Swedish Greenies use Children to Lecture America

Greta Thunberg

Greta ThunbergFake News promotes teenage Swede Greta Thunberg as a magical goddess of innocence, a nubile Gaia Earth deity, straight from the supernatural spirit world, here to guide mortals in how to “save” their planet. The moon-faced adolescent is just another ill-informed vegan brat, brainwashed by hippy parents. Her mom and dad are green activists who wrote a book about ‘the environmental crisis.’

Greta’s 48-year-old mother, Magdalena Ernman (AKA Malena Ernman), was politically active in supporting the Paris Agreement against climate change. The far-left Eurovision singer attended street marches, waved placards, and brought up her children to do the same.

You may see her contribution to Handel’s Opera Rodelinda here (backup here). Warning – it is mildly pornographic. During Act 1 (Di Cupido impiego i vanni), she stripped down to her bra and slip, lay down on a bed, and allowed a half-naked man mount her while simulating sex by ramming his groin against her *seemingly bare genitals, repeatedly thrusting to reach a ‘climax.’ (* At the 30-second mark she removed her panties, so we assume the man was heaving against the flesh of her crotch.) Some opera lovers were dismayed by the sleazy exhibition, commenting that George Handel, the 18th Century composer, would not have approved.

Greta’s father, 50-year-old Svante Thunberg, was an on-and-off actor in the ’90s, who performed in a traveling stage show for a while. He also appeared in one episode of a Swedish soap opera, in 1998, but few were impressed. Some believed nepotism played a role in attaining the parts since his parents were both actors.


Olof Thunberg Mona Andersson.

Greta’s paternal grandfather, Olof Thunberg, was a far more successful actor than his son, appearing in a long list of Swedish films and television shows. The 94-year-old had a round, jolly face in his youth, and young Greta bears a strong resemblance to him as he was then. Olof may have been disappointed with his son’s lack of acting work and may not have been happy about his green activism. Judging by the old actor’s history, though, I doubt the actor in his prime would think much of today’s militant greens. Even if Olof humored his son, he was an actor, not a scientist. What did he know about meteorology or climatology? He was just as ignorant of those subjects as the rest of his family.

Mona Andersson, Greta’s paternal grandmother, was a bit-part actress, appearing in minor roles in a few films. Though a good actress, she had an angry look that gave her a snarl and made her less film-worthy. She separated from Olof Thunberg and died in 1994, aged 57. It is not clear online whether they were ever married.


Olof Thunberg and Greta Thunberg

Notice how similar Greta Thunberg is to her paternal grandfather, Olof Thunberg, the famous and much-liked Swedish actor. You can see a short example of his acting here, from Bröderna Malm (The Brothers Malm) Section 1 of 6: Through fire and water, 1972. The whole video is here, though it is restricted to Swedish viewers unless you use a VPN.

As you watch Olof and his friends eating and drinking, please reflect on the considerable carbon footprint (to use the Left’s alarmist term), they were creating. Those guys enjoyed life to the maximum, flying around on jets, driving cars, eating, drinking, consuming as much as any creature of capitalism. Their children did the same, as did their grandchildren, including dear Greta, and most of Sweden. Whether she uses jets or yachts, her carbon footprint is immense.

Greta Thunberg's carbon footprint

Fake News never mentions any of this because they want you to believe that Greta Thunberg is a standalone icon – a virgin Goddess, born out of nothing, to teach the world. She is a clone of her grandfather, with the same face that made him famous, and her hippy parents took advantage of that to sell a trashy religion. No doubt they will make plenty of money out of it, at the cost of Olof’s reputation. History will remember him as the father and grandfather of anti-Swedish, anti-industrial bimbos who went around damaging capitalism, destroying jobs, and increasing poverty.

Like all Climate Alarmists, Greta’s parents Svante Thunberg and Malena Ernman, are colossal hypocrites because everything they do and own contributes to the very carbon footprint they are telling others to stop making.

Greta’s Parents’ Carbon Hypocrisy

Svante and Malena possess tens of thousands of objects, things, gadgets, items, and other capitalist products. These include cars, computers, televisions, refrigerators, keyboards, monitors, cell phones, ceramic toilets, tablets, microwaves, laptops, scanners, printers, tape dispensers, toothbrushes, keys, locks, doors, windows, houses, plumbing, ovens, furniture, carpets, drapes, electrical wiring, switches, light-bulbs, photos, clothes, buttons, shoes, hats, sunglasses, frames, tiles, speakers, mirrors, headphones, showers, taps, hot water systems, insulation, desk-lamps, chairs, flatware, pots, pans, and the list goes on and on. They include hundreds of thousands of components.

Then there are the services they use, including dentists, hairdressers, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, hotels, police, gyms, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, roads, bridges, power companies, and hundreds of others, and all of these use millions of things, including tools, machines, utensils, instruments, devices, weapons, gadgets, implements, contraptions, and equipment, to function.

This mount Everest of things that Svante Thunberg and Malena Ernman own or use, along with all the gear used by all the many services they employ, are manufactured from materials that are extracted by hundreds of mining companies. These, in turn, use millions of machines, billions of gallons of oil, gas, water, and billions of kilowatts of electricity to operate. Hundreds of millions of workers run those machines to create the products in question, and each of them owns tens of thousands of objects that are also products of capitalism.  Each car worker’s car is made up of thousands of components, and each of those is manufactured using materials mined in giant mining companies, and so forth, endlessly.

Malena ErnmanThe ‘carbon footprint’ made by Greta and her parents is thus enormous and inescapable, unless they throw away all their possessions, including their clothes, and go to live in the jungle with none of the products of capitalism. Oh, and Svante, no capitalism means no machete, fire starter, metal pot, duct tape, para-cord, or mosquito nets – this is not TV. You and Greta go into the jungle with no capitalist products at all – not even discarded or washed up junk – and see how long you survive. When you both die of hunger or disease, about six weeks later, your bodies will decompose, creating greenhouse gases, and the howler monkeys will have the last laugh. You were not able to have a zero-carbon footprint, even in death.

Of course, they will never do that, for the same reason Bernie Sanders never will. While they suck on the giant nipple of industry 24 hours a day, they bawl about how it will bring about a mythical ‘ending of the world.’

Malena Magdalena Ernman’s family

Their hypocrisy is even worse when you consider Greta Thunberg’s maternal grandparents’ side of the family, who were Swedish captains of industry, full of conservative capitalists. The bodybuilding singer Malena and Fake News say very little about them because it would contradict the impish Earth Mother theme they dreamed up for Greta. A detailed page about Malena’s family tree, translated into English, is here, with a backup screen recording here.

Malena Ernman’s real name is Magdalena Ernman, and her mother was an orphan. Her father, Lars Ernman, was a Chief Financial Officer for the Sandvik Group, a Swedish company founded in 1862. According to Wikipedia, Sandvik is a “high-technology engineering group in tools and tooling systems for metal cutting, equipment, tools and services for the mining and construction industries, products in advanced stainless steel, and special alloys, as well as products for industrial heating. It has about 42,000 employees and sales in more than 160 countries. Invoiced sales are approximately SEK 100 billion (2018).”
  Lars’s father, Karl Andersson, who changed his surname to Ernman, was the purchasing manager for Mo & Domsjö AB, Örnsköldsvik (now Holmen). Its business is in the forest, pulp, and paper industries. He was Greta Thunberg’s great grandfather.

Greta’s maternal grandmother Eva was adopted, but her biological father was a civil engineer and Vice President of Tetra Pak. From Wikipedia: “Tetra Pak is a multinational food packaging and processing sub-company of Tetra Laval, with head offices in Sweden and Switzerland. The company offers packaging, filling machines and processing for dairy, beverages, cheese, ice-cream, and prepared food, including distribution tools like accumulators, cap applicators, conveyors, crate packers, film wrappers, line controllers and straw applicators.”

Looking at the diagram on the right, you can see that each of Malena’s parents come from a long line of innovative industrial business people. Lars’ ancestors included crowds of millers, merchants, and traders in textiles and other industries, up to 1758, followed by Frisks, Fresks, Anderssons, and Ernmans – all industrial directors, and masters of commerce. Lars Fresk, 1758 to 1830, was knighted in 1803 for his outstanding work in Industry.

Eve’s family is much the same, with Buscks running Swedish textiles as merchants, traders, and clothing manufactures. They founded industries and employed thousands for 157 years, from 1701 to 1858, and were followed by more Buscks, Ermins, and others. Johan Georg Busck was part owner and manager of Almedahls Fabriker in Gothenburg for 40 years.

Almedahis Fabriker

With so many distinguished Swedish business-people, stretching back centuries, you can imagine what they would think about Malena Ernman and her daughter Greta Thunberg, with their ‘carbon footprint’ cult. How ashamed they would be.

There are thousands of dynasties like these globally – assemblies of talented and hard-working individuals with quality upbringing and high work ethics. Why, these days, do they often wind up with dumbed-down anti-industry fools like Greta Thunberg and her parents?

The Kremlin Propaganda filter

The Great Filter

Great business leaders often forge their children to carry on their excellent work, so that business dynasties like those of the Fresks and the Buscks can go on for generations. Many such families have then struck a filter barrier, put in place by socialists, called Education. The Left infiltrated schools and universities for decades, and by 2000 their project was complete. Since then, they have been in total control of all schools and colleges, public and private.

When captains of industry send their children to school, they are handing them over to socialists for brainwashing. By the end of university, their kids have transformed into green, gay-loving, socialist loving, union joining, feminist dirt-bags. It will take many years to undo the damage, and many are beyond repair.

This process filters out the entrepreneurial magic parents put into their offspring. Businessmen scratch their heads and say, “I don’t get it. I put him through the best private schools money could buy, and the best college in America. Yet he’s a pinhead. I can’t possibly leave my business to him. He’ll probably donate it to the Hare Krishnas.”

So they end up doing strange things with their billions, and Bill Gates is a great example. He intends to donate nearly all his money to Africa, instead of his children. Had he raised his kids with discipline and home-schooled them conservatively, avoiding left-winged indoctrination camps, they could have filled his shoes.

You are not alone, Bill. Hundreds of thousands of business-people find themselves in the same boat. It is so widespread it is like the K–Pg boundary, a thin band of rock that marks an extinction event that wiped out most of the dinosaurs. See pictures of that band here. Just as the K-Pg boundary is found worldwide, we find entrepreneurs with kids that suck.

Teachers’ so-called teaching was Maoist re-education, readying the masses for the day America would become the USSA (United Soviet States of Amerika). As you look at family trees, with all their successful entrepreneurs, they are like links in chains, until they hit the K-Pg Filter (Kremlin-Propaganda Filter). That is when your next connections turn green, and you end up with Malena Ernman and Svante Thunberg.

Was it an extinction event?

No. Too many folks have tasted the fruits of liberty and capitalism to swap it for the smelly corpse of socialism. Socialists damaged our society and cost millions of people their children and grandchildren, but the nightmare will end. Over time private online services will replace schools, and parents will oversee, eliminating much of the brainwashing. Discipline will be re-instated, and the divorce fad will begin to fade as laws are changed to protect men’s rights, and destructive welfare is abandoned to preserve families. Children will have fathers again, and mothers will begin staying at home to raise them instead of leaving them to strangers. The century of feminism, socialism, unionism, and environmentalism will end just as the century of witch-hunting did.

Greta’s Folly

Greta Thunberg’s family tree is stuffed with enough capitalism, industry, carbon, and CO2 to make her head spin, yet she is a fly in the ointment of history. Greta and her parents stand out like turds on a wedding dress as they disrupt industries their ancestors spent so much time establishing. While they go about it, they pretend they are influencing the weather, which is a lie.

Wanting to travel to the United States to promote their daughter, Greta’s parents realized that critics would point to the large carbon ‘footprint’ made by the jet if they flew. Always on the hunt for more publicity, they decided to hire someone to take their daughter across the Atlantic by boat. It would be dangerous but would attract much free publicity.

They would say that the yacht in question, Malizia II, would leave ‘zero emissions’ which is a mischievous fabrication. The boat would cause a larger ‘carbon footprint’ than her jet trip, had she flown. That did not stop Fake News calling the event a “15-day carbon-free voyage to New York City.” That headline was courtesy of ‘The Verge,’ and this knucklehead wrote the article:

Justine Calma


Justine Calma was a Filipina student activist at the University of California Irvine, and a member of the Far Left militant organization ‘Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization’ (AF3IRM). Their color is purple, which they display in various ways while demonstrating. When a fifth-year male student was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend and the D.A. declined to file charges for lack of evidence, Calma decided the boy was guilty regardless and led an AF3IRM mob of screeching feminazis to demand the university kick him out. She touted nonsense claims like, “25% of women will be raped during their college career,” and promoted her attacks online against the boy, who subsequently quit. Ironically he had campaigned with Calma for gender equality and against gender violence his whole college career and was now a victim of the monster he helped create.


Malizia II

Justine Calma’s claim that Greta Thunberg and her father Svante’s trip from Plymouth England to New York across the North Atlantic was ‘carbon-free’ was as idiotic as her claim that 25% of female college students would be raped.

The yacht left England 14 August 2019 and arrived in New York two weeks later. Four of the crew, including the boat’s owner, 31-year-old Pierre Casiraghi, and its skipper, Boris Herrmann, flew back to Europe. Two other crewmen flew from Europe to the U.S. to help sail the yacht back to England, so the amount of “carbon” produced was much more than if Greta and her manager father had flown. When asked how she and her father would return to Europe, Greta said she did not know, but I guess they will fly back. I doubt the 16-year-old will suffer another two-week voyage across the ocean sleeping next to her father in a catamaran. Unlike a ship, the hydrofoil sailboat would bob up and down like a cork in the Atlantic. Such vessels are designed for racing, not travel.

Aside from the fiasco about the numerous jet flights, there is the sailboat itself. Its owner, Pierre Casiraghi, another royal greenie like Prince Charles, claims his boat has almost zero emissions, which is wrong. It appears Casiraghi is another college twit who passed through the K-Pg filter, letting all his ancestors down by not understanding the concept of ‘before and after.’ As a yachtsman, surely he knows what fore and aft mean.

Before and after

Malizia II comprises thousands of manufactured components, whether they were recycled or not, and mining provided much of their materials. All that, along with the tremendous carbon footprint it caused, happened before it sailed across the Atlantic.

Imagine if Bonnie and Clyde had used  Casiraghi’s logic. They rob twenty banks across Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, before resting for a day. Then they drive from Arkansas to Illinois, through Missouri, without robbing, and announce, “Hey, look at us, we robbed no banks!”

They robbed plenty of banks, just not from Arkansas to Illinois. Greta’s trip across the ocean may have used fewer emissions, but most of Malizia II’s emissions were made during the manufacturing of the yacht long before the trip. There were, therefore, many tons of emissions. Click here to see a catamaran’s parts and accessories. Notice many headings on the left for more links, and click any of the thousands of items, tools, machines, and accessories. Many of these items are necessary to sail a racing catamaran. Here are just five:

catamaran parts

Most of these items contain multiple manufactured parts. Making a stainless steel winch requires iron ore, chromium, silicon, nickel, carbon, and manganese to be mined. Nitrogen must also be acquired, and all that entails dozens of mines, thousands of machines, industries, processing plants, and infrastructure. Materials go via ships and trucks to smelters for melting, casting, rolling it into slabs, and making other forms. The steel is annealed, heated, cooled, treated, cleaned, and descaled in huge acid baths. It must be cut and trimmed using giant knives, massive nibblers, or ferocious flame torches, then finished, ground, sandblasted, and so on. Once sold, the steel goes by truck, trains, or ships to other companies that further shape it. After cutting, drilling, and assembling the steel, the finished winch is transported, packaged, advertised, sold, and delivered.

It is a highly complex process, but it does not stop there. The machines needed to do all this are themselves made up of manufactured parts. So the process expands in every direction until there are millions of devices, millions of workers, and thousands of factories, mines, trucks, ships, and businesses involved – all for one winch! Then you add all the other thousands of tools, parts, accessories, and items needed on a modern racing yacht. We are talking about many millions of factories, machines, people, fuel, and vehicles, creating a carbon footprint the size of the planet itself.

So much for Greta Thunberg’s carbon-free trip.

The foolish girl, along with her dopey parents, should be ashamed of themselves for teaching children lies and scaring them with their hocus-pocus predictions of doom and gloom. If they wish to help, they should campaign to get China and other communist nations to clean up their polluted cities, and the best way to do that is through democracy and capitalism, the very things that made Malizia II possible.


Author: Rob Larrikin