Rob Larrikin

My parents were British Protestants, both teachers, who liked to travel. I was their third son, born in Canada. My father taught in various schools across North America. Years later we moved to Australia. My father taught for some years before becoming a candidate in a political party he helped begin. After college, I worked for several newspapers. After marriage and fathering several children I started a company which still runs today. Since 1985 I have fought to lower the size of governments and support Laissez Faire free markets. ‘Larrikin’ is a pseudonym. Its obsolescent meaning was ‘hooligan.’ Today it describes someone with a waggish disregard for social or political convention. Anyone who tells the truth nowadays is a deplorable larrikin, according to today’s Big Brother governments, so it suits me. The Left lie a great deal, and Fake News abounds. This site will undo some of it.