earphones with you. Sometimes life sucks and tuning out the world can really make a difference.

* Sing. In your car, on the train, in class, while walking to the grocery store, in the corner at a party; no matter where you are, sing, it will soothe your soul.

* Take pictures of everything. Every moment, no matter how big or small, you’ll want to remember it, I promise. Don’t feel shy; ask strangers to take pictures of you and even join in them.

* Getting into clubs, bars, buying alcohol is not the top of your priority anymore. Embrace this; it’s a good thing.

Here is my advice:

  • Do the very opposite of what Farnoush recommends. Don’t always have earphones on you. You evolved ears for a reason. Being deaf is a bad idea.
  • Don’t sing everywhere, no matter where you are. People will think you’re an idiot, and some people may decide to rape you. Just because bimbo Farnoush survived her years without being raped is no reason to think you will.
  • Don’t take pictures of everything. Try remembering what you see for once, and
  • Don’t put buying alcohol at the top of your priority list – ever – including before you were 21. In fact, try not to drink alcohol at all. Lastly, do not read articles by silly young nerf-herders like Farnoush Amiri, or anyone else hired by NBC.




Rob Larrikin

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