The Left, from Microbes to Mafia

Lefty Righty

Cell ant mafia

Most life is based on the maxim “Kill, take, and multiply,” whether microbes or mafia. Ants are not evil; they are machines, though studying them may send shivers up your spine. They work together as a unit and, in that respect, are similar to red and white blood cells in mammals. All life is designed to survive and reproduce, and instincts govern the vast majority of animals. For them, there is no such thing as theft, murder, thuggery, kidnapping, torture, or rape, even though they take whatever they want whenever they like, by any means necessary.

Cannibalism – the eating of one’s kind – is frequent in the animal kingdom, with more than 1,500 species indulging. In most cases, it means nothing because it is purely mechanical – like machines refueling. Maternal or paternal behavior is often purely instinctive too. A spider “looking after” its eggs is merely a machine following programming. The law of the jungle governs the animal kingdom.

Higher animals display some empathy and reason. Gangs of buffalo work together to protect one member from lions. Elephants mourn for dead infants and are sometimes spooked by remnants of dead elephants unknown to them, even after many years. Bonobos enjoy sex recreationally, as though they have read the Kama Sutra repeatedly. Like mammals, some cetaceans and cephalopods display curiosity and intelligence.




Humans are the only animals instilled reliably with complex, distinct morals, and from those, the rule of law developed. Tribal members controlled oppressors by enforcing rules governing behavior. The thug who terrorized others was surrounded, beaten, and either killed or banished from the tribe. Even at that early stage in human history, some felt relieved about this, while others hated such law enforcement.

From those tribal beginnings, humans established a crude rule of law that would eventually evolve to become the Magna Carta and, in time, the Constitution of the United States.

Before the industrial revolution, men could steal, rape, and pillage to their hearts’ delight and rarely get caught. Millions of crimes went unsolved. Oceans of people disappeared; what society could not see was ignored, so people made up stories. “Oh, she probably eloped,” they would tell themselves. “Oh, he probably joined the navy, knowing him!”

There was no fingerprint detection, no DNA, forensics, or street cams. People who found a few human bones in the forest would shrug and walk away. “Probably a dead injun,” they’d mutter. “No need to bother the sheriff, no-how.”


Churchgoers preferred not to believe wicked mutilators were out there, committing monstrous deeds. God would take care of their missing ones surely, and even if they were no more, they would be in Heaven, which was not that bad, they reasoned. A distraught mother might pray:

God, the almighty, keep our everyoung daughter safe and see she doth have food to feed, and anon with joy receiveth it, whereever she be. God, the all-good, ensure our nephew is not foodless, and bear them both home, anon. Amen…

Then she would weep and sleep fitfully, only to get up and start another God-fearing day’s work. It was a harsh world, and death was all around. Men had large families to make up for those who died or disappeared. Many lived far away from government officialdom, and swarms of children were not registered on official forms. When they died or disappeared, they were often not reported since there was little point. Millions have been spirited away by evildoers over the centuries, right under the noses of church and State. God would see that everything was okay.

After the industrial revolution, things began to improve, ever so slowly, in hundreds of ways. Invisible crime continued, but its volume would lackadaisically begin a slight downward trek, inch by inch, until today, a couple of centuries later, it must be at a guess a hundredth of what it was, in modern first-world nations.

People may insist on proof, but they know full well the folk who gathered documentation were practically non-existent. Ungifted, impotent public servants were only aware of the tip of the iceberg. “Look at all the crime,” they marveled, having no clue about the invisible mountain of crime under it. Lawbreaking was prolific.


Horseless Carriages

One of many things that would help our battle against tyranny was the invention of horseless carriages, though it would be a slow process. Millions would die because they had no road sense. Americans laugh at Chinese who seem unable to drive, but in fact, things were just as bad back in the day in the good old U.S. of A. Millions died in car and truck wrecks, or as pedestrians, and because of this, the average driver is better today. We went through a lot of that from the 1900s to the 1960s, but the Chinese only started driving in the last couple of decades, so they appear to be bad drivers. This old film shows what it was like motoring in 1906. As you watch, you might ask yourself what a minority of folk in this picture may have been doing in their private lives. Without a doubt, some were indulging in crimes the police of the day were unaware of. Most of the buildings and many of the people you see were destroyed or killed four days after this was made, in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.


Good and evil

Those who hated rules outlawing immoral behavior were the prototypes of today’s Lefties. They preferred jungle law – take what you want and do what you like. It seemed natural and right to those who went down that road. Others, favoring law and order, cried, “Humans must follow a higher path!”

Many did considerable work to set up the rule of law, with thousands of books published and hundreds of laws established. Courts and enforcement facilities slowly formed, and precedents were documented to save time. The Law was a self-improving instrument that expanded until it was as good as it could be under the dominion of human governments. Sometimes corrupted, it was patched up and repaired and, over centuries, matured into a reasonably accurate instrument for keeping order when run by honest public servants and judges.


Rule of Law


Still, a minority preferred the rule of the jungle. Their motto was; take whatever you like from whomsoever you want, regardless of their rights, pain, suffering, or death. Not only do it but revel in it. Today we call the worst of them psychopaths or sociopaths with abnormal or violent social behavior. Nature shrugs and calls them just another animal. They are people who decide, whether consciously, instinctively, or both, to ignore the rule of law and stick with animalistic behavior.

Though scoundrels still prevail, it is clear there would be many times more without the rule of law and its policing. Real-life villains squint at the sight of courts and police like fictional vampires grimacing at sunlight. They despise constitutions and law enforcement. Their jungle genes instruct them to take whatever they like and woe betides any who interfere. They have all the empathy or concern, for right and wrong, of a spider.


Humans developed democratic governments. You already know some hate law enforcement and are closer to the law of the jungle. Call that group ‘X.’ You know most humans prefer law and order and the enforcement of just laws. Call that group ‘Y.’




The X minority hates the rule of law and good police who enforce it. They oppose the military and believe theft and murder are often justified. Loathing prisons, X prefers liberal judges, soft on crime, with little or no prison time for criminals. Often committing crimes themselves, X opposes the discipline of children and likes open borders so their criminal friends can enter the country at any time.

The Y majority love the rule of law, supporting good police, the military, and prisons. Y say murder and theft are wrong, and criminals should be caught and jailed for long periods by strict judges. Believing in discipline for children and controlling immigration, Y likes to decide who comes into their country and never steal from or assault others.


Lefty Righty


An election is coming up.

Candidate Lefty promises to bring in prison reform by appointing soft judges. Lefty will help criminals get out of prison and give them free housing. Half his family is in jail, and he would like to see them freed and given homes. He promises to open up borders to everyone globally and provide them with social security, free education, housing, etc., with other people’s money. Lefty will cut the number of police, abolish some police services, and slash funding to the military.

Candidate Righty will oppose Lefty’s policies. Righty will slow down or stop free housing and social security. He thinks people should get jobs and pay their way instead of stealing money from others. Righty will catch more criminals and clamp down on crime, appoint strict judges to impose long sentences on real criminals, and stop illegal immigrants from entering. Righty will increase funding for the military and the police.

Group X will vote for Lefty, but the problem is they need more voters to win. How can they increase their number? Because X uses the rule of the jungle to operate, they can use many tools and tricks that those who obey the law cannot. For instance, they can lie, cheat, steal, injure, kill, extort, bully, blackmail, and so on, to get their way. They draw up a plan, and here is part of it:

A) Infiltrate schools and colleges to change education into propaganda, teaching kids to support the law of the jungle and vote for Lefty.

B) Penetrate the media to alter news into indoctrination, teaching viewers and readers to assist the law of the jungle and vote for Lefty. Journalists will also review movies and TV shows, supporting only those that support the principles of Lefty.

C) Take over Hollywood to transform movies into disinformation, teaching moviegoers to embrace the law of the jungle and elect Lefty.

D) Permeate most publishers to do the same.

E) Pervade organizations or groups like unions, Greenpeace, feminism, libertarianism, various grant-making or fundraising foundations, charities, churches, funds, projects, ventures, and parties and turn them into indoctrination outlets, endorsing and raising money for Lefty.

F) Establish resistance movements like the Workers World Party, Color of Change, Onward Together, Indivisible,, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), UltraViolet, Industrial Workers of the World, and Organizing for Action, all of whom will actively canvass for Lefty.

When the Lefty-supporting schools and colleges, media, Hollywood, publishers, unions, feminists, environmentalists, communists, socialists, and all other organizations work together, they can create an all-encompassing world to fill young people’s eyes. What 19-year-old could resist that level of brainwashing?



Pretty soon, X has grown to the point where Lefty could win office. Lefties have power. The main kernel of criminals is still there, but they have drawn in many naïve voters, many of whom believe in the rule of law. The brainwashing was so successful; these kids think they are supporting a moral party and that the other side is full of violent, greedy evildoers. It will take them years, sometimes decades, to see through the con and drift over to the right. During that time, they gave the wrong side power. So, why the name ‘Left,’ I hear you ask?

The Left

In politics, the noun ‘Left’ dates from the 1790s when the socialist representatives sat to the presiding officer’s left in the French revolutionary parliament. You will often hear those who insist ‘left and right’ mean nothing, but they do not know their history.

Socialism is the standard leftist ideology in most countries of the world; communism is a more radical leftist ideology. The Left infiltrates most groups, including education, the media, Hollywood, and other political organizations like Libertarians and even the Republican Party. By contrast, conservatives invite people to look at their policies and join up rather than using the ‘infiltrate’ method. Why is there a difference?

Look at the law of the jungle again. The Left, who belong to that side, invade, attack, and take. It is in their DNA. Like spies or burglars, they assimilate into a group, spread disinformation, and gradually push out conservatives using the Cuckoo Bird approach. Like all parasites, they use stealth, camouflage, psychology, and patience, invading their host without its knowledge. The co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, suffered this fate. The parasite’s way is an invasion from within, like the zombie fungus that enslaves ants.


Zombie ant


Loud Minorities

Society reacts to its criminal minority by creating many kinds of defense, so miscreants significantly affect our lives. Similarly, many loud minorities, small groups within the community, insist their demands are met. They break laws to get their way, blocking traffic, assaulting ‘deniers,’ smashing windows, burning cars, vandalizing houses and shops, and using intimidation to threaten and or accuse. Such groups rarely debate civilly, preferring to drown out and silence their critics.


Seeing Lefties

Starting in school, you probably remember cheaters and bullies, stealing kids’ lunch money, extorting exam answers, and having nerds write their essays. Their approach was that it is easier to take other people’s money than earn your own, and this trait would stay with them. When faced with the choice of working for a wage or letting taxpayers support them with social security, they took the social security. Rather than buy their own house, they applied for a free one, courtesy of taxpayers.

Lefties are trying to turn the USA into the United Soviet States of America, the USSA. They reacted to Trump’s Presidential appointment as vampires and ghouls would respond if their crypt was thrown open and blasted with Fox’s searchlights. They not only have Trump Derangement Syndrome but advanced gangster panic hysteria. They see their evil empire being savaged, and they are as angry as a stirred-up hornet’s nest.



For those of you who still trust the lies you were fed in school or from the media, elude your captors and discover what is happening. It is either that or be trapped for years in a Leftist fairy tale. The problem is not that you are wrong; that is the least of your difficulties. The conundrum is that you will establish a network of friends and family who believe the same fiction, and when you finally wake up, they will not. How do you keep your friends? Trapped like this, some go on, pretending to believe but secretly voting for the Right, which makes them lonesome and sad.

Figure out the truth now before you establish those connections. If you are already in that trap, my advice is to be brave and tell them your position. Try to help them see through the lies. If you lose them, so be it. Make new friends. If they ever figure it out, they will come back to you.

As for those with children, please find a way to home-school them. Putting them into schools guarantees their brainwashing. There are no exceptions nowadays; the Left has infested all schools, including private ones.





Author: Rob Larrikin